iPhone Advertising Full Buy Tutorial

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iPhone Advertising Full Buy Tutorial

2022-01-15 12:04:14 9 ℃

1, home app

If you don't use the home app every day, follow these steps:

Open the iPhone Set -Apple ID-iCloud and close the Home option.

Open iPhone Settings - Information - Receive and Send Address, close the mailbox address, and retain the mobile number.

Open iPhone Settings - Find a Home App in Notifications, close Allow Notifications

Last step: Uninstall uninstall uninstall


IMESSAGE Source continuous spam, need to close the iMessage service to resolve.

3, photo album app

Sharing photo album junk advertisements need to be resolved in setting-albums to close album sharing services.

4, calendar app

In iOS 13, click Set, password and account, there will be a calendar subscription account that displays a third party website, delete.

In iOS 14 and 15, click Set, Calendar, Account, and find a calendar subscription account with third party website name, delete.