What kinds of software test cases have?

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What kinds of software test cases have?

2022-01-15 12:04:56 9 ℃

First, function test case

The writing of functional test cases must be based on the business very familiar to the business, and the specific implementation means is nothing more than manual execution and automation.

Manually execute test cases, write function, write test cases, write test cases, and perform execution, and record results in various project management platforms. Skills you need here, such as JIRA, Excel, and more.

Automated test cases, is to write test cases through code, you need to use automated test frameworks, which requires the skills, such as Python, Java programming language, Appium, UIAUTOMATOR, etc. These automation test frameworks.

Second, APP special test case

APP special test cases, such as electricity, flow, fluidity, memory, compatibility, etc. The skills needed to be familiar with power statistics and tools for collecting power data, as well as analysis skills, such as in the Android platform. The application, then you have to be familiar with Android platform features.

Third, interface test case

If you are a single interface debug, you need to know the use of these test tools of Postman, and CI, to achieve continuous integration, if it is the automation test of business flow, you also need to use a variety of unit test framework to implement automated test, such as Java ecology RESTASSURED , Assertj, JUnit, etc., Requests, Pytest, etc. in the Python ecology.

Fourth, server performance test case

The server performance test case design needs to know, performance scenario analysis, various analytical tuning skills, analog pressure tools, here you need to understand the characteristics of server architecture, mysql, redis, etc., Linux operating system, Linux monitoring Command, etc.