In 2022, a group of 699 yuan was released. What happened to the domestic mobile phone old brother?

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In 2022, a group of 699 yuan was released. What happened to the domestic mobile phone old brother?

2022-01-15 18:02:52 8 ℃

It hasn't been news for Meizu new machine for a long time, but in early 2022, the charm of the charm of the Meizu was released, and the Blue 10 series was released.

However, it is a fascinating that has always focused on experience and design. This time, it will directly let Charm Blue 10 become a public version of the original version of the machine; more surprisingly, 2022, charm blue 10 actually uses 720P The LCD screen, plus domestic 12nm processors, 10W charging power. According to netizens, this is: this configuration WeChat, QQ does not necessarily work.

Even if the sale price of 699 yuan is still draped as "2022 electronic garbage". Once the boss of domestic mobile phones, what happened?

In the PC Internet Age, Meizu is already China's largest MP3 brand. The market share is ranking first. Even Apple's iPod is not an opponent.

However, when the industry is in the industry, the founder Huang Zhang believes that Meizu "I can't see the road in the top of the mountain", I decided to give up the current business and transform the mobile phone. After 2 years of research and development, in 2009, the M8 series was launched. It is the first smartphone in the true sense of Chinese brand, and the price is only 2300 yuan.

The second year of the Meizu also launched the M9 series, comprehensively made up for the shortcomings of M8, attracting a lot of taste of the consumers, and there was a queue to grab mobile phones. At the same time, Apple was also awaited, even launched a patent war for Meizu in China. Later, Meizu was successfully successfully reached by the MX series, and became a well-deserved old big brother.

Lei Jun once visited Huang Zhang hoping to invest and joined the Meizu, but the latter was eagerly refused by the business philosophy, and she founded Xiaomi. Meizu is essentially Huang's family business, the product is full of founders' personal will, in the eyes of the eye, the excellent design, only the boutique.

Although Meizu has achieved a certain success, the smartphone market has also ushered in growth. However, Huang Zhang has retired behind the scenes. It has not come to work for many years. The company's operations, mainly handed over the so-called three giants: President Bai Yongxiang, marketed by Li Nan, Flyme head.

In the early days of the three giants, the fascinating, MX3, MX4, PRO 5 and other series have successfully, plus the slogan of "Youth Line" series "Youth Goods" has attracted a lot of young users. In 2015, Meizu mobile phone shipments reached 20 million, although it still could not follow China, Xiaomi, OV and other domestic brands, but Meizu mobile phones have become a domestic benchmark for each media.

However, the problem also came, in order to ensure the shipments, Meizu began "Machiney Tactics", an average of one month opened a conference, a year of more than a dozen models, but the design is very different, so that it is not familiar with Meizu consumption. Can't touch the mind at all, the product is highly homogenized. The Meizu is regarded as the top-level flagship PRO 7 is also accidentally turned into the car. The post small screen is inexplicable, and there is no competitiveness compared with the full-scale mobile phone in the same period, leading to a lot of backlogs.

In 2017, it was a flush of Meizu. With the tactics of the sea tactics and the high-end flagship, people never feel that Meizu is a brand that focuses on boutique mobile phones.

There is a problem with the Meizu. The three giants in front of the stage began to leave the cooker. The Meizu seems to return to the hands of Huang Zhang. From Meizu 16, 17, 18 series, you can see that Meizu still wants to return to the strategy of doing boutique mobile phones.

However, the market is not a market environment for 10 years ago. Today's mobile phone market, in addition to the product itself, it also tests the capacity of the manufacturer's online channel, supply chain control, hardware ecology. Only 2000 online next door stores, the roots are not the opponents of Huawei, Xiaomi and other brands.

It can be said that Meizu came to today, it is caused by a human disaster. Huang Zhang is not stopped for the three giants of the sea tactics; the follow-up flagship is not picked up, but the big flag is added to the old department; re-return to the first line, do not accept market demand, and even shout out of Xiaomi " "The slogan, the other side, also face the flyme system does not advertise the publicity.

Huang Zhang is an excellent product manager, but is not an excellent business person. If the Meizu is like a plus, there is an OPPO to make support, and you can continue the boutique strategy, but there is no.

The release of Chao Blue 10, marking Meizu seems to be really walking to the point of the end of the road, clearly there is no powerful online sales system, but launches a low-end machine that is built offline, I really don't know who should be sold.

I don't deny that consumers have a licensed and trust of the brand, but how many Meizu users are willing to continue to buy Meizu phones? Today, in the smartphone market, it is today, there is no such thing in Meizu mobile phone next year. I think I have to play a question mark.