Two thousand mobile phones and four thousand mobile phones use the same processor?This money, which is spent.

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Two thousand mobile phones and four thousand mobile phones use the same processor?This money, which is spent.

2022-01-15 06:02:00 24 ℃

Two thousand mobile phones and four thousand mobile phones use the same processor? This money, which is spent.

Everyone knows that Yan Ge often emphasizes a purchase truth, that is, it is necessary to pay attention to the processor because the importance of the processor is as important as the engine is as important as the engine. But I don't know if you find a problem, that is, many middle-end machines in the last two years, or the processor equipped with the flagship mobile phone is exactly the same as the high-end flagship.

From the performance level, the smartphone with the same processor is consistent in core performance, but the comprehensive performance of the actual experience is still more different; and from the price level, one is two thousand Yuan price, one is four thousand yuan price, the difference of 2000 yuan, the difference is really a bit.

Then there is a big difference in the comprehensive performance of the two products that are equipped with the same processor, and the price is almost doubled, which is there in the presence of cat, or there is a huge product difference. Today, the brothers talk to everyone, let's see if it is not here.

The processor is the core, but the auxiliary configuration is also critical!

For smartphones, the processor is indeed important, which is the key to determine the core performance of a processor, but affecting a mobile phone performance, but also includes memory, flash memory, and even some auxiliary functions, such as NFC, Infrared remote control, battery life, fast charge, etc.

Take Xiaomi 11 and Redmi K40 Pro, these two mobile phones are equipped with Snapdragon 888 processors. The sales price at the time of the release is quite different. These two mobile phones are also equipped with the same paragraph LPDDR5 high speed memory and UFS 3.1 high speed. Store, equally equipped with multi-function NFC, X-axis transverse linear motor, infrared remote control, etc.

However, Xiaomi 11 is equipped with 4600mAh battery, supports up 55W wired fast charge + 50W wireless fast charge + 10W reverse charging, built-in graphite, copper foil, thermally conductive gel, liquid cold hot copper plate; REDMI K40 Pro is equipped with 4520mAh The battery supports up to 33W fast charge, built-in graphite, copper foil, and liquid-cooled copper tube heat dissipation; both of them have obvious differences.

We can see from the core configuration of Xiaomi 11 and Redmi K40 PRO. See a mobile phone can't take the processor chip to determine the level of the mobile phone, otherwise it is easy to cause misjudgment.

The screen is really important, the top screen is not a joke!

In addition to performance, everyone is now more concerned about the screen. There are two types of screens in the market to the LCD screen and the amoled screen. LCD is already very small, most of them are amoled screens, but the same is the AMOLED screen also exists. Great differences, because this screen itself is also a grade.

At present, Samsung's AMOLED screen has three different levels of large-class materials, from top to bottom, M material, LTPO material, and e materials, where M is mainly Samsung home flagship mobile phone, LTPO material is exclusive to Apple The iPhone series, and domestic mobile phones are mainly used in e5, E4, E3, etc., and the cost of different materials is also completely different.

Still as a case in Xiaomi 11 and RedMi K40 Pro.

Xiaomi 11 uses a 6.81-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 3200 휔 00, a pixel density 515ppi, supports DCI-P3 color gamut, using E4 luminescent materials, high brightness up to 1500 nit, strong light can reach 900 Nit, support 120Hz Refresh rate, 240 Hz touch sampling rate, support ultra high color, 1 billion-color display, obtained DisplayMate A + level person certification.

Redmi K40 Pro uses 6.67-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 2400x1080, with a maximum support rate of 120Hz refresh rate

The touch sampling rate of up to 360 Hz, the peak brightness is 1300 nit, 800 million color shows, can see that there is still a significant difference, so the price natural also has a difference.

Imaging level continues to upgrade, hardware and software is huge!

In addition to performance and screen, the image is a new track opened by Android smartphones in recent years, and there is a huge difference in Middle and high-end, including hardware and software, especially Samsung and Sony in recent years with mobile phone manufacturers. Cooperative research and development, the latter investment continues to increase, plus some mobile phone manufacturers rely on camera manufacturers in software, and investment is indeed high.

Still as a case in Xiaomi 11 and RedMi K40 Pro.

Xiaomi 11 is taken from the next 108 million pixels hmx main photo, support pixel four-in-1 technology, another 13 million pixels 123% UB0 super wide-angle lens and 5 megapixel telephoto macro lens; front camera is 20 million pixels, support large wide angle panorama Photo photo, brings video version of super night scene, movie camera, AI smart image, and 8K video recording, etc.

Redmi K40 PRO is 64 million pixel ultra-clear main photos, 8 megapixel 119% UB0 super wide-angle lens, and 5 megapixel telephoto macro lens, support super night scene mode, AI special effects video, etc.

Obviously, high-priced mobile phones will have a better photo performance, especially these top-level main photos of sensors are extremely expensive, and the primary and low-priced main photos may only be the old two-year sensor, which isThe huge cost of existence is obviously huge.Brother

From the difference from Xiaomi 11 and Redmi K40 PRO, although both equipped with the same Xiaolong 888 processor, the overall configuration still has a huge difference, including fast charge efficiency, screen quality, image combination, etc.Also why there is a huge price difference between the phone with the processor.I don't know if you feel that there is no reason to say that there is any reason, welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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