Dongke Xing | 3 decisions of the micro assistant after two years from 0 to 140,000

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Dongke Xing | 3 decisions of the micro assistant after two years from 0 to 140,000

2022-01-15 18:03:17 18 ℃

From the bonfire, the pigeon to the letter, the telegram and the current mobile Internet, "channel" change will give birth to great companies, and the company WeChat is a new "channel" of the company to connect customers. The company's WeChat's ecological help companies improve and customer Europe The efficiency and precision of the pass is "great and charming things."

On November 28, 2019, the company's WeChat team recruited salons in Wuhan Station.

"I mentioned in the recruitment that the future will open WeChat in the future, I hope everyone will join us to do this. There are dozens of companies that have come, which is a young guy carrying bags. After that, he decided that all all in in the company WeChat, based on the ecological development of the company WeChat, and wrote the first line of code on the same day. "This is the vice president of Tencent Enterprise, the person in charge of the ecological cooperation, Li Zhufeng Share at the 2021 Saas Conference.

This young guy he mentioned is a micro-assistant CEO, Dongke Chuangxing's five-phase star Friend Xiao Hong.

▲ micro assistant CEO Xiao Hong

The Wuhan Station recruited less than a month, that is, on December 23, 2019, the company WeChat released 3.0 version, the company WeChat and WeChat officially opened the address book, friends circle, group chat, etc., this is considered company WeChat The development of watershed is also regarded as a watershed in the TO B service field, a new TO B ecology formal established.

On the same day, the micro assistant - a customer relationship management system (SCRM) of the company WeChat should be launched.

On December 15th, 2021 after two years, the micro assistant 2021 product upgrade conference was held in Guangzhou. The data released, it achieved the growth of data from 0 to 100 million - "Serving more than 140,000 users of more than 140,000 companies, helping companies have added more than 100 million friends, and the team increased from 100 people to 600. The average age is only 25 years old. "Born in 1992 Xiao Hong, or the" elder "in the team.

After the press conference, Xiao Hong moved out his nearest enterprise WeChat signature in the "Solid White Ceo of Micro Assistant" published on the "Micro Assistant" public number: "The ordinary people achieve extraordinary things."

He said: "If the story is just such a move - a group of young dogs got a general grabbing a chance to neglect, missed the opportunity, and the trend will passively do things today - the world is too unfair God has too much care about me and my little friends. "

Therefore, when he was interviewed, it was in addition to the so-called luck. Why did he grab a "Other people ignored, missed the opportunity", in this process, what did they insist on, what to do? Where is the starting point of this?


Data burst growth time

Time returns to May 2020, the impact of the epidemic has not been completely dissipated, Xiao Hong lives in Hangzhou, often goes to the West Lake.

At that time, the development of microcompasses was not smooth. Although the 1.0 version just launched, there will be hundreds of registrations on the same day, but immediately encountered an epidemic, and the later time can be described as a bleak. There are only a dozen or even a registered user in the next time. In addition, there were some plug-in tools that made the "formal army" such as the micro.

However, Xiao Hong and team firmly considered two directions:

First, all in enterprises, all IN mini associations.

Xiao Hong believes that although the user grows uncomahing, this is a natural growth method, that is, it is not advertising, relying on the product itself to drive growth. In this process, some big customers who have been unlocking in the past are also come, "this It is the bonus of the customer. " More importantly, the epidemic will definitely passed that the short-term downturn affected by the epidemic will eventually dissipate. After restoring production, the company will pay more attention to the traffic and channels on the line. At this time, only need to prepare, wait for the epidemic Rapid growth after the past.

Second, do not do external products, do not do things outside the border, one day, illegal products will be remedied.

The later development trend, verified all the judgments of Xiao Hong.

On the evening of May 25, 2020, Tencent blocked a large number of personal numbers using WeChat plug-in, and even more users were blocked more than 100, hundreds of thousands of WeChat customers turned into an instant evaporation, and the previous operations have a cardiotrane.

At 3 o'clock in the morning of the next day, the micro assistant was issued on its official WeChat public number "" just, WeChat gardened! Customer resources are instantaneous, and WeChat aids are banned, what should I do in private domain? ", The next morning, I got 10 W + reading." The plug-in is blocked, and the company began to find alternative products. The micro-association naturally undertakes these needs, and enjoy the dividend that WeChat blocks, and adds more than 2,000 enterprise users.

