Buying advice!Realmegt2Pro and millet 12pro detailed comparison

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Buying advice!Realmegt2Pro and millet 12pro detailed comparison

2022-01-21 06:07:50 52 ℃

Realme and Xiaomi have launched two high-end flagship mobile phones, Realme GT2 Pro and Xiaomi 12 Pro, which may become the best-selling flagship mobile phone in 2022. Their latest top models are simply amazing, and they have almost no compromise compared to other most expensive phones.

The contrast between these two phones will be a hard battle, especially because of their specifications, which one should you choose? We hope to answer this question through this RealMe GT2 Pro with Xiaomi 12 Pro to answer this question. With Realme GT2 Pro paper design, RealMe tries to create a new sustainable material to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and provide very innovative touch.

The two color selection of Realme GT2 PRO is made of a special bio-based polymer, similar to the tactile feedback of paper, this mobile phone is designed with the famous designer Naoto Fukasawa. In terms of materials, Realme GT2 Pro's design is deserved. Compared with Xiaomi 12 Pro, Realme GT2 PRO has won the design award, and it is also a more compact and lighter flagship phone. The display of the display millet 12 Pro and Realme GT2 PRO is simply amazing. Their specifications are very similar, they all use the AMOLED panel of LTPO technology, achieving adaptive refresh rates of 1 to 120 Hz, each with a 1440P QUAD HD + Resolution, and via HDR10 + authentication can be displayed up to 1 billion colors, which are also equipped with a display fingerprint scanner for authentication.

In the display, these two flagship phones have no clear winners. Core Performance Real Me GT2 PRO and Xiaomi 12 PRO are equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 mobile platform, this is the best chipset that Qualcomm Company is the best chipset using 4nm manufacturing, the maximum frequency is 3GHz, and it is equipped with Up to 12GB of RAM.

RealMe GT2 Pro high-end version wins in hardware comparisons because it is equipped with up to 512GB of storage, and Xiaomi 12 PRO is only 256GB of storage, but this is no different in terms of core performance. Realme GT2 PRO and Xiaomi 12 PRO open boxes are running Android 12, which is customized by Realme UI 3.0 and MIUI 13, respectively. Although we have not tested the camera performance of these two phones, Xiaomi 12 Pro seems to be better on the paper.

Both mobile phones are equipped with OIS 50MP main cameras and 50MP super wide angle cameras, but Xiaomi 12 Pro is the only mobile phone equipped with a telephoto sensor (2x optical zoom), which is also a 50MP camera. Realme GT 2 Pro replaces telephoto cameras with a 3MP microscope camera with 40-fold magnification, is an interesting sensor, but it is absolutely not as popular as telephoto lenses. On the other hand, Realme GT2 Pro super wide-angle camera