Google folding screen mobile phone still has hope?More information to expose

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Google folding screen mobile phone still has hope?More information to expose

2022-01-15 18:04:18 14 ℃

In recent years, more and more vendors have begun to enter the field of folding screens, and the user's selection range has also become more.

In the past year, the brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, OPPO, glory have driven the listing of the folding screen equipment, and have harvested a good market feedback.

Now, another well-known brand Google has also been exposed to its folding screen product information.

Previous news shows that there are two internal code involving the folding screen products, respectively, "Passport" and "Pipit". However, due to the occasion of the temporary, there is no exact approval information, the relevant explosions are more referred to as Google Pixel Fold.

At the end of last year, broke the news from sources mentioned that Google has canceled the parts orders for folding screen products, which may give up the continued advancement of folding screen products.

At that time, this may be because Google's confidence in its own folding screen equipment is considered to be a folding screen product that is less competitive than Samsung.

However, the latest news now gives different statements, that is, Google does not give up the advancement of folding screen equipment, which continues the research and development of the product.

In the latest release of Android 12L Beta 2, there is a message to discover new animations, which describes how to insert a SIM card into a foldable phone. At the same time, this animation code references the "Pipit" code of Pixel Fold.

In other words, Google also has a prevention plan for folding screen products, and interested users can look forward to the release of subsequent products.

In conjunction with the details displayed in the new animation, this new machine supports overbound, fully expanded, can get a larger operable area. However, compared with some of the folding screen devices on the market, its overall size seems to be smaller.

Related messages believe that the overall size ratio is close to the previous OPPO Find N.

From the details displayed in the animation, this device is equipped with an obvious volume adjustment button on the right side of the fuselage. Once the device is fully folded, the hinge portion can be seen on the left side of the fuselage, and the SIM card tray is mounted at the bottom of the device.

Once the device is fully expanded, you can see the hinge groove at the bottom of the machine, but other product details are not displayed in the screen.

However, it should be noted that this animation is in the Android beta version, and there is also a possibility of being canceled during the official version, so the corresponding explosion information is available.