Re-enactment cultural relics, cows in the B station

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Re-enactment cultural relics, cows in the B station

2022-01-14 06:04:19 20 ℃

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A few days ago, the Barta UP owner was announced, one was very shallow, and the top of the Handicarn UP Lord is very much shallow.

The UP owner was called for the handcraft ceiling by netizens, although some exaggerations, this UP owner did did a lot of unimaginable things.


Replica Samsung

At the beginning of last year, Samsungi is a wind that is engaged in the air. It is time to stir in the topic of Samsung Pile, many of the video related to Samsung Pile.

A UP owner named "The Shallow Sparse Shallowness" has made a few times to restore the video of Samsung stack.

It is reported that it is first time consuming for fifteen days, with five hundred grams of gold as a material, using traditional forging skills to restore the original of the gold mask.

This video has nearly 13 million views, more than 2 million points of praise, nearly 60,000 collection, 2.4 million coins, more than 20,000 barrage.

The effect of this video can be described as letting him get out of the circle, not only from the praise and interview with Crowne Plane, but also received an emission invitation of the museum, inviting him to join the museum to repair the cultural relics. In this regard, he said that he is not mature now, and it will consider after maturity.

In addition to the gold mask, he also made a self-made gold rod unearthed from the three-star stack, as well as the restore production of other items of China Space Station.

So far, it has released a total of fifty videos. Almost every video has a million viewing, some even nearly 10 million. The amount of flush of the shallow film is close to 4 million, with a total point of approximately 20 million.



It is understood that the shallowness is not a bargain, and he studied when he goes school. The electronic information is not manual, and manually is his hobby.

From the public data, his interactivity rate of his B station account is relatively high, close to 50%. The average video of nearly three months is 22.48 million, with an average point of magnification with 350,000, with an average coin to more than forty. The most evaluation that appears in his comments is "powerful."

In fact, he can succeed is mainly because he pays more than the quantity for quality, this is not the same as that of Tianshui Apple.

However, there are many problems in this way. He also said that he has become the early stage of full-time UP owner. He once because of the longer period of life in each video, but caused fans to decline and become difficult, etc. problem.

However, he did not give up, and the subsequent sales of the works of the works and the tiny revenue of the video adhered to the red and became the 2021 top UP Lord.

Moreover, his video style is also very eye-catching, through a variety of forms of visual enjoyment, although sometimes it is possible to consume more time, money and energy, but it has proved that the effect is true.

Choosing the popular subject is also an important reason he can come out, looking at all of his videos, you can see how much his choice is connected to the popular subject, such as the original God, the magic knife, Samsung Pile.

But he is not unilateral introduction flow, while introducing the other flow, it also feeds back part of the flow to go back, which can also promote a benign ecological circulation of traffic.

Or more or less affected by the B station, although the content update is longer, his fans are still very high, perhaps the core of the B station or quality.


Attack B station

In fact, the B station has developed more rapidly, from this year's 100 UP main list, this year's 100 UP owners are more diverse.

In addition to animations, games, film and television, life partitions, the UP Lord, which is known, is beginning to rise, such as small John Khan, Wang Pin, the wars on the sand table, infinite quantity of science everyday.

Now about the attitude of the B station, more people believe that the B station has strong development potential, whether it is short video or a medium long video.

Furthermore, there is a dispute on the horizontal screen vertical screen. At present, most industries believe that the value of the horizontal screen users is higher than the vertical screen users.

It is true that now is a very fierce competition, but in detail, it seems that the competition between the trick is still the competition between the faster and the B station.

This competition will not damage the industry market and the network environment. Moreover, the overlap between the users of the B station and the top of the front is not high. Many users who use B stations are not interested in shake and fast hands. high.

This is mainly because the judgment and quick algorithm have now caused some of the resentment of some people, but also the content of highly homogenization is not only a waste of user time, but also for platform consumption.

Although the B station is also wasting time, but its content is more valuable than the top, at least in many users seem to be like this.

The development of short video is a general trend, since users can't change, then they will choose more valuable or more fit their platforms.

Therefore, the B station can stand in the torrent of the times, not just because of the loyal users of the secondary yuan, it is because of its high quality content, as well as the source of innovation.