Skyworth S82 depth evaluation | Big slice of "pupil earthquake", mystery is these details?

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Skyworth S82 depth evaluation | Big slice of "pupil earthquake", mystery is these details?

2022-01-15 18:03:56 14 ℃

Open a piece of voice, a clear color filter makes people feel greasy; press the TV remote control, the Obao color filter of the film and television drama, the Morandi filter is stacked to the distortion of the characters, and people feel good.

The "five-year-old", "let us begin to pay attention to the real and texture of the picture, and start hope that the character of the character is realistic, the natural scenery such as flowers and trees can be maximized ...

So how do chromatography helps present this "real"? Today, let us use a TV-Skyworth S82 to interpret you.

As the production specifications of the film and television works continue to increase, its quality requirements for display-devices are also increasing. Among the many parameters, the parameters related to the equipment color are displayed, such as color gamut, color depth, etc., but compared to the color, the color has been intended to be intentionally "ignore", and it is a bit "retreating two lines".

However, the importance of color is in the forefront. High quality image content.

So what should this parameter of TV? How high is its importance level?

1. Test TV first is not allowed

△E color difference is an international standard proposed by the CIE International Lighting Committee, of which Delta means "difference", this E is the meaning of Empfindung "feelings", indicating the difference. The larger the △ e number, the more color, the smaller the number, the less color. On the same device, the ΔE value measured by different colors will be different, so we need to pay special attention to a mean ΔE (* measured all color difference) of a display device).

* △ E and △ E00 are color difference values ​​derived from different calculation formulas

The average ΔE of Skyworth S82 is 0.86, the color accuracy is comparable to professional film production monitor, this data is in the TV industry, belongs to the ceiling level!

But the paper data is so good, is it necessary for the mass consumption products such as TV?

After all, in many people, the office equipment such as the display needs to be accurate, and the TV only needs to make a color in the eyes of the human eye, that is, it is enough to discuss the eyes.

2. Is the parameter beautiful and meaningful?

First of all, this is in line with the audience's sense of sensory needs increasingly "keen" trend, and the open screen science, so that many people have a "I don't have to use it, but you have a good function" to see the screen equipment. It has led to the real display of real display, so that high-color is a just needed.

Secondly, this is the emergence of high-quality works such as the development trend of the production end, the emerging of high-quality works such as movie blocks, so that the high-color level of the TV is increasingly important. Although many TV equipment can also meet the general viewing needs, they want to enjoy the best viewing and gaming experience, meet the demand for the public want to see better pictures, as the color of the S82 is not good.

In addition, this also conforms to the hardware development trend of multi-screen equipment. The current mobile phone, tablet and TV equipment is getting better and better, many flagship game equipment display / mainstream flagship mobile phone, etc., also pay attention to color Performance. Therefore, TV is an important large screen as a living room, but also high-color performance. The color is not good, it is easy to feel discomfort when switching, of course, this is also required for the color performance of other equipment.

Therefore, it is possible to say that Skyworth S82 professional color performance is not only a professional level level on paper data, but also has a very important meaning and value for ordinary people.

As for △ E 0.86, can you bring you? The Extreme Fruit Jun takes you through static images and moving movies:

At the scene of the crimist, the color of the oranges and leaves is bright, and there is a fresh and delicate color of the plant. There is a kind of naked eye to the orange tree. The color of the color is very accurate, no part of the TV color is too bright, and the plastic flavor is too heavy;

On the basis of restore the original color, the image quality adjustment is also very good. The colorful flowers are very high, delicate and delicious, and the brightening and dark details of petals and fuss are rich, and the texture details are complete, so it looks true. ,Comfortable.

In the natural landscape image below, whether it is the gorgeous sunset on the side of the reed lake, it is still a wild grass, Slim cover, and the S82 with high-color screen is always in place, so that the extreme fruit is a "cloud sightseeing" Hiring ~

3. High score TV, can you see fresh?

In fact, many times, the camera acts as the input, although the brand model is different, it is basically the task of "collecting color", and the natural optical signal is smoothly converted into electrical signals, but this is just the first ring; these electrical signals can reort it again In the eyes of each audience, it is the focus!

Thanks to Skyworth 30+ quality adjustment, Skyworth S82 achieves high-color approach as a display device, but this does not mean that it has passed the test. Because there is also a major parameter that affects the accuracy of TV display, that is, the color gamut.

The color gamut overlay of the display device affects the richness of its color display, the better the color gamut, the more colors that can be displayed.

Therefore, for TV, the color gamut coverage is first wide. We use the test hardware to investigate the color gamut overlay of Skyworth S82, which is quite excellent, and the 100% DCI-P3 color gamut is achieved. But is this enough? In fact, it is not, "color gamut adaptation" is also important, it is closely related to color.

