Break!Ali Te Tengxing is in the Mysql Essence Manual, Github Star 89k

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Break!Ali Te Tengxing is in the Mysql Essence Manual, Github Star 89k

2022-01-14 12:05:49 19 ℃

In the current technical environment, as long as there is a website, the background must have a database support, for the company's application system, such as office automation system, financial accounting system, customer management system, information storage reading, etc., there is almost no exception requires database support, The database exists anytime, anywhere and uses. Enterprises often handle one-to-one, or a large number of data, so they need to define databases, tables, etc., and we will change data for more step. Thus, SQL came into being, MySQL is a SQL relational database management system.

With the development of society, the requirements for Mysql's requirements are getting higher and higher. When I remembered that I was in the interview last year, I was really hanging by the interviewer. I asked me a lot about MySQL expertise. At that time, I was a face, how did you ask me a little different? And asked more than the Dao Olympics I imagined. The result of the interview is of course cool. I have always had a deep frustration, and then I will brush the question. I recommend which information I recommend. Which information I will brush.

The mysql practical book recommended by everyone is that the Ali P9 is highly recommended. It starts from the basis, introduces Mysql from the shallow into the deep, and there is no nonsense. Can help you build all the system of its framework. Just because I listened to the words, read this book, and finally steady 5 big factory offers, of course, the content of the two data is sufficient.

There are more content, and it is not shown to show σ (° △ ° |||) ︴

In order to facilitate everyone to read, Xiaobian divides the notes into three most to everyone understand

What is a database

What is mysql

Understand databases and tables

Specify the sort direction

WHERE clause operator

Mismatch check

OR operator

Perform OR match

Perform arithmetic calculation

More note content, here is a few cases, for your reference

Date and time handler functions

Aggregation function

Packet and sort

Why use join

Boolean search

MySQL supports another form of full text search, called BooleanMode. With Boolean, you can provide details about the following:

Data insertion

Engine type

Why use views

View rules and restrictions

Why use stored procedures

Transaction processing

Backup data

Improve performance

The syntax of the mysql statement

Too much content is omitted

MySQL data type

Directory outline

Due to too many knowledge points, ignore QAQ

A total of 16 chapters, the content involves a large knowledge point, and it is not only to show it.

Chapter 1 mysql architecture and history

Mysql logical architecture

Concurrent control


Multi-version concurrent control.

MySQL storage engine

Mysal Timel (Timelie)

Mysql development mode

Mysql logical architecture

Chapter 2 Mysql Benchmark

Why need a benchmark test?

Benchmark strategy

Benchmark method

Benchmark tool.

Benchmark case

How long is the benchmark test?

Chapter 3 Server Performance Analysis

Introduction to Performance Optimization

Performance analysis of applications

Analysis of mysql query

Diagnostic intermittent problem

Other profile tools

What exactly causes low performance?

Chapter 4 SCHEMA and Data Type Optimization

Disk temporary table and file sort

Chapter 5 Creating a High Performance Index

Index type

Chapter 6 Query Performance Optimization

Foundation of the execution

Chapter 7 Mysql Advanced Characteristics


Chapter 8 Optimizing Server Settings

In the case of a benchmark test is a good suggestion

Chapter 9 Operating System and Hardware Optimization

I / O intensive machine

Chapter 10

How to copy

Chapter 11 Scalable mysql

Formal scalability definition

Chapter 12 High Availability

Middleware solution

Chapter 13 Cloud Mysql

Mysql benchmark test in the cloud

Chapter 14 Application Layer Optimization

Cache is not always useful

Chapter 15 Backup and Recovery

File system snapshot

File system snapshot and InnoDB

Chapter 16 Mysql User Tools

SQL practical set

MySQL branch and variant

MySQL server status

Big file transfer

Written in the last

The foundation is not prison, and the mountain is shaken. Any knowledge should be made first. Knowledge is not finished, there is always a knowledge you won't. Since it is recommended by Ali P9 architect, it must have a corresponding value. I hope that you will get this information, you will be unreasonable.