Nintendo is doing mobile phones?The game theme appearance, the border is very "touching" ...

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Nintendo is doing mobile phones?The game theme appearance, the border is very "touching" ...

2022-01-14 12:05:27 20 ℃

Author | Yuan also

Since Nintendo launched Switch in 2017, this game giant immediately opened the "squeezed toothpaste" mode, ignoring the speakers for the next generation of Switch Pro desire, last year, a Switch Oled version was spit by many netizens. .

At the same time, with the rise of mobile games in recent years, there are many paradise fans to expect officials to run their classic games to smartphones.

However, since the "Marli Osdom Tart Tour" in 2019, Nintendo has been silent on the mobile platform. In many people, it is not that Nintendo does not have enough development strength, and it is largely ignored this market of mobile games.

What's more, I'm going to ask sincerely, don't go directly to the mobile phone for the heaven?

In fact, in terms of current technical means and market, Nintendo is absolutely capable of publishing a mobile phone. After all, the Switch is completely considered to be a tablet with custom software, plus the joy brought by the Joy-Cons handle, and Nintendo can cooperate with some smartphone manufacturers to develop a "Nintendo exclusive" mobile phone. .

Perhaps it is a few billion of billion R & D cost thresholds. The reason is high. Plus a heaven does not regard the mobile game market as a development focus, so this idea seems to have become far away.

However, in recent days, there is a very fan of cerebral cave. Try to imagine that the Nintendo game moved to the mobile phone, create a conceptual product called "Nintendo Phone", meeting everyone's curiosity.

Looking from the appearance, it is easy to use this Nintendo Phone concept phone using very small fresh color and Mengmeng circular buttons, it seems a bit like a MINI game console.

The front-end mobile phone is not only the same as the mainstream mobile phone in the market. Although the vertical screen is designed, the routine speaker has been arranged, but it seems that there is no view of the front camera, and there is still a retro button design at the bottom. It seems to be For the "return" function.

By the way, the three buttons on the right side are classic red blue color, very feeling. There are three interface designs at the bottom, and the visual is the power interface and the headphone interface.

The rear cover is selected from 1: 4 color matching, the saturation is very high, and there is a game console. The rear is designed with a single-piece design. After all, it is not suitable to take pictures with this mobile phone.

At the same time, there are many very detailed colorful egg design, in order to meet the style of this brand of Nintendo, this Nintendo Phone concept mobile phone has a variety of "skin" to choose. Then, Nintendo's most classic "Selda Legend" must be arranged!

After all, compared with the equipment such as Switch, this game mobile phone design can be more open, coupled with the creative space of the accessory (including the game controller).


Since the top theme of "Pokemon" is the theme of "Pokemon", which is the image of Pikaqiu, Jenny Turtle, Wonderful frog seeds, and the image of the fire dragon. It sees such a feeling of feelings. It's a lot of money.

Although Nintendo Phone is not too daily, this is also in line with this mobile phone. After all, it is first a hand-held game device, followed by a mobile phone, and more suitable for a bobby.

Unless you are a person who will play games from time to time, it is a bit uncomfortable in the office or class.

Although Nintendo has been built in mobile games, don't mention your mobile phone, but this fan's creative idea is worth encouraging, at least let the official know that their game community has a creative person, and can share it with your heart. Those who can do but never have never done.