1080P TV show color gamut parameter standard BT.709, mainstream color standard DCI-P3 of digital movie playback devices, basically, what we can see on TV is the main flow color gamut of consumer video .

On the screen of a DCI-P3 color gamut, you may feel that the picture is somewhat, the color is too bright; in turn, use a piece of BT. 709 to see P3 content, there will be a picture too ash Too dark feeling.

* Narrow color gamut (left side) and a broadcast domain (right side) display comparison

Therefore, TV color shows accurate, to accurately reduce the original color screen of different format film, you need to have color space conversion, Skyworth S82 also implements color space between BT.709 and DCI-P3 color gamut It can fully meet more abreamous and demanding viewing requirements.

It can be adapted to the film and television works of different color formats, minimize the texture of the real scenes in TV and movie content.

In general, as a must-see parameter, the color is very important, it is doing well, and you can see the real picture in one TV, Skyworth S82 This round is passed hardware + Double test of the naked eye, the color is fully cleared, the color gamut is covered enough, and the color space conversion function is also added, and the large "perfect" can be completed.

What is it saying when we are talking about quality?

Many times, we will mention the quality, it is easy to evaluate according to personal feelings and likes, the image quality seems to be something that is unknown. But by professional testing and analysis, we can capture the "nature" of the image quality, which contains multiple dimensions of TV display, which not only includes color.

Brightness, contrast, color depth, viewing angle, etc. are also important. This part of the parameters performance, the family can play some static test map when buying TV!

It can be seen that Skyworth S82 is still in place, red, green, yellow, and blue these saturated colors are very bright;

* The blue is blue in blue, there will be no green tone

* The saturation of orange flowers takes into place

* Different color blocks are very comfortable

It is very suitable to appreciate the scenery documentary like "Earth Pulsation".

The brightness of the peak is very full, like the faint green light of the "hack empire", the fire, the strong sun, the scene, etc., it can behave very good, "looked" At the same time, the compaction of the screen is also there, and the details are not lost.

The visual angle did not live up to the OLED panel, 178 ° visual angle name is actually, and the content seen is basically no bias, and a big gang friend looks together.

However, the photographic map shows that the pass is not enough!

In the process of "holding the fish", the "Battlefield 5" is played, but there is almost no way between the host and TV, and the game is loaded very quickly. The motion of the picture is also very good, very real. There will be no high-speed exercise is too clear, it is a feeling of dizziness, you must praise!

It is also very comfortable to watch football games, there is no towns, residual phenomena, in line with 120Hz refresh rate screen performance!

In general, the whole color of the color is to tell you, TV is not a metaphysque, but technology!

So, if you want to buy a good TV who can please "eye", it is necessary to master some basic technical knowledge, accumulate some movie material that usually love to see, help you to judge a TV to find yourself.

In addition to high-color and excellent picture quality, Skyworth S82 also maintains flagship standards in other parameters.

Whether it is "the game of power", this kind of black to hand can see the work [Dog head]; or "Alice Dream Tour Xianjing" This color is rich and beautiful; whether it is a host game, or theater blockbuster, in S82 The picture performance on the TV is very close to the human eye. The magnificent scene of the scene, the high level, and the "creepy" picture details are almost perfect, and the charm of the big production is obvious.

In terms of sound quality, it is quite good, support Dolby panoramic sound effects, equipped with 2 10W speakers and 1 20W subwoofer, for ordinary audiences, configured properly! Whether watching a movie slice or playing a host game, you can make a good cooperation with the picture, which is immersed.

* Back audio position

TV operation is also very guaranteed, built-in Lianfa flagship 8K chip S900 (MT9550), 4GB + 64GB matching, accommodating a variety of TV ends, silk skins, 4K large pieces and game masterpiece are basically no problem.

Moreover, the design is also quite good, using the Skyworth OBM sharp technology, the side is very thin, the bracket below can be disassembled, bringing the VESA interface, posing on the cabinet or the wall is very OK.

In general, this Skyworth S82 comprehensive performance is worthy of the name of the OLED flagship, Skyworth as the leader of the domestic OLED TV, the flagship screen color of the products is still quite excellent, high-color approach to different types of test fragments andThe film and television content is very good, the comprehensive picture quality is bright, and the test process is to do SPA in the test process is to do the SPA in the eyeball that is tortured by the molarous mirror set.Of course, I guessed that some people are thinking, do I really need such a TV?Flagship TV and ordinary TV, how much difference can we do in our daily actual use?Don't worry, the next push, we will take you to disclose this TV, you can look at it, where is the advantage, you can squat.