Small lotus tip sharp (36) - What kind of communication skills do you need?

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Small lotus tip sharp (36) - What kind of communication skills do you need?

2022-01-15 18:02:24 7 ℃

More than ten years old code farmers, talk about the Internet and software industries. "Rolent Sparkling Star"

I talk about the Internet and software industry, we split according to the popular people's goods theory, split all jobs:

1. Sales, markets, etc.

They are dealing with people, probably the company, Party B and other customers, may also be the user of the product, that is, ordinary consumers. For example, the software company is responsible for establishing a sales personnel to establish a connection with the customer company bidding team, and connects to the Internet advertising platform to launch advertising promoters. When the core is dealing with people, women have a great advantage. This is another big topic, but it is not the focus here.

2, operations, etc., the position of people, goods, and fields.

The most typical, for example, shake, Taobao, Jingdong, spell, fast hand, US group and other platforms, they can operate small video, goods, takeaway services, restaurants, etc., main work content is through the arrangement of traffic. Match the consumer and service content.

There is also a software product operation, such as in the cloud computing company, ECS virtual machine, flying book, staples and other software products will also operate, their core work is to let customers' research and development and purchase decision makers, software product users Your own software products have a better mind, and ultimately help the sales of software products.

There are a lot of sisters in the above sales, market, operations, etc.

3, product manager, development engineer, test engineer, solution architect, operation and maintenance engineer, technical support engineer, etc.

These job goals are one, making consumers like to use, or customers like to buy software products, such as hanging APP, and video recommendation systems within App, Alipay APP, and financial, insurance, payment, etc. WeChat red envelope, QQ music and other product features; Kingdee's financial management system; Taobao's product recommendation, shopping cart, trading system, etc.

Among these posts, the product manager has a lot of sisters, but there is no sales, but there are many operations teams, but even if there is no half. In several other posts, the general proportion of sisters in the sequence is basically inversely compared with the technical content of the daily work content, and I am listed is: test engineer, technical support engineer / operation and maintenance engineer / solution architect, development engineer.

The above, I raised the proportion of sisters in the Internet and software industry jobs. Focus on the technical field again.

1. Test engineer. The test engineer black box accounts for the vast majority, the technical content is relatively low, and often deals with those difficult development engineers, mentioning the BUG they don't like, so many test teams will try to recruit saters, I have collaborated test team Basically, the girl accounts for more than half.

2, technical support engineer. This position is generally in the goods, after the service is sold, do some Q & A, confusion work, and impact on the product manager and development engineer team behind him. This position is more dealing with people, and it is also some routine problems, so the girl is much proportional to. I know a large factory responsible for engineers responsible for core middleware technology support work. All of the rear end systems of the Group are less than that middleware, so all backend developments know this person, she is a sister.

3, the operation and maintenance engineer. In contrast, the operation and maintenance engineers should be the most focused on the position of "goods". Whether it is a development engineer, test engineer, inevitably consider the user experience, whether the demand is reasonable, and the operation and maintenance engineer is only driven, where the machine hangs, go to solve; where the network is unstable, to solve; The system has collapsed and solved. Just because this position is focused on "goods", so the girl is least.

4. Solution Architect. This position is the most special, strictly, he belongs to the technology, selling the double attributes, I have written a detailed analysis of the posts of the cloud computing company, you can take a look:

Because a considerable part is the code farm transition, then this part of the person is sure that the proportion of sisters is relatively small, and the other part comes from non-technological surgery, such as product managers, etc., the proportion of sister will be high. But in any case, this position is less suitable for the people who have just met, I also mentioned in the article.

5. Develop engineers. The work is the highest in the work of the work, but it actually still has a lot of details, I will take a look. For example, in all development teams, the front end, and data two teams are the highest proportion of sisters. Of course, the high here is limited to the internal contrast of the development team. Since the data team is too small, and the general SMEs do not even have a special configuration, there is also a large career development bottleneck, so we can focus on the front-end team.

Other image server Java development, APP development, algorithm development, terminal system development, etc.

To know, the software development, TOC's consumer Internet and TOB software research is not the same concept.For example, an Internet company is responsible for the team developed by the marketing campaign, and every day is forced to run forward, each project has Deadline, and the sister is basically can't support.But for TOB software development, for example, it is the most important thing for the customer, the depth insight into the customer, without research and development, and the product's iterative rhythm is very stable, of course, no 996.The above from the perspective of the proportion of the sister, there is a feature of the two fields of the Internet and the software. If you are a sister, the other conditions are not big, the suggestion is still the position of the sister, and everyone will naturally have them.The reason, after all, the eyes of the masses are bright.

But if you are particularly pursuit of sisters, I suggest that you follow your heart, the IT industry is the least in the creative miracle, the most important thing is personal strength, as long as you are willing, there is no dinner.