Does the community group buy a trillion community consumer market?

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Does the community group buy a trillion community consumer market?

2022-01-14 06:05:38 35 ℃

At present, the main players of community group purchase are e-commerce giants in addition to the prosperous exceptions: US groups, Ali, and more than Jingdong, US Mission and Ali are similar to a certain extent, all served in higher income. Secondly, the two platform genes are particularly strong. Although the cold chain and processing, it has not been as depth as Jingdong's self-sales.

Flatant business model is more simple and rude: high quality. A lot of buyers share a lot of infrastructure and merchant resources, in the cold end, processing end, head, head, and product control. The advantage is that there is less invested and the return rate is relatively high, but it is competitive in the industry in the business.

Jingdong is the best in the head enterprises, and the entire self-sales and logistics will remain at a higher level. Jingdong is a full-channel model to make a fresh and unpleasant enterprise, abandoning the "old practice" of the community group purchase, has always advocated the community group purchase of "return retail essential".

The sinking market has become the main settlement point after the community group purchase industry. According to Nielsen data, the urban population under my country and the fourth line is as high as 950 million, far more than 1,420 million second-tier cities. People's mortgage pressure is far less than a second-tier city, and the consumption potential is huge.

In addition, some experts have pointed out that the community group purchase platform should be fresh as a springboard, expand to all-class business, precipitate more users. In addition, community group purchase can use the community as a unit, hug offline convenience store and digitization, improve business efficiency and service quality.

Many community group purchases after the big shuffle faces closed! I have taken the head community e-commerce brand "10th issue" near $ 1 billion in 2020-2021, starting to shrink in layoffs from August last year.

There are also many companies that have passed the big waves, and have begun to go to profit, and the market purchases like prosperous groups is sufficient, and the community consumer market can be shaited.

Currently, transformation is divided into three categories:

1. Fresh e-commerce companies. Like the life, every day, as well-known fresh e-commerce companies, after years of accumulation of deposit, completely have the ability to operate the Internet operation, plus the natural advantage of community marketing, relatively perfect supply chain system, do Community E-commerce will be more prone to success.

2. Supply chain enterprise transformation. Representative, like prossenging, traditional suppliers of various regions have strong product advantages, but lack community operations and development groups to purchase small procedures.

3, entrepreneurial team. After the epidemic, a large number of Internet big plants began inner volume and layoffs. A large number of talents flood into the market, many talents with Internet thinking began to try the community group purchase entrepreneurship, looking for supply chain, fighting up, spelling, and start running the horse.

The various problems faced by fresh e-commerce can actually transform community group purchase resolution, and community group purchase is pre-sale model. Enterprises can choose to put a wave of items in the pre-sale Mall, wait for customers to order post-statistics, and then supply to supplier Order, darreate. Solved the cost of high cost.

In addition, if you do not have a supply chain, you can also find other supply chain support suppliers, or upstream supply bases, by them to address transportation and supply issues, companies only need to make a good transfer, save a lot of transportation costs, It also solves the supply chain problem, and the business continues. The construction and landing of the community group purchase business is inseparable from the professional community group purchase software.

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