Hosts management artifacts of computer white and programmakes, easy access to Google oil pipe

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Hosts management artifacts of computer white and programmakes, easy access to Google oil pipe

2022-01-15 18:04:16 15 ℃

The system HOSTS file makes many people. First, because change is too trouble, it is not good to find and successfully change; second, I am afraid that I can't access it.

There is an open source god to do a tool - Switchhosts, which makes it easy to control Hosts, which is very fun. Even if the computer is white, it can be easily played, and it is also a artifact for developers.

Switchhosts open source on Github, supports Windows, MacOS, and Linux systems. It is simple to function, which is to manage the Hosts file. Open after installation, only one system comes with the HOSTS file.

Take Windows as an example, the system hosts option, click the icon in the upper right corner to come to the Options interface. Here you can directly open the folder where HOSTS is located.

For the convenience of changes, you need to remove the Hosts file properties, remove the read-only properties.

Home Click on the "+" number in the upper left corner, you can add a custom use of Hosts. For example, developers often need to switch back and forth in the test environment and formal environment. Here you can build HOSTS used in the "test environment" and "formal environment".

Want to do this, click the switch button behind the name. You can start social or touch the fish. So how to deal with GitHub or tubes?

Here some people specialize in the HOSTS file accessing Github, just when the HOSTS option is needed, select the remote, address to add the address as shown. You can set the automatic refresh time, from 1 minute to 7 days to choose from.

Click the button on the left to you can socialize.

There are also HOSTs specializing in Google or tubes, and Hosts that shields advertising gambling fraud information. Also a relatively practical function, SwitchHosts can use all options in combination.

This can achieve the disturbance of various advertisements while touching the fish.

SwitchHosts have historical records, even if they don't care, you can easily restore. Don't worry about problems.

If the switch is switched, HOSTS does not take effect. Here you may need to refresh the DNS cache. The various platform processing methods are as follows:


Press the shortcut key Window + R to open the run window, then type the CMD to open the command line execution command:

ipconfig / flushdns


Open the terminal:

sudo killall -hup mdnsResponder

You may need to enter your password.

Since Switchhosts supports the Linux version, it is software that packaged in .appimage. Can run on most Linux hairstyle. Therefore, the domestic operating system depth Deepinos, UOS, You Qilin operating system, etc. can be used.