The two officials have tried, and Lenovo Yang Yuanqing began to act.

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The two officials have tried, and Lenovo Yang Yuanqing began to act.

2022-01-15 18:02:39 5 ℃

Since Lenovo Books have been rejected, Lenovo has not left the public's sight, especially the prospectus of Lenovo, after being analyzed by Simaan, and has sent more than 30 video, exposing many business problems, such as state-owned The loss of assets, Liu Chuanzhi Yang Yuanqing's flow price annual salary retire fee, arrears of hundreds of billion payments, holding these payment to carry out loan business, through the so-called stock reform, have become private enterprises, etc., to know that this is only exposed from the statement There are so many problems, the actual situation of Lenovo will only be worse.

Second, the two officials have a sound, and the association will become the focus of public opinion.

In the face of Simaan's question, many netizens' anger, Lenovo is silent, and the change has confirmed the basics of Simaan's questions, but people have not thought that the two officials have tried, and Lenovo will become the focus of public opinion. The first large official is the 18 media headed by Xinhua. After more than two months, Lenovo finally shot, with the relationship network behind, so that Xinhua, Global, Reference, Guangming, etc. The home media said, praised Lenovo's wind and rain, 38 years, is a scientific and technological full of 100 billion technology giants that serve education, medical, manufacturing, agriculture, urban construction.

Xinhua, global and other official vocals completely detonated the public opinion of Lenovo, and netizens have requested to completely investigate LED, Liu Chuanzhi is not right, and soon, the new China, around the world, etc., the public opinion is slightly eased, but The official of Xinhua, Global, etc., but let netizens are very disappointed, so in the second largest official central nine, through the documentary "not old life - Ni Guangnan", comprehensive review and affirm the results of the primary of the original Conference Ni Guangnan In particular, its autonomous Hamka and microcomputer have brought a lot of revenue for Lenovo, and then let Lenovo continue to grow, the voice of the central nine, not only eliminating the impact of Xinhua, but also indirectly denies Liu Chuanzhi insisted Trade Road.

Third, Lenovo Yang Yuanqing began to act, why is it so urgent?

The positive response of the central nine, not only supporting the road of technical trade in Huawei and other technology companies, but also indirectly to Lenovo, so Lenovo Yang Yuanqing has begun to act, and it has been reducing the stock of Lenovo for four consecutive days. The reduction of more than 41 million shares, the amount is up to 375 million Hong Kong dollars, as Lenovo CEO, actually in such a key moment, it will inevitably affect the follow-up development of Lenovo, why Yang Yuanqing is so anxious? The author believes that there are two main reasons.

First, Yang Yuanqing, Liu Chuanzhi, etc. may have a big action, Xinhua and other media station team Lenovo, detonated public opinion once again let Liu Chuanzhi Yang Yuanqing and other executives, such as eliminating the impact, or counterattack, need "point relationship", nature Less less than a lot of money; second, Yang Yuanqing may have been aware of, may also have disagreement with Liu Chuanzhi, especially after the Central Sound voice, it is not optimistic about the future of Lenovo, so regardless of the future Lenovo company, at least Your own waist bag is filled, preparing for the next order.

Fourth, Yang Yuanqing took the lead in shot, what impact on Lenovo Liu Chuanzhi?

Yang Yuanqing took the lead in shot, and the sharp set of HK $ 375 million. What is the impact on Lenovo and Liu Chuanzhi? The author believes that there are three aspects, first, for Lenovo, the most direct impact is to cause Lenovo's stock price, if the processing is not good, will let large investors lose confidence in Lenovo, and will even affect Lenovo The development of various business; second, once again expanded the voice against Lenovo against Liu Chuanzhi, since Lenovo CEO began to set up, does it mean that the worse situation will appear? How is the anger of netizens calm, only expanded against Liu Chuanzhi's voice.

Third, affecting the reputation and interests of Liu Chuanzhi, we all know that since the development of Lenovo has grown, Liu Chuanzhi has always been "venture the godfather", "business godfather", now Liu Chuanzhi, the successor, there is "unssented to leave" The suspicion is properly faced, and Liu Chuanzhi built the association in one hand, and even if Lenovo is really forced to retreat, how do suppliers do hundreds of billion arrears? Who pays for this rotten stall? Liu Chuanzhi, Yang Yuanqing and other executives are willing to pay for themselves? These are unknown.

In the past, when I thought about the tip of the wind, Yang Yuanqing donated a supercomputer worth 100 million yuan in the name of the individual, and now Yang Yuanqing has a HK $ 375 million. Whether it is lack of money, or "there is a departure", for Lenovo The company has caused the impact of irreparable, after all, the company is not wrong, wrong in Yang Yuanqing, Liu Chuanzhi and other managers, so as many netizens, the author also hopes that the official can have a result as soon as possible.

Ok, the two officials have tried, Lenovo Yang Yuanqing began to act, what do you think?