Countdown 20 days!Gu Ailing and China Mobile went to China's ice and snow in the era

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Countdown 20 days!Gu Ailing and China Mobile went to China's ice and snow in the era

2022-01-15 12:03:48 22 ℃

In less than a month, the Olympic holy fire will be ignited again in Beijing, and China's ice and snow and health are looking forward to it. On January 15th, on the 20th day of the 2022 ice and snow feast, the "China Mobile 5G Ice and Snow Promotion Ambassador" - Freestyle Ski World Champion Valley Yuling Deductive "Ice Snow Boy" grabbed the first online, with high-combustion picture The hot ice and snow atmosphere, showing the passion and dream of China's ice and snow teenagers in the world, issuing the ice and snow invitation to "Take the era of our".

Rotating, jumping, perfectly ... In the "Ice Snow Boy", the souvenir Lingqi's soul is attractive. This year is only 18 years old but wrote countless "high-gloss moments" for China's ice and snow, undoubtedly the current One of the most shining ice and snow stars. Not long ago, Gu Aili harvested 6 gold 2 silver 1 copper results in 37 days, completing all the competitions in the season before the Winter Olympics in Beijing, and won the free-style ski u -ty-style World Cup all the competition championships, holding a symbol Crystal True Crystal True Crystal Temple in Season. In addition, she has become a woman athlete in the world to complete FREESKI DOUBLE CORK1440 (freestyle ski fighter tweezer plus) ... As China Mobile 5G Ice and Snow Promotion Ambassador, Gu Aili uses a big dedication to break through the limit , Interpret the power of Chinese ice and snow teenagers.

"I hope that the peak is in the Olympics, I still want to follow up." This is the issue of Gu Ai Ling to his own, and the same is also the common wish of China's ice and snow and health. The free-style skiing, the world champion, Xu Meng, who is about to fight the Winter Olympics, and the seasons of the two spending prizes, the two spectacles, the double-slide championship, and the world's Cong's Cong's game, 3 pieces The gold medal is Renxi ... They are the epitome of countless China's hot "snow" juvenile, and write a deep foot feet for real idols. Today, these five world champions are gathered in the name of "China Mobile 5G Ice Snow Team", and China Mobile will showcase the pursuit of excellence, struggle, driving every "300 billion" bravely go to love, hugging ice .

China Mobile's 5G Ice and Snow I Zhidi, which is created by Gu Ai Ling. At present, Meet GU has been fully involved in ice and snow sports promotion activities. China Mobile will also combine Xu Meng Tao, Sui Wenjing, Hanong, and Zitiwei. Framed, build a metacharmonic version of the ice and snow dream team. As the ice and snow event entered the countdown, China Mobile launched "Dream Beijing" "Follow the Champion to ski", "ice hockey teenager", etc. meal.

In the face of the ice and snow event after 20 days, China is ready, and China's ice and snow boy is ready. As a 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics official, China's ice and snow official partner, China Mobile is also ready to pass the boutique self-made content, luxury solutions, 5G black technology gameplay, etc., "combined punches", China's ice and snow story will create "5G Ice Snow Yuanhe" with the advantage of "technology + content". The beautiful vision of "300 million to participate in the ice and snow movement" has become a reality, China Mobile continues to help China's ice and snow will not stop.