When the data of the micro assistant is rapidly increasing, Xiao Hong is facing a huge and difficult choice: it is quick to make money during the bonus period, let yourself and the team live very comfortable, or turn this company into a huge Even the great company may reach great companies in the future?

On the side of the West Lake, he read the "long-distance will fulfill" - 2017 Nobel Literature Award winner's representative, a novel about an Empire's decline, a novel that passed by love. He get to a little: people will not regret for a lifetime, but will regret it because they don't do anything. After 10 days, he returned to Wuhan, the entire company All IN mini assistant. And now him, there is no time to row.


From 壹 到 微 微 微, a "product manager" transformation

The time axis back is back, the story of the microcompanies, from Xiao Hongpei, there is another version.

Before doing the microlemony, he and the team have done a successful product, called the assistant, this is an enhanced plugin developed for the WeChat public account, until now is still running, there are 2 million installation volume, there are thousands Wan 's income.

But this is a relatively low product, while Xiao Hong and team hopes to find new growth curves in larger scale and faster. So 2018, in 2019, his team has some trial wrong, have done some small products, such as the parent-child photo album applet, live answering applet, bookstore applet, etc. TO C products, etc. are not very successful.

At that time, he began to study SaaS mode, studied foreign articles, and organized team translation for everyone to learn, in other words, he has an in-depth understanding of SaaS and TO B growth model, sales model, and charge mode.

His judgment is that from the bonfire to the pigeon to the letter, then go to the telegram, telephone, BB machine, mobile phone, Internet, mobile Internet, "channel" change will gain a great company, "as in the channel of email Out of Salesforce's great business ".

And "Enterprise WeChat has also brought new 'channel' to enterprises, although there is no opportunity to participate in the process of WeChat's birth, but in the ecology of WeChat to improve the efficiency and accuracy of communicating with customers, the same 'Great and charming' things. "

So after listening to the public WeChat's preaching, he pulled the partner to a hotel in the lobby, and sighing while drinking. The last regrets this year is not based on the company WeChat ecology products. The team comforted him: "Nothing, now you have come."

In an interview, Xiao Hong also had a small proud: "Based on the previous series of unsuccessful attempts, if I talk directly to them, they may also challenge me, or think about it, so I Need more skill to communicate. "

In the same person in the west assistant, the founder and COO Yang Huiji eyes, Xiaohong (the company's nickname of Xiao Hong) has a biggest shortcoming, that is, "It's too easy to get the head": "If he has an idea, it will be very excited. After a few days, we will talk to us. We generally splaish cold water, let him calm down. But if he is still, excited, explaining that this thing is reliable, there is also done. "

"Of course, you can also do this as his advantage." Huijie added. "This is to praise my imagination, always have a new thing to change the world?" Xiao Hong said sorry on the side.

This kind of potential that wants to change the world has already appeared in Xiao Hong high school.

At that time, he was a teenager in a small town in Jiangxi, and he enjoys the prestige of "computer genius" locally, he is keen to use software and publish the evaluation articles on the blog. In the column of "World", from February 4, 2010, the first article "Geexbox free audio and video system allows you DIY's own Media Center" to the latest updated 2020 July 5 On the day, he released 34 articles. The homepage is updated on October 31, 2012 "three free practical local folder synchronous / backup software recommended (SyncToy / FreeFileSync / Compare Advance)", Harvested 747,322 Read the amount.

Also starting from trial software and writing a review, he prelimates a qualitative product manager. This makes the development of the product drive growth (PLG) from the development of our part.


"As" is "not" entrepreneurial philosophy

At the release of the industry, the public, the public, and Li Zhufeng mentioned in the public, and Li Zhufeng mentioned on the scene to share the company's WeChat and the micro assistant cooperation story: "Enterprise WeChat will continue to do the underlying capacity and open Ecological construction, with excellent partners like a micro part, and send digital capabilities to the company. "

On December 21, 6 days later, after three months strict screening and layer reviewed Tencent SaaS accelerator three phases list, 45 companies were standing from 1100 corporate projects, and there was no suspense, and the micro associated assistant was ranked.

