Xiaomi 12 / X, Xiaomi 11 performance comparison, which better?

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Xiaomi 12 / X, Xiaomi 11 performance comparison, which better?

2022-01-14 18:06:14 22 ℃

In terms of performance, Xiaomi 11 is Xiaolong 888, Xiaomi 12X is Xiaolong 870, Xiaomi 12 is Xiaolong 8 gen1, the performance ranking is Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 11, Xiaomi 12X, but the performance of these three processors can be satisfied, Therefore, it should pay more attention to fever problems. This is the best in this area, Xiaomi 12 times, Xiaomi 11, but if not how to play games, it is daily use, it is good.

The screen part, Xiaomi 12x and millet 12 are the same as the screen, Xiaomi 11 is obvious, and the resolution of the screen also has a significant advantage. If you look at the parameters, Xiaomi 11 will be strong, but it will be in the actual comparison. Xiaomi 12 / x screen and Xiaomi 11 screen in daily use, the picture is not very different, the picture shows very delicate, but Xiaomi 11 has an advantage, that is, after opening the anti-flash, you can Keep 120 Hz, and Xiaomi 12 / X will limit at 60 Hz.

Take a photo, more attention, the hardware specifications of Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12X are the same, the front camera part, Xiaomi 12 / x is better, beautiful, the back shooting part, the super wide angle and macro, mainly The difference between the main photo, let's talk about the color style, Xiaomi 12 / x is more beautiful, more pleased to the eyeball, into the film, if it is a place with light, all have a good performance, night scene, millet 12 Will be stronger.

As for the difference between Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12X, the Xiaomi 12's Xiaolong 8 Gen1 has better ISP and AI performance, so supports the functions such as multi-object recipient, and when taking pictures, the imaging of millet 12 is more than millet 12X Faster, so if you pursue a photo performance, this three products will be better.

The battery of the battery, the battery of Xiaomi 11 is large, but the screen is larger, the screen resolution is also higher, when opening 5G network (not using WiFi network) + 2K resolution + 120Hz high brush, one day 2 charge is less The screen of Xiaomi 12X and Xiaomi 12 is consistent, but with the advantages of Xiaolong 870 energy consumption, Xiaomi 12X's life will be better, charging, Xiaomi 12 / X has advantages. The surrounding part, the symmetrical duplex effect of Xiaomi 12 / X will be slightly better.


Comparison of the requirements of the photo, this three products, the image performance of Xiaomi 12 will be the best, but the individual thinks if it can, or choose Xiaomi 12 PRO better, and its image part is more obvious than Xiaomi 12 is still more obvious. Especially in the environment such as dark light, the advantage is obvious, but if it is mainly shooting during the day, Xiaomi 12 can be satisfied.