Vivos12pro got the experience, finally know why Miss Sister Spring Festival selection it

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Vivos12pro got the experience, finally know why Miss Sister Spring Festival selection it

2022-01-14 06:05:06 29 ℃

I don't know if you find that there is no more and more products from the domestic master of beauty in recent years. There is an OPPO Reno series, Huawei Nova series, and later millet also launched Xiaomi CC 9, millet CIVI and other models. And it is said that there is another domestic mobile phone brand that you have to mention it.

As early as the product of Vivo X7, Vivo has smelled consumers' demand for mobile phone Selfie, which uses a very little 16 million pixel lens at that time. In the subsequent Vivo X9, Vivo starts using the pre-double-fitting configuration, and has joined a front soft light. Since then, in order to create a more detailed mobile phone Selfie experience, Vivo has separately launched a Vivo S series. Not exaggerated, the series model has become a benchmark product for domestic Selfie. Today, the protagonist this article is the new flagship - Vivo S12 Pro in the Vivo S series.

The machine also uses a combination of front double-photography, with a 50 million pixel main photo + a 8 million pixel super wide angle. Among them, the front main photo of Vivo S12 Pro is equipped with a custom JNV ultra-clear sensor, and has ISOCELL 3.0 pixel isolation technology, and its overall quality exceeds some models of backward main photos. Not only that, the Vivo S12 Pro retains the front soft light in the previous generation, and the grade rises in this basis for the two-color temperature four soft lights, making the Selfie make a more professional. In terms of algorithm, this Vivo S12 Pro mains micron rejuvenation, known as the "Million Motors" into the mobile phone.

In the real shot, you can see the scenario in the rays, the self-portrait of Vivo S12 Pro is clear and delicate, even if the hair is clear. In addition, under the blessing of micron-level reincarnation, the rich details of the user face are kept, and the pertineous beauty will not make selfie feel unreasonable. With other classic beauty algorithms of Vivo, the Vivo S12 Pro one button can do not need to use the high quality selfie of your postgraduation.

In this new machine, Vivo also joined a more rich gameplay, such as the sunset lamp effect of this time. Without a third-party application, the color temperature adjustment function of the two-color gentle light can be implemented.

At the same time, the user can also manually adjust the aperture mode of the front lens to simulate the background light false influence effect under large aperture. Using this feature in the night, you can bring more fun.

Through the above content, I believe that you have a more comprehensive understanding of the self-portrait of Vivo S12 Pro. The machine has a more powerful lens and fill light, which brings more delicate micron rejigsia for users on the algorithm. Not just the upgrade of self-portraits, Vivo S12 Pro also has Tianzhu 1200 flagship chip, running the latest Originos Ocean system.