The 11th Corporation of the Sanyi Company wanted "China Food Safety Top Ten Enterprises"

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The 11th Corporation of the Sanyi Company wanted "China Food Safety Top Ten Enterprises"

2022-01-15 06:02:19 21 ℃

Beijing News (Reporter Wang Kara) At the 19th Food Safety Conference, the 19th Food Safety Conference, Sanqi (China) Health Industry Co., Ltd. ("Sanheng"), 11th, "China Food Safety Top Ten Enterprises" And won the honor of "2020-2021 Food Safety Integrity Units" "2020-2021 Food Safety Management Innovation". At the same time, Golden Bao, Chairman of Sanyue, has obtained the honorary title of "Top Ten" "Excellent Entrepreneur" of the 19th Food Safety Conference.

This conference is organized by the Ministry of Education, Ecological Environment, Agricultural Rural Department, Customs General Administration, State Market Supervision and Administration, the State Forestry and Grassland and China Food Industry Association.

The honor and recognition are not accidentally, behind this is the unique gene advantage, ideas, research and development advantages, supply chain advantages and quality advantages.

In 18 years, the three-life product line is constantly rich, especially with people's health-related food-skewers, for chronic disease-conditioned health foods and plant nutrition products of all nutritional diet, Sanyi from raw materials, production, processing, Transportation, to consumers and even after-sales process, the "seven-quality quality control system" runs through the entire food process.

In terms of research and development, Sanyue Group has established the "San Live Group Global Products R & D Advisory Committee (GPAC)" composed of authoritative experts at home and abroad, and also jointly jointly authoritative professional partners - China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute, Zhejiang Chinese Medicine Research In the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medicine, Jiangnan University, etc., fully promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In the two major products centers in Asia and North America, effective integration of global research and development technology and quality resources, develop products to international leading technology; continuous development of enterprise growth borders, continuously construct a sound health industry ecological chain, driving up and downstream together.

Each product developed by Sanyi has achieved excellence, even holding the attitude of "death", and the spiritual spirit through every part of the product life. From "raw materials", they will be cleared, picking up raw materials, such as every taste of the Yushang Tang series from the best origin, three births have long cooperated with the quality raw material base to ensure the quality of raw materials.

In the production process, Sansheng built a high-standard production base for health food GMP review and certification at the beginning of the production process, and the first-class production equipment from the world is selected; in technology innovation, three students not only choose excellent professional partners, but also strive Promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, peptide milk from preparation to the listing to the upgrade, the entire process consumes nearly 10 years; in the user experience, Sansheng continues to subdivilize the user and use the scene, improve the series of products, and pay attention to the products outside the product. Value, strive to exceed users expect. Sansheng believes that only adhering to the intensity, in order to build a "new national product" model, it can have a steadyness.

With China's largest consumer market, China welcomes the golden age of local brands, and the three will propose a new goal of building new domestic products. It is committed to occupying new domestic products from the new domestic product. From the product to the quality, from the manufacture of services, adhere to the "consisting spirit" has become an indispensable consensus in the tide of the domestic product.

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