Why is the first batch of flagship aircraft in 2022, the configuration is "not high"?

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Why is the first batch of flagship aircraft in 2022, the configuration is "not high"?

2022-01-15 06:02:32 14 ℃

Although there are still more than two weeks from the Spring Festival, it seems that the first round of new products in the mobile phone industry seems to have gradually cooled.

Moto Edge X30, EDGE S30, Xiaomi 12 Series, I really gt2 series, iQOO9 series, one plus 10 pro, OPPO Find N, glory MAGIC V ... Cards These have already unveiled new machines are not difficult to find, there are both small screen flagships There are also big screen new machines, and there are folding screens. To a certain extent, this round of new machines in previous years compared to the "form", it is indeed a significant more enriched.

But if you are a very payive "parameter", you may find that this round of new machines do not seem to have much improvement in some specific indicators.

Sharp R6 screen refresh rate (1-240 Hz) and brightness (2000 nit) record, have not been broken

For example, their screen's highest resolution remains at 3K level, and the highest refresh rate in the screen is also "only" 120Hz. To know, last year Sony and Sharp launched a model of 4K OLED screen and 240Hz refresh rate screen, but this record has not been broken.

Last year's ZTE AXON 30 Ultra aerospace version, equipped with 18GB + 1TB storage combination

For example, in hardware configuration, although various test results have proven that the new Snapdragon 8 itself has the GPU strength, AI power and overall temperature control level, far more than the Donglong 888 family, but Batch flagship models are not difficult to find that they have neither a 16GB or more memory configuration, nor does it have 1TB or higher storage capacity.

However, in 2020, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra used 16GB of memory, and in 2021 "Old Machine", there is Lenovo, ZTE has 18GB memory and 1TB storage space.

In addition, the wired speed of this new machine is still still 120W, which is flat with the record of 2021; and the wireless fast charge is the largest to 50W, and it is not as good as the millet Mix4 in 2021 (maximum 100W wireless flash " Charge).

Not to mention, this batch of flagship models just unveiled, even without using the diving telephoto lens, there is no super long look, and even the super wide angle program of some models is also The main main exam is replaced by the small bottom JN1, and some products even have a comprehensive cancellation.

Why is this so? Honestly, we are not a representative of the upstream manufacturer after all, and some things can't be brought to the interception. However, only the information we have mastered at this stage, there is no more than the following reasons for this situation.

Currently, the OPPO Find Series new machine rendering chart

First of all, everyone must know that these "2022 new opportunities" that have been released, many are not their own brand in 2022 flagship products. In other words, for the "true flagship" "" true flagship ", everyone may" stay in one hand "after the end of the year.

For example, there is already a break information display, and the millet will continue to bring the "oversized cup" of the digital series, and there will be a subsequent product of Mix Fold. Of course, the probability also brings a new MIX digital series, and they Obviously there will be more technical breakthroughs.

For example, RealMe predicts the highest 125W wired fast charge, 50W magnetic wireless charging technology last year. But these are not equipped in the real GT2 Pro, then it is clear that the mounting model of these new technologies will inevitably be higher than the true GT2 PRO.

In addition, OPPO's Find Series, Vivo's X Series, NEX Series are still in a "semi-mask" state. Even if the officially disclosed information, these "flagship machines" must also have much higher integral configuration.

Secondly, standing on mobile phone vendors, sometimes some configuration or technology may not necessarily use, but because a variety of restrictions lead to "cannot be used".

Due to force majeure, Xiaomi Mix4 has become 100W wireless charging "绝"

A typical example here is high power wireless fast charge. Although Xiaomi Mix4 has launched 100W wireless fast charge technology in the last year, it has passed a temporary statement called "Wireless Charging (Power Transmission) Equipment" before it issued a "wireless charging (power transmission) equipment. "document. According to the content in this document, from January 1, 2022, all production, imports are sold in China, the mobile and portable wireless charging equipment used, and the rated transmission power is required to be less than 50W.

Obviously, this provision is a manufacturer that has not yet developed, the mass production, higher power wireless charging technology, is a certain "benefit". However, for brands that have already mastered high-power wireless charging technology, they have to change the relevant technologies "snow" to develop more efficient wired charging solutions. And this is the so-called "force majeure".

Samsung's UFS3.1 flash is very fast, but there is no 1TB model, 1TB only UFS3.0

In addition, there is a situation in the technical limitations of the upstream supplier itself. Among them, the UFS flash memory is an example. The current mainstream technology direction is generally improved by reading and writing speed, reducing power consumption, but is not so enthusiastic about "super large capacity". So this means that mobile phone manufacturers can buy 512GB UFS3.1 flash particles than the past, more power-saving, but not necessarily buy the same performance 1TB model, facing this situation, is it to be performance, or capacity? It is clear that most manufacturers will choose the former.

Finally, we have to say a little factors lies in smartphones, some "indicators" improvement may have no significant effects.

This is actually not surprising, on the one hand, because there is a natural law constraint. Taking screen resolution as an example, the resolution of 3200 * 1440 is already delicate enough, "4K screen" is impossible for mobile phone screen viewing, obviously impossible to display like a larger size, TV And the 4K screen will also increase the power consumption, so it has not been favored by most manufacturers.

On the other hand, I have to see that for the entire mobile phone industry, if the "flagship machine" determines the upper limit of the user experience, then the most underlying 100-yuan machine and a large number of thousands of yuan, the decision is software development, optimization The bottom limit.

Everyone said "the original God" "burning machine", but in fact it is only 720p + 60 frames.

what is this concept? Simply, there is still a large number of users using 6GB, or even 4GB memory, 720P resolution screen, when 8GB memory and 1080p screen is still "sales main", how can I expect software developers to do only 16GB or even 18GB memory models can play games, how can there be a large number of common software specifically optimized for 2k, 3k, or even 4K resolution mobile screens?

That is to say, if the configuration of "mainstream products" does not increase significantly, the high configuration of the "flagship machine" cannot be truly played, and even a certain extent.

After all, "The Law of Tub Bucket" is not only suitable for a single product, but also applicable to the entire industry.

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