Underestimated technology giants!More than Huawei, Samsung is more profitable, Apple is not enough?

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Underestimated technology giants!More than Huawei, Samsung is more profitable, Apple is not enough?

2021-12-05 06:02:00 75 ℃

More than Huawei, Samsung is more profitable

Companies mentioned in the technology circle often think of Apple, Huawei and Samsung, because these three companies are very high in technical strength or market share, first talk about Huawei, in 5G communication equipment supply market Although it has received some restrictions, the number of Nokia and Ericsson are surrendered on the order, and the world's first position is laid.

In addition, in the smartphone service, from the data of 2019, the comprehensive strength is still very nice, and the overall business income is shown in accordance with the data released by Huawei, the 2020 general collection also reached 891.4 billion yuan, this grade It is enough to be proud of many corporate companies, and Huawei has never chose listed financing, which means that Huawei has a strong cash flow, which is that many technical companies cannot do.

And Samsung, mainly refers to Samsung Electronics. Its smartphone business has maintained the world's first position in the past 10 years. In addition, it is also the second largest chip farmer giant after the Terrace. It is in 2020. The exclusive OEM of Qualcomm 888 series chip has been launched, according to the financial report data released by Samsung Electronics, in 2020 Samsung Electronic total operating income is also $ 215.3 billion, about 1.4 trillion yuan, this revenue The ability is undoubtedly stronger than Huawei.

From here, it seems that Huawei, Samsung Electronics are one of the most profitable companies in the science and technology circle, but in fact, there is an underestimated technical giant in the science and technology circle, it is more profitable than Samsung and Hua.

Apple is not enough

Even if you look from the technical hardware, it is possible that Apple is not enough. And this company is TSMP. For the past, the outside world believes that Tajor electricity is just a chip solution giant, and then make money can make more money. Apple's 2020 company has reached 1.8 trillion yuan, and Time-aging electricity is 290.1 ​​billion yuan. It is far away than Huawei, Samsung Electronics is far away, how can I say that I can make money than Apple?

It depends on the index, measure the core indicator of a company's ability to make money is that the company's profit margin is displayed according to data, and the net profit margin of TSMS in 2020 is 39.5%, but Huawei is maintained at 8%, Samsung is 11%, as for Apple Although Apple does not directly publish data, the results of the external speculation is that Apple's profit margin is 60% to 80%, but a large part of this is from Apple's Internet service, from the revenue of the software level, after all The annual revenue accounted for a quarter of Apple's total revenue.

In addition, the Digitimes released by the Digitimes released by the research institution on June 18 also confirmed the highest net profit margin.

So, TSMB is better than Huawei, Samsung Electronics make money, it is certain that it is not enough to see if Apple is in front of him, there is no specific data contrast, but it will never be too far, after all, from nearly two years Apple Looking at the iPhone hardware, the cost is gradually rising, and the price is reduced.


I believe it is also an accident. After all, for TSM, more recognition is very strong, as for other aspects, basically non-landing, no matter whether it is market value or revenue There is no special performance in terms of aspects.

This is also difficult for the founder Zhang Zhongmou, the founder Zhang Zhongmou, will pass on the previous APEC meeting, oppose the autonomy of the chip industry, claiming that the chip industry chain should be established under the free trading system.

After all, once the region has established a strong semiconductor industry chain, it will be a fatal blow for the business income and profit of TSMC.

What do you think about Zhang Zhongmou opposes the self-director of the chip industry chain?