The plot is embarrassed, the actor is exhausted, the director is self-launched, "the hack of Empire 4" is full of collapse

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The plot is embarrassed, the actor is exhausted, the director is self-launched, "the hack of Empire 4" is full of collapse

2022-01-15 12:03:07 21 ℃

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Another god is still collapsed.

Even if you haven't seen the "Hacker Empire" series, you should have a lot of the questions: there are two pills in front of you, and the red pill represents the true but brutal reality, the blue pill represents the virtual but beautiful dream, you Which one is selected?

This kind of moral choice, running through the "Hacker Empire" series, is its iconic scene, which also inspires many people's understanding of the world. So when this classic movie with across time, the sequel is launched in 18 years, and the starring Nun Rivis, Kerry-An Moss returns, the original director is one of the la'cloth of Laño Warvesky There are still many viewers expect.

But the results are obviously not satisfactory.

On the box office, "Hacker Empire 4: Matrix Restart" (hereinafter referred to as "Hacker Empire 4") was released in North America on December 22, 2021, the first day box office revenue is only $ 6.4 million, as a large IP sequel, box office or even the same schedule Ordinary animated movie "Happy Good Sound 2". On January 14, 202, it was released in mainland China. According to the cat's professional version, the first day of the box office was 333 million. Compared to the top three movies, the performance of $ 1.6 billion in the box office is seen, the current performance is not expected.

On the mouth, the film is more complete. At China, 45,000 viewers have a 5.7-point evaluation on the Douban, and the first three scores are 9.1 points, 8.6 points and 8.8 points, which is far away. The foreign audience also expressed disappointment on this large IP sequel, and the IMDB score was only 5.7 points.

"Hacker Empire: Matrix Restart" got a bad review. "Vivid interpretation of what is the dog tail", "the first middle-aged tired version of the remake"

Even the directors of the film, also borrowed the mouth of the role, and the spit continued in "new bottled old wine", and mentioned that the parent company Warner brothers decided to make three songs. "If we don't cooperate, they will terminate our contract", this let The outside world guess, the director has helplessness that has destroyed his own brand, it is better to smash it.

Although it is pulled down the altar, it is a fate of most gods, but the "hacking empire 4" is also broken, and people can't help but sigh.

(The following involves spoiler)

"Hacker Empire 4" really doesn't look good

This is a movie that starts from the beginning, just abandoned by the creator. "Warner, director and audience know that this will be a failure", "one audience sighs.

What did the "hacker empire 4"?

According to the official introduction, the plot undertakes the "Hacker Imperial 3: Matrix Revolution", lost the owner of the memory to return to the matrix, and he will re-recognize himself and lead the human beings to continue to resist in the virtual world manufactured by the machine. That is, it is still a story of human anti-virtual world.

Such settings, first, one of the contradictions that cannot be ignored are, in the third, Nio help the machine Emperor to eliminate the virus Smith, exchange the peaceful coexistence of human and machine, and the master Nio and Cuiti are sacrifically in the battle. At this point, the top three constitute a system's closed loop. The fourth part allows the owners to die, and they have been separated from science fiction and difficult to charge.

With the mouth of the role, the creator also expressed the top three works that have been complete and no sequel. But still get it, what should I do?

"Hackers 4" Director Borrowed the role to the film Warner Brothers Source / Douban

The old theme of the human anti-virtual world, "Hackers 4" put the process of "hacker empire 1" Nio awakened, and rescued the grand perspective of the top three human and machine coexist, retracted to the love level.

In order to give Nio and Cui Ni's love, it is forcibly added a seemingly reasonable, but it is incredible to set: Matrix analysts require Nio and Cui Ni to build energy to establish "power generation cartridge", The two are too far, there is no value, it is too close, it is easy to destroy, only the distance is just a good distance, and the value can maximize. In order to keep this just just good distance, then two people are entered into the matrix and continue to control their awareness.

Such a story architecture is difficult to let the fans disappointed, no grand philosophical thinking, more like exploring the difficult love of middle-aged people. "From the popular cultural makers in the same year, it is a contemporary man who has forced IP adaptation". "

Objectively, the fourth part is not completely new and ideas. For example, in the virtual world, it builds a virtual world and has a new setting for the existence of the machine. In the matrix, Neo, who lost memory became a game designer, and there was a program used to simulate, and the new role BUGS first awakened Murphi, let Mophis wakes up nuna. The Muss here is just a virtual world simulation process, but can entrunly enter the real world through "magnetic particle technology" to achieve and reality interaction.

The relationship between human and machines is also integrated from opposing and coexistence. In the "Hacker Imperial 4", the emotional emotional evolution of the machine, a part of the machine awakens, and builds a real world with humans. For virtual and reality choices, the director gives more tolerance, such as Cui Nii, which has been fused with the virtual world, has a happy family in the matrix, whether it is awakened, the film is the best choice of Cui Ni . But even in this way, these new ideas is obviously not enough for the sequel of this god. In more than 20 years, the new science fiction movie is endless, such an idea is not exceeding. The nesting of the virtual world can make people think about "Pirates of Dream".

