"Blind Box +" is already caught in the morning.

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"Blind Box +" is already caught in the morning.

2022-01-15 06:03:00 14 ℃

KFC's Dimoo blind box has recently set off an uproar, blind box enthusiasts compete for the purchase of KFC, and China Consumers Association is a "hunger marketing" means sold by Ken KFK-based blind box. This article is based on the background of KFC, analyzes the "Blind Box +". From the blind box, it has experienced what will be over. Recommend you to read exchanges ~

There is no free lunch in the world, but KFC is an exception.

It is not KFC to make charity, but recently specially popular. Someone will ask you to eat burgers, and how much to pay some labor costs. This matter is very fascinating, but it is really cut in reality.

Of course, it is not completely white, you have to help "employers" to do something, pick up the bubble mart Dimoo blind box in the package. If you accidentally open to hidden, what is the rareity, can you have some rewards.

Drunkard is not in the fort, care care of the Dimoo blind box.

Some people even spend thousands of dollars, purchasing hundreds of packages in batches. Some people are remotely guided to sell small brothers, "the blind box belongs to me, fried you". In short, there is a hundred ways to solve the contradiction between Dimoo and don't want to eat Dimoo.

Crazy and danger is often accomplished, after several hot search, this cross-border marketing attracts the attention of China Consumers Association.

On January 12th, the Zhongcheng Association is Kuandegi. Only the real-time fast food is purchased on demand, usually consumers will not purchase, selling the limited blind box is to stimulate consumption with "hunger marketing" means, which is easy to cause consumers impulse Consumption, and causing food waste, this behavior should boycott all society.

KFC has quickly responded, and official customer service means that blind box activities will not be affected, and consumers can continue to purchase normally.

Their email is on the line, and hot search is hung by the whole network. Most netizens are debate whether KFC is wrong, and the bear is ink, and the public seems to ignore another important parties - the problem of the blind box economy, which is actually more worthy of reflection.

First, "blind box +", trial uncomfortable marketing formula

Time is returned to 2019, the blind box is successful in this year and has become the most dazzling cluster of the new consumption in China.

Tmall International released "95 after the player's hand" showed that consumers spent more than 20,000 yuan on the blind box, more than 20,000 yuan, and even players spend millions for buying blind boxes for one year.

According to the data provided by the MOB Institute, the 2019 domestic blind box market is 7.4 billion yuan. The industry represents the company's bubble mart, which is the blind box provider in this KFC event, and the 2019 revenue is 1.683 billion. For two years forward, this figure is only 158 million.

Two years later, in 2021 domestic markets estimated size has exceeded 10 billions, bubble marts not only completed the listing, but also ushered in the high-gloss of the market value of 150 billion Hong Kong dollars.

At the same time, the flow of the blind box is also overflow. In recent years, more and more businesses began to try the marketing of blind boxes and tried nothing. "The blind box is a brick, where does it need to move?"

I launched the blind box of the Male Liu Yuli's image of the spokesperson. The goods just launched, and the large number of fans and blind box players were introduced. Its Tmall, Jingdong and other platforms also set a lot of sales records, and the official temporary emergency replenishment is the same.

If you don't grab or want to collect a full set of consumers, the corresponding price is to pay the price of N times in the price of the price.

History is always amazing, KFC's Dimoo joint blind box package, different brands, different products, different IPs, but the marketing effect is too uncomfortable.

According to the rules of activity, from January 4th, buy the designated package "99 yuan family bucket" in KFC, and consumers can get the joint limit series hand, and the hand is random, and the number is limited. The specific style includes 6 conventional paragraphs and one hidden model, the production ratio of the hidden model is 1:72, that is, one of 72 products per producer is hidden, the probability of subjection is 1/72.

For the consumers who are listening to the consumer, the package is actually cost-effective. However, only Dimoo purchases in the eyes, fried chicken burger only irrelevant accessories, the blind box has become a Pandora's magic box, and all kinds of "Sao operations" have emerged.

Some netizens took the bills in the social platform, and purchased 106 blind box packages once, with a total price of over 10,000 yuan. The blind box has been removed, and the food in 106 packages has endless imagination with the blind box. In the discussion of netizens, there is no shortage of water to the blind box to discard the package on the spot. Another is to use CT scan, subway security, etc. to confirm the blind box style. If you spend money, please people can eat, please take the small brother on-site helping and more.

In short, the magical realism under the induction of the blind box, only if you can't think of it, you can't do it. At present, the Weibo topic reading has been approaching 100 million, and other related topics have also rushed to hot search and earn foot traffic.

It is also crazy, and the film is buried in the subsequent public opinion.

Second, reflecting the body, the other side of the barbarism

"Blind Box + KFC", the traffic password is really effective. At the same time, the other side of the madness is also appearing. There is a market, the price of the KFC Dimoo blind box is high. As can be seen on the e-commerce platform, the pricing of the merchant is generally higher than the official price of KFC. Take the merchant sales of 300+ in the picture as an example. The specified regular hand is 150 yuan, and the hidden value is as high as 799 yuan. Compared with the price of KFC 99 yuan, the former premium is 1.5 times, and the latter is 8 times.

Moreover, this price does not include two staple foods, three snacks and three cups of coles in the package.

