Bill Gates: Vaccine "Lack of Lack" But O'K戎 will become flu

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Bill Gates: Vaccine "Lack of Lack" But O'K戎 will become flu

2022-01-15 12:04:46 9 ℃

Donated $ 1.75 billion Bill Gates for new crown virus (COVID-19) vaccine development and fighting. (GettyImages)

Donated Bill Gates (COVID-19) vaccine development and anti-epidemics, Bill Gates (Bill Gates), which is 1.75 billion, this week, said that although currently available vaccines can prevent serious disease and death, but not sustained It also prevents infection.

Gates Tuesday (January 12) also said: "Once omicron passes through a country, then the case where the remaining time should be much less, so COVID can be treated like a seasonal flu. ".

This net asset was rated as a $ 135.9 billion in Microsoft founder by "Forbes", which published the above statement in Twitter discussion with Detworth University School of Medicine.

Gates said: "Our vaccines can prevent serious diseases and death, but they lack two key things: First, they can't prevent infection, followed by the duration. We need to prevent re-infection and continue to continue again. Time vaccine.

The recent research in Copenhagen found that according to CDC data, 98.3% of new cases in the United States are now caused by OMICRON. Its rapid spread may be because it can better escape the vaccine than previous variants. .

Gates pointed out that when OMICron became the dominant strain in other countries in the world, it will challenge the health system, but the health officials may be treated COVID-19 in the way of tracking flu.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez (Pedro Sánchez) has urged the European leaders to treat COVID-19 as a local virus rather than a big epidemic. He said that Spain's health official will start like treating Track it like flu.

And the Minister of the British vaccine, the current education minister Nadhim Zahawi, Nadhim Zahawi, Tell the media, and he hopes that the Britain "becomes one of the main economies of how to transition from big epidemics to local diseases. ".

According to the CDC data, in the population of the United States, about two-thirds of the people were fully vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines, while 79.2% were inoculated at least one dose. Among the people who were fully vaccinated over the age of 18, 39.8% have entered the needle.

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