It can be said with as micro-enterprises in the success of micro-ecological stage companies, micro enterprises has been the official "certification." But as Philip Shaw said in "monologue" in: "is the beginning, not the end is far less capable of breathing time." He said: "By this time next year, we will cover more than 300,000 corporate clients, directly or indirectly affect ten million employees in the organization. this process, there will be more complex needs, there will be more valuable scene, we and our partners in the framework of how to WeChat enterprises, following a good these requirements, withstood ten million active users of challenges stand in a future looking back, can only say that everything now is just the beginning, the story is far from over. "

In this regard, in a speech in the face of the crowd will always show the shy, shy of thinking Xiao Hong unusually calm and clear:

First, stick to the border, because "the more clear boundary, the more prominent core competencies." Therefore, the "micro-enterprises all over the letter API range of things, from day one, he was excluded from the iterative path with the micro. Even through social fission fully functional API implementation, it must be paid and by adding resistance the impact of it. "in order to" find some favorable but there is no harm to others for their optimization "within a controllable range of.

The second is to improve product and service capabilities. In doing One with assistant, micro with the team accumulated a set of data analysis capability, the ability to increase this line is not easy to copy. Next, the micro with the "through the establishment of sales and service processes to help companies conduct customer conversion and depth of services to a more comprehensive application scenarios and a richer product features to meet the business more digital operation and management needs."

The third is to help customers succeed. Philip Shaw said: "Customer success is the sole criterion for testing with micro well done bad." The only "form the support for enterprises to achieve business value and long service" with micro can continue to go on.

Interestingly, at the press conference live on December 15, the comment was made in the studio: "Micro-rolled with it too." Philip Shaw joked: "In fact, not with micro volumes are 90 lie flat. I put this comment seen as a compliment to our industry, means our attention to customer feedback when a client sends optimization recommendations, it often receives this reply: 'Thank you for the feedback function on the line next week!' 'and slightly there are a 1200+ with assistant optimization, from customer feedback.

Xiao Hong and now still remember, after that year to go to college, parents sent him to the door, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and before leaving said to him: "From now on, we will not have your qualifications higher (Note: their parents are high school education), followed by all the decisions of your life, would you do it yourself. "

Since then, studying at the Huazhong University of Science in Software Engineering Philip Shaw began tossing the road. "Hubei business" in June 2019 pushed article "Burning a future: Let Zi is no longer suffering --2 019 students in Hubei top ten Shaw entrepreneurship contest Philip" mentions that during the school day, Xiao Hong took office in Central China Science and Technology The Year of team vice-captain University, Center for new media. 2013 Philip Shaw, who has successfully developed a micro-channel version of the China Branch campus drift bottles and micro-letters on the wall and other functions, quickly became popular outside the school. Also in Branch, Philip Shaw found his co-founder Yanghui Jie - born in 1994, junior level lower than his.

Now, these young people the story continues.



October 2016, PingWest products play held a hackathon event, dozens of people divided into 13 teams, conducted a two-day, focused on the rapid development of a product match. Xiao Hong's team participated.

In fact, at that time, although the team by virtue of previously developed products won fame, but trapped in the commercialization of the problem. Prior to participating in this competition, Xiao Hong and the team has decided to abandon the business, ready to previous investors the company to work. But in this game, they rely One assistant with the product won first prize.

▲ 2016 October Xiao Hong (second from right)

Sentimental, lean, and now big on the 1st ~

Investment conference, really serious fund investors asked: "If you give money to support your dreams, how you want to use?" Xiao Hong and the team's answer is:? "Why do we have to take your money and we feel that they earn money "Investor said:" I cast you set up. "

You can make money, rather than growth driven by the burn, which is the standard Xiao Hong hearts of good business, but also he has always insisted upon business criteria.

The interview, one last question to ask is cow Reuters: "? Now if you want to play a recruitment advertisement, how would you say"

"Apple in 1976, Google in 1998, beating 2012 bytes, micro with assistant in 2022." This is Philip Shaw replied.


Philosopher Liang Shuming had to ask to borrow books name: the world will be good? When you see some people make quick money in the way of dividends by breaking the rules, while some have been driven by investment companies bubble was punctured after rapid growth broken in one place, we will be confused.

However, Xiao Hong said that the entrepreneur he advocated is Duan Yongping, the latter said that people must "this point", and this is also the rules and boundaries of his hopes in the entrepreneurial process. He can't help us see that this world will become good. In Xiao Hong's favorite "long-term", there is such a word: "We are a generation of idealism. What we consider is not simply how to do our own strengths, but do so What kind of results; each of us has a strong desire to create a more beautiful world to contribute to our own strength. "

Xiao Hong said, I hope my life curve is smooth, not big, so I think of another novel's name in his shy and firm eyes: Hemingway's "solar photo often rises".

Author: Wu Lin

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