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One week information hotspot No. 9 | Horson Smart Club [Smart Technology Near]

2021-12-05 12:03:13 18 ℃

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Horson Smart Club is a club in the intelligent industry, launched by the Horses Institute. Here, there is a group of dreams, ideals, and positive intelligent industry talents. We build online projects and product display platforms for members, so that members' project and products rapidly increase exposure; help members reduce communication costs, Precision quickly make resource docking; we pass the correct values, encourage members between life / career / family / marriage, so that we can have a happy family more than a happy family. Hos Smart Club - The Cloud House of Smart Industry Personnel.

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01. Average age is 24 years old! Chinese team won the EDA global champion

At the end of the EDA (Electronic Design Automation) field, ICCAD 2021, the Professor Lü Zhipeng, a Computer College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, received the first place in the CAD Contest layout algorithm competition. EDA is known as "mother", the difficult point is the algorithm, and its core problem usually has high computational complexity in algorithm.

02. "Shi Tong Henness" completes nearly 100 million yuan A round financing, data intelligent analysis system takes the lead in landing national security

Recently, data intelligent operating system service providers "Shi Tong Henge" announced that nearly 100 million A round financing, Dharma City, the old shareholder, the capital continued to controversy. This round of funding is mainly used in the core product upgrade, AI basic technology innovation, high-end talents introduced, and market expansion in defense, government, financial business. According to the official introduction, the World Tong Hunch is based primarily based on natural language processing (NLP), perceived intelligence, computer vision, multi-mode knowledge maps, etc. Ai core technology, and builds one-stop data intelligence platform.

03. "2021 Global Electric Vehicle Consumers Investigation Report": China is again leading

Recently, Global Consulting firm Ai Rui has released the "2021 Global Electric Vehicle Consumers Investigation Report". From the results of the survey, China once again leads, 50% of respondents said that "strong will" purchase pure electric vehicles (34% in 2019), and China's pure electric vehicle market share (occupying car sales The proportional rate of the high-rise list echo.

04. Yingda released the world's smallest AI super calculation, and Yuancai virtual avatar platform

At the GTC 2021 conference, Ying Weida released a variety of AI technology and products, as well as virtualized platforms related to Yuanhe. The first is a new AI supercomputer "Jetson Agx Orin", mainly used in robots, autonomous machines, medical devices, and other forms of edge embedded calculations. "Jetson Agx Orin" has increased six times, and maintains the same shape size and pin compatibility as the previous generation model, which can be 200 trillion computing per second, and the processing power can be built in. GPU's server is comparable, but the size is only as big as the palm of the person. According to Huang Renxun, this supercomputer is characterized by the world's smallest, the strongest function, and the highest energy efficiency. In addition, British Weida also launched a virtualized armed platform "Omniverse Avatar" that hosts the "Yuan Universe" vision, which can generate a visual image with reasoning and conversational capabilities. This platform integrates Ying Weida's previously reserved perceived ability, speech recognition ability, recommended ability, and animation rendering ability.

05. Huawei donated Euler to build a digital infrastructure open source operating system

On November 9, the operating system industry summit 2021 was organized in the Beijing National Convention Center. At the meeting, Huawei and community all partners jointly donated the Open Agency Open Source Foundation to the Open Atomic Open Source Foundation. This marks the evolution of Open source projects dominated from the founding enterprise to the industry to build, community autonomy, and the future will quickly aggregate more innovative power to integrate global participants, from open governance to autonomous prosperity, accelerate The development of the operating system industry has further promoted the industry's digital transformation in-depth.

06. Huawei has established a "Five Corps" and established a conference to disclose development vision

On the evening of November 3, Huawei's latest public recently held Huawei's five major legion forms established a conference video, Huawei founder, CEO, Nairi said in the conference: "There is no way to win the road", at the same time, Huawei attended the high level All legions established the development of development vision, which is also the first exposure of Huawei's five major corps development. The five major corps is the coal mine corps, the intelligent road leader, the customs and port legion, the intelligent photovoltaic legion, the data center Energy Legion, member of the members, from Ren Zhengfu directly leaders, currently three major business operators in Hua, Enterprise BG, consumption BG It belongs to the same level.

07. Four sectors: Carry out 2021 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration action

Recently, the four sectors released notices on the exemplary action of the 2021 intelligent manufacturing pilot. By 2025, a batch of intelligent manufacturing demonstration plants with high technical level and remarkable role, cultivated several intelligent manufacturing pioneers, led a batch of key technologies, equipment, software, standards and solutions to promote intelligent manufacturing standards. Application, explore the formation of intelligent transformation and upgrading paths with industry-specific features, and conduct a wide range of promotion applications. 08. Ningde Times 770 million increase capital state-owned car companies, hold 24%! Falling 15 billion new battery bases!

On November 5, Ningde Times announced that in the context of "carbon neutron and carbon peak", the new energy industry has developed rapidly. In order to meet the development trend of industrial development, the company's capacity layout is further promoted. The company is intended to invest in Xiamen Times in Xiamen City, Fujian Province (I), and the total investment of the project does not exceed RMB 8 billion; at the same time, the company is intended in Guizhou The province Gui'an New District Investment and Construction Guizhou New Energy Dynamics and Bank Production Base Project, the total investment of the project does not exceed RMB 7 billion.

09. The total turnover of the national carbon market exceeded 1 billion yuan

Since the opening of the public, the national carbon market has opened the market on July 16, 2021, and the overall operation is stable and orderly, and the quota is reasonably fluctuated. The single turnover has been greatly opened. As of 10 November 21, the national carbon market operated a total of 77 trading days, with the accumulated volume of the quota reached 23,444,400 tons, with a total turnover of 1044 million yuan, exceeding the 1.1 billion yuan mark.

10. Mercedes-Benz and James Cameron cooperation design new Avatar concept car

The new Avatar concept car "Vision Avtr" in Mercedes-Benz and James Cameron, "Vision Avtr" will introduce its giant transparent cockpit, single-hand console, intelligent dynamic tail, all independently controlled wheels, and decoration throughout Design ... and it is said that this is a new car, it is better to say that this is a spaceboat floating on the surface.

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