Apple's processor is not SOC. After all, there is no built-in baseband, and the signal is worse.

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Apple's processor is not SOC. After all, there is no built-in baseband, and the signal is worse.

2022-01-15 06:02:55 14 ℃

The system is not enough. After all, the power of iOS does not have to say more, let alone iOS cleaner and durable, transition animation is more delicate, the default appresses are simple, don't worry, automatically download and install rogue software, very province Heart (Android does not do very good), vibration feedback: Yes, the current domestic mobile phone does have a horizontal linear motor, but the motor volume, vibration effect, scene distribution (such as the iphone knows behind the praise , Download the APP face ID calibration successfully vibration, Android phones still cannot work).

Screen: Apple's flagship machine is now Samsung's flexible OLED (iPhoneXr, iPhone11 is not a flagship machine), the screen quality is not as good as Samsung's own S series, but is still the industry's leader. Internal configuration: Apple's processor is not SOC, after all, there is no built-in baseband, the signal is indeed in the Android phones, these have no objection, but the performance, the Apple A series chip has more stronger, CPU and GPU often lead the same On the 1st year of Xiaolong Kirin, I don't believe it, I can refer to the Gussen, so it is in a good performance. Moreover, Apple is high-pass, so the iPhone12 is basically determined plug-in high pass baseband.

Although the signal will not exceed Android, there should be no problem in everyday use. High durability: iPhone durability basically knows that Mi 6 is indeed durable, but looks at all of the iPhone, that is not durable? iPhone6 ​​and iPhone6S now have a lot of bakes (one is released in 2014, one is released in 2015, your rice 6 is released, with iPhoneX and iPhone8, for 6 and 6s users, Mi 6 is Granddene). Belief: Cook has indeed paying attention to profit after the appointment, but the spirit of Apple's bones still exist: the official direct store is still simple atmosphere.

From iOS7, the flattened style is pleasing, after-sales service, as always, the details are as perfect, safety or leading Android camp, including each humanized design (such as keeping the mute keys, even if it occupies the phone Space, increased maintenance risk) Perhaps Apple is no longer the company that pulls out a mobile phone to change a whole era, the price is getting more and more expensive, but it launches the iPhonex, popularize the full screen gesture, creatively brought TouchID and FaceID When you, you will know that Apple is actually the apple, or that is the apple for us, this faith, only fruit powder.

Android system, most stable, good, Apple is not good for civilians, even domestic mobile phones are not as good, you can't use it, Apple's design philosophy is for political and enterprise customers, the biggest advantage, and the only advantage It is safe! For ordinary people, don't need such a high level of security, Apple is still the cheap, how good you can say so cheap, how good? The core technology apple can almost say that it is invincible, and the performance and design of the surrounding performance look at individual needs, and Apple's surrounding performance is very powerful.

But relatively expensive, Android many mobile phones have a lot of very serious short boards, compared with the apple only life and signal, so you only need CPUs, then buy Android, if you need very strong Comprehensive performance, then buy Apple or Huawei to the level of Android machine. Someone said that 66S is not card. Rapida, a group of heads, now there is much more apples, special Liu Chang. It should be compared to the iPhone comparison with the same year. You see, the profit ratio is not, the optimization is more than, the interaction is more than.

But because it is compared with domestic Android (because I have no desire to be more than the desire of Samsung), it can be selective blind. I have recently tangled between 11 and Android flagship (Android), I looked at the new friends who bought friends, it's not bad, let me make determined that his 6s really does not have card (open application, switch Application), remember he bought at that time.

If you don't sell the upgrade system, I have three and a half years of 6S, which can clearly feel slowly when the game is loaded, and there will be a significant frame number of frames in extreme cases, but it doesn't have the point to the card.