The more serious problem "Hacker Empire 4" is that the new idea is not enough, simply uses a way to take the way.

As a large IP of 18 years, the feelings are bound to sell. In order to make it more convenient to play a good card, wear a lot of classic fragments in the film, such as Murphy's red-blue pills when Niño, Mophis and Nio practiced fighting scenes, Nio from The picture that wakes up in the matrix.

When the situation, these have once again appeared again, and there were already a sense of wonders. It was originally embarrassed to fight the classic characteristic kung fare. Without martial arts guidance, Yuan Peace, also landslide. Nio defeated the last trick of the enemy, "like it is in the air", more than one audience spits.

Even if it is a "hacker empire 4" as a general special effect, it is quite unqualified.

Continuation of Hollywood blockbuster, opening "Hacker Empire 4" has a fight scene, at this time, the world is not introduced, the characters are new faces, the picture is not enough to stimulate, only the audience can see the clouds, don't know Who is fighting, for the fight. Even if the owner is playing, whether Neo is still Cui Ni, in order to disengage the clip of the matrix and the agent, the fighting scene is neither cool, not elegant, full of tiredness. "The second half of the paragraph is completely" fast champion "+ zombie, the formula,", "said the pocket.

"The second three are at least expanded to the world view. After 20 years, it is not possible to provide, but the response to the times is limited to video games and psychotherapy, laying on the sleeve structure of the dog tail." On the Douban, a fans criticized.

From the wind to the style

"Hacker Imperial 4" is destined to be a movie that is difficult to fight high. Each of the new stories is different from the "speed and passion" "007" series, and there is a strong relationship between the "Hacker Empire" series. If you have not seen the top three, it is not enough to understand the content, it is difficult to be smooth. After reading the "Hacker Empire 4".

"This is a quite restricted work", and the love of the dream industry CEO thunder is deeply burning. He is a "hacker empire" series of faithful fans. In his opinion, it is not so bad, the director's purpose is to "feel the old friend, talk about the feelings of the day, put the details", no More beautiful, CG effects (visual effects made with computer) and action design are not satisfactory, but "there are many exhibition settings, and the details of the splings are in turn to spend hard work and money."

The movie has a difficult understanding of the high concept setting. Many viewers only remember the interpretation of virtual and reality in the film, but the specific plot settings have been impressed.

From the first part of the "Hacker Empire" to the third, every part has the extension of the worldview. The first part, explained in this world, AI defeated humanity and ruled the earth. In order to utilize and control the power of human, AI constructs matrix (Matrix), which can be simply understood as a virtual system that can immerse human immersion.

Source / "Hacker Empire" first stills

To the second three, the director improved the world structure, the world built by the matrix system is too perfect, which is easy to be mankind, so the system architect introduces the choice mechanism, the acceptance rate of the matrix is ​​increased, but the system bug will appear. That is to realize that all of this is a false matrix "resistant", in order to maintain system balance, "Prophet" launched the "Savior Plan".

The setting of the "Savior Plan" is that the savior is the representative of the "anti-anti-person", first awakening the rescue, gather the resistant in the place called "Zi'an", gathered to a certain number, is uniformly eliminated by the anti-virus process, . That is to say, the resistance of the first system is actually part of the system setting, with a desperate sense of fatalism.

Under the setting of "Prophet", it has been a sixth generation, the Salvation Dynasty has feelings, and Cui Ni is in love, and the anti-virus procedure of him is divided into the anti-virus procedure, which is separated from the matrix control, and has become a virus, intrusion matrix. The third part, Nio and Smith are all attributed to the whole, saving the world of human and machinery.

The top three works in the "Hacker Empire" are in that, it is, taking into account commercialization and artistic expression, even if it does not understand the profound thoughts in the movie, it does not hinder the film as a special effect. "In the same year, I saw it as a moving action. I also created it as an art movie. It was also very good to shoot it. I can chew it as a human thinking revolution and prophecy. Thunder.

In 1999, the "hacker empire", reputation box office double harvest is the world's fourth high box office movie, and also takes four Oscar trophies. This is an advanced movie. In addition to the content, even the special effect technology is the benchmark. There were more than 400 special effects lenses in the whole film. At that time, the Gaeta team of the "Hacker Empire" took on most complex pictures and all CG scenarios. In 2000, they won the 72nd Oscar "Best Visual Effect Award". . The "Bullet Time" created, becoming a "hacker empire" signature, is a classic picture of the shadow history, pays tribute to many movies. In the "hacker empire 4", the effects not only have no innovation, but the narrative of the story is also in vulgar levels.

"The top three talked about the entanglement between Nio and matrix, AI robot, Smith agent, and finally saved humanity, the fourth main line plot, there are too many", pocket jun sigh, wake up Nio mainly to solve Cui Nitty, a sci-fi classic decoration, and he was played into a middle-aged men and women.

