Release 15 days, Xiaomi 12PRO "changed price reduction", send 499 yuan headphones

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Release 15 days, Xiaomi 12PRO "changed price reduction", send 499 yuan headphones

2022-01-15 00:06:03 26 ℃

At this time in previous years, Xiaomi will be glorious "personal fight", but because Huawei is "short-impact" this year, the MATE50 has been lapsed. Although the glory has released the first Snapdragon 8 Gen1 folding screen flagship, the price of glory MAGIC V is as high as 9999 yuan, which is clearly no longer valid. Therefore, in addition to the iPhone 13, the high-end mobile phone market is the most competitive thing is the Xiaomi 12 series. From the real-time sales data, Xiaomi 12 Pro leading list, single platform sold 70,000 units, including the online market, is expected to be sold by 100,000 units. But the next news may make rice noodles can't be happy.

It may be that there are too many new machines in Xiaolong 8 Gen1. In order to expand product competitiveness, Xiaomi 12 Pro New Year gift box is available, of which 8GB + 256GB is 4,999 yuan, 12GB + 256GB is 5,399 yuan, and the previous standard version price is consistent. The new year gift box version is randomly comes with a small meter real wireless noise reduction headset 3 (worth 499 yuan), and there is a "travel convenience" hand account, which is equivalent to buying the rhythm of the phone to send headphones, truly adding no price. You know, the gift box version is generally worth 51,000, Xiaomi 12 Pro maintains the original price, this time is too fragrant.

Seeing this, many rice flour feels yourself, you can get a small meter really wireless noise-saving headset late late. It is necessary to explain that the color of Xiaomi 12 Pro New Year gift box set is fixed, 4999 yuan version is a purple version, 5,399 yuan is a wilderness of the wilderness, and the sale should be very difficult to grab. In fact, there are some color versions that don't sell very well, Xiaomi In order to improve its sales, this is "changed the price" to send headphones. But then, most users like the blue and black version of Xiaomi 12 Pro, will not buy a lot of purple, so don't be too assured, the price cut is always reason.

From the perspective of the mobile phone preservation rate, the black version of Xiaomi 12 Pro is the most proud of the second-hand market circulation rate, like purple, green and other versions are generally difficult to sell, so personal suggestions still buy black version of millet 12 PRO, There is also a few headphones. It's just a small meter practice. For the first batch of purple or green version of rice noodles, it will cause a small psychological strike, and I can buy it later, it seems that this time I bought it. But then, Xiaomi noise reduction headphones are general, at least for me, don't go too much.

Go back to Xiaomi 12 Pro configuration itself, the machine has three core selling points, first of all, its display picture quality, is equipped with a 6.73-inch 3200 × 1440 full screen, support LTPO screen technology, switch to the intermediate punching screen design, The whole machine looks fashionable atmosphere. In terms of performance, Xiaomi 12 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip, and the performance does not need to worry, 2022 performance "ceiling". It is impressive and its taking pictures, the front upgrade to 32 million, the post 50 million three main photos, or the Sony IMX707 bottom, the camera is significantly improved.

It is worth noting that Xiaomi 12 Pro is also equipped with 120W fast charge, equipped with self-developing P1 charging chip, can be filled with 4600mAh batteries in 15 minutes, 50W wireless charging is also a selling point it does not to ignore. There is no doubt that this generation of millet 12 pro is stacked to the ultimate, and it is worth 4,699 yuan. For Xiaomi 12 Pro, "change the price reduction" to send headphones, all netizens evaluate? Welcome to the message discussion.