No. 267 - Programming High Frequency English Vocabulary

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No. 267 - Programming High Frequency English Vocabulary

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ADV. Leave; take off; start, start; end, cancel; (electric) is not connected; no; get off work; price reduction; behind the theater stage

Deploy; deviation; from ... remove; off work; price; quit; (informal) away; (informal, generally temporary) disgust

Adj. away; idle; (food) is not fresh; unacceptable; play anomalous; (wheel equivalent to a pair of objects) right; (some sports competition) offside; (informal) order People are not uncomfortable; (informal) is uncomfortable; (informal) unfriendly

N. (informal) start; (cricket) hits the half of the ball; (informal) rest day;

v. (informal) kill (someone); (informal) leaving


The Wedding IS OFF.

The wedding was canceled.

I'm Off Duty.

I got off work.

I'm really hacked off.

I am really annoyed.

英 [ˌMʌltiprəʊsesɪŋ] US [ˌMʌltiprɑːssɪŋ]

Multiple processing



That is, symmetrical multiprocessing.

This Is One Way To Use PHP To Advantage ON A Multiprocessing Host.

This is a method of good application php in the multiprocessor host.

Apache 2.0 Introducesd The Concept of Multiprocessing Modules, or MPMS.

Apache 2.0 introduces the concept of multiprocessing module, mpm.

Author Ying [ɔːθə (r)] US [ɔːθər]

Author; writer; founder

Created publication


Who is your favorite author?

Which writer do you like most?

He Became An Author Late in Life.

He became a writer in his later years.

The Author is a seasoned academic.

The author is an experienced university teacher.

Tension English [Tenʃn] US [Tenʃn]

n. tension, pull, tension, noise; voltage

Vt. make tension;


The Tension WAS Mounting Perceptibly.

The tension is obviously intensified.

The atmosphere crackled with tension.

The atmosphere suddenly tense.

The atmosphere was thrick with tension.

The atmosphere is tight to make people feel angry.

英 [dezɪɪneɪtɪd] beauty [dezɪɪneɪtɪd]

adj. specified; specified


Baker Said He Will Use Shawon Dunston As His Designated Hitter tonight.

Baker said that he will let Sean Dansong take his designated hitting hands tonight.

Who Has She Designated (AS) HER Deputy?

Who is she appointing for her deputy?

Some of the rooms were designated as offices.

Some of the rooms are designated as a office.