A more typical example is that there is a setting in the "Hacker Empire" series, and people in the matrix can be converted into agent (anti-virus procedures) at any time. In the fourth part, this setting is less used, but there is an old suit setting, the computer agent poses to the surrounding passers-by, it will become like a zombie, the active siege protagonist. The original classic setting is replaced by the currently false setting.

In the top three works, in the first three works, in the documentary of the movie behind the scene, the director's excitement shared their preferences: Musicoff movie, Japanese animation, Philip Dick (Saibo The book of the pioneer novelist), Wu Yisen's movie ", and said" all the ideas in our lives are put into this movie. "

So we can see Nio and Murphus in the movie, Smith fight with Chinese Kung Fu, and the gun battlefield has Wu Yushen's violent aesthetics. In "Hacker Empire 4", I can't see the creation of creators, but expressing the vomiting to renew.

Hollywood blockbuster, the end of the road?

Objectively, the birth of the "Hacker Empire" series has stepped on the beats of the times. When the "Hacker 1" was released on March 31, 1999, it was in the era of Internet Big Bang. On the occasion of the Millennium, people were in the panic and uneasiness of the future network world. And after 22 years later, in 2021, the Yuan Cosmic concept was bombarded. People have a new understanding of virtual and reality, talking about the "brain" in the "Brain" in the "Hacker Empire", no longer abstract, "hacker" The Empire 4 "has the foundation of concern. The fans also expect precipitation for 20 years and directed the new interpretation of the world.

There is no waiting to come to the classic, and the collapse is hurting, many of the fans are suffering.

Hollywood blockbuster is not the first time to destroy the classic.

In 2021, the "speed and passion" "007" series released in China made the audience obviously felt the heroic helplessness.

"Speed ​​and Passion 9" has gained the lowest score of 20 years, and 50,000 people on Douban have been 5.6 points, far below the average of 7.35, distance "speed and passion 5" 8.4 points The peak is even more far. This continuation tells a complete story, but it is incomparable to the old set, just from the viewing efficiency, it is a unzipped view effect.

"007" series, the plot still follows the number of the classic 007 series, the legendary agent 007 fights to save the world, being treated by the audience, the lengthy, non-interesting, dragging, the viewing process is frequently seen after reading, occasionally Highlights also can't save the entire mediocrity.

In the "hack of Empire 4", the continued weakness, absurdity and leveraging, is displayed more naked, from the creator to the audience, all filled with a "destruction, don't shoot".

Source / PEXELS

This is just a fatigue of Hollywood's large IP. "Most series of movies are from the third part of the dog, and the word of mouth is falling, and there is a film review. The previous "Transformers 5: The Last Knight" "Mobile Maze 3: Deathly Medicine" "Jurassic Park" series, etc., there have been such embarrassment. For example, "Transformers" series, starting the bean score 8.3 points, to the "Transformers 5: The last Knight", the Douban score fell to 4.9 points, but this does not affect Hollywood continued to explore the value of this large IP, "Transformers 6 : The Rise of Super Warriors has been scheduled for 2023.

Even if it is "hacker empire 4" is spit, the Warner brothers behind, still have a preparation for this IP. For example, playing games, NFT, 2021, Warner Brothers and Game Engine Manufacturer Epic Games cooperated to launch "Hacker Empire awakening: Unreal Engine 5 Experience" demo, will also cooperate with NFT platform Nifty's, sold 100,000 hacker empire NFT induced by the series. According to the tail of the film, Neo and Cui Ni appear in front of the analyst at the pre-heroic position, there is still the possibility of sequel.

The previous one is "Hollywood Report, why, Hollywood Six Product Factory lost? "The article pointed out that between 2007 and 2011, Hollywood's five major film companies in Dusi fell by 70%, and the total profit of the film company occupied less than 10% of its parent company, and predicted 2020, this ratio Even falls to about 5%. This article mentioned that in order to increase revenue, these film companies have to make some plots simple, blossoms, backed by large IP populations, to attract local and accounting for 70% of overseas audiences. At the time, I came to the last ten years, and huge financial pressures made six movie strategies more conservative, and decision makers preferred to give $ 500 million, requiring $ 600 million in global box office to recover costs, "open green light", I don't want to spend tens of millions of dollars to invest in a original movie.

As a product full of uncertain products, the capital is urgently looking for certainty, Hollywood IP IP has proven the success of this play. IP extended the lifeline of the movie, but the damage is obvious. Now, Hollywood has defeated himself.

There is a film and television industry to tell deep combustion, in the domestic Hollywood industry, is not as high as in the past. According to the statistics of the National Film Bureau, the total movie ticket office in China has reached 20,417 billion yuan in 2020. Among them, the domestic film box office is 17.7 billion yuan, accounting for 83.72% of the total box office, and 10 films in the top 10 videos in the whole year are domestic films. The "Hacker Empire" series is a classic, and it is also a feeling of enthusiasm for the audience who has a feeling of Hollywood, but for many young audiences, it is not as good as much as it is.

The "hacker empire 4" cracked will not be the last. Just like the director said in the egg, "the movie is dead, it is better to shoot" Cat "."

* The title is from "Hacker Empire 4".