Spiderman customs version Redminote11 series hits, K50 universe processor exposure

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Spiderman customs version Redminote11 series hits, K50 universe processor exposure

2022-01-14 12:06:24 24 ℃

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Recently, Xiaomi Company executives Lu Weibing have sunken the Mourner Superhero, Spiderman Joint Edition of the Social Platform. "Spider-Man 3 Heroes" As another large piece of the Well-universe, the global box office is more than $ 1.5 billion, and it will be on February 28 to start online. Xiaomi is very marketable, and combines the most popular Mourner Heroes with the Redmi Note11 series, and the fans of the Winui can recharge the belief. Unclear whether the Redmi K50 series will also have Spider-Man to customize, and there is currently a message will be equipped with Tianzhu 8000 and Tianzhu 9000 processor.

The REDMI Note11 series is the main cost performance, where Redmi Note11 Pro upgrades the right-angle border design similar to the iPhone 13, using Samsung Holding AMOLED screen to support 120 Hz high refresh rate. Compared with the LCD screen, the display color is more gorgeous, significantly increase the screen contrast, with the symmetrical dual JBL authentication speaker, can bring an immersive audio and video experience for users. It is worth mentioning that the imaging system is also upgraded, and the rear 100 million pixel HD three-time, support super wide angle and macro shooting, can effectively improve the analysis of the picture, and easily respond to daily shooting requirements.

Long-life is a highlight of Redmi Note11 PRO, built-in 5160mAh large-capacity battery, with 67W fast charge, can meet all-day life, since then bid farewell to low electric worry. If you like a faster charging speed, you can also choose Redmi Note11 Pro +, equipped with 120W fairy seconds, 4500mAh large-capacity battery, only 15 minutes of electricity can be completed, significantly increase charging efficiency. Redmi Note11 Pro is a long-term pursuit of high-cost performance models, and is deeply affected by rice noodles.

The Redmi K50 universe will be released in February. At present, Xiaomi Company has officially opened a new machine preheating activity, and Lu Weibing personally delivered the leader. According to well-known blogger digital idle talk stations, "Red rice K50 universe first on the electricity, no problem, high-standard heat dissipation to pressure high power consumption 8 gen1, better performance release. Then Tianzhu 8000/9000 new machine It is also a little later, the product is located, "can be understood by broke the news, the RedMi K50 e-station will be released and equipged with the Snapdragon 8 flagship processor, it seems that the REDMI K50 series hardware is adjusted.

Looking forward to the Spider-Man joint name REDMI Note11 series? The middle-end machine does not only have a high color value, but the overall performance is equally possible. Samsung AMOLED screen, 100 million pixel HD three-time, 120W gods second charge, can be said in the model of 2,000 yuan, such as Hedi Chicken, Zall. Redmi K50 universe is released, Juqi Tianzhu 8000, Tianzhu 9000 and Snapdragon 8 three flagship processors, there are 4700mAh batteries and 120W seconds, super standard is expected, what is your expectation for Redmi K50 universe? ? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area, understand the daily popular digital information, come to the author. Welcome to collect, forward, praise, thank you for your support.