For the digital sensitive users, Jiejia said, KFC joins the wave of bubble Mart, and it is more like selling goods, more like a "harvest" for young people. In addition to the food worth 39 yuan worth of food, how can you skyrocket? There is a questioner ridicule, how many components of "IQ" is doped.

The true value of the real value is the first slot point of the blind box. In recent years, the industry has always argued that this issue has not been arguing, especially the high-priced blind box, will be able to recruit a battle.

To raise a relatively extreme case, last year's bubble mart launched a limited edition MEGA collection series, including two doll toys, 70 cm and 29.5 cm, and the release price is 3999 yuan, 1099 yuan, and after the online is sold. . Subsequently on the second-hand platform, some people shouted the purchase price of 350,000 yuan.

A baby, a set of rooms.

Objectively, playing economic circles in the flock of the blind box, similar to the abnormal high price "toys" is not very pleasant. Some time to pretend to be hot search, a doll is also fried to have a thousand yuan, but also a brand of BE @ rclick, and the price can be easily loose to six digits.

However, the market is different, the national conditions are poor.

And not to mention the cost of the blind box itself, before the bear out of the ink learned from the source supplier, the cost of production is generally more than ten pieces, and its premium is more supported by IP and marketing. Bubble Mart Non-year report show that the company's product gross profit margin was 71.2%, and the 2020 won rate was 68.7%.

Standing in the perspective of consumers, different from Japan, Europe and the United States and the United States and the United States are playing in the market. The blind box has been in China, but in just three years, consumers lack universal cognitive and recognized, and they are three days old. Search, public opinion wind wave must be inevitable.

The "2020 Chinese Blind Box Industry Development Status and Market Research and Analysis Report" released by the Medical consultation showed that in China, netizens believed that the blind box was too large, and the product lack practical. In addition, the price is unreasonable, addictive, serious speculation, and plagiarism, etc. are also typical issues. The public information shows that in December last year, the bubble mart has been fed twice with a false price.

The crazy and frequent complaints of the market in the market have also attracted the attention of the relevant departments.

In January 2021, the Central Construction Association issued the barbaric growth of the blind box economy, reminding "consumers to buy a blind box." In December of the same year, the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued "Shanghai Braffers Business Activity Compliance Guidelines (Draft for Comment)"

However, the problem is clearly not alleviated by the intervention of the relevant departments. KFC This time with the circularity of the inquiry, the flow password behind the "blind box +" is abused, and the risk of the blind box economy is further enlarged, and then reflects the upper body.

Crazy and danger is often accomplished, and the three-year brutal growth ends the blind box machine economy to the end of danger.

Third, where is the bottom line of the business operation?

"Will not be affected by (order), the blind box will continue to sell until January 16th," After the Coordination Association, KFC official customer service gives it.

At the end of the root, the company is very profitable. Developing marketing activities is normal business operations.

Moreover, under the premise of performance induction, KFC's enthusiasm is not a matter of two days.

Baisheng China Financial Report shows that 362 in the third quarter of 2021, 362 new restaurants in KFC, but the same store sales fell by 8% year-on-year, and the operating profit drops by 31%. Previously, KFC has been associated with the "original god", "tomorrow Ark" and other popular games, launched the designated package containing the game package, and once a day to eat, snapped up.

Why is it to be biased this time, KFC personally sent himself into the public opinion?

Still returning to the unspeakable group, the problem pointing to the coordinating association is not the joint marketing behavior of the company, but the company's means of limited blind box "hunger marketing" is stimulating consumption, inducing consumers impulsive consumption, overloading, and The food caused by this is wasted.

As a bystander, we can't do anything else. What is the initiative of KFC and bubble Mart, because the facts in front have proven that the participation of the event has enjoyed the income brought by the traffic password, but lacks reasonable rules boot And in the case of known adverse effects, the organizer is still indifferent.

Blind box players and brand dead flour may get a defense, but for commercial operations of ignoring publicquence and legal spirit, the regulatory authorities will never be soft.

This operation ignited the fan of fans. In order to obtain assistance QR code, fans bought a drink, and then hire the worker to enter a bucket into the water ditch after opening the bottle.

With the crazy, the flow of flow, the milk triggered the whole people's hot discussion, Iqiyi, Mengniu, the "youth, you" IP is completely sealed. A few months later, the General Administration of Radio and Television issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of Arts Programs and Its Personnel", clearly stipulating that the radio and television institutions and network audiovisual platforms may not broadcast idols to develop classes. KFC × Bubble Mart Dimoo Blind Box Marketing is not bad, but it is no longer three again. In 2021, the blind box economy was named in the middle of the industry's own issues, and 2022 because the flow of "blind box +" has been reminded. Next time similar event reproduction, maybe when the heavy hammer falls.

Moreover, compared with the flow rate, the blind box economy is now in urgent to focus on improving the sustainability of business models.

Bubble Mart Finance shows that in the third quarter of 2021, the company's revenue increased by 75% -80% year-on-year, more than 49.3% of 2020, can still be less than 2018, 225.5% and 227.2% in 2019. .

It is worth noting that the event is fermented, and the bubble mart is still not given a formal response. On January 13, the bubble mart was 4.63%, and the high market value of HK $ 150 billion has fallen by 85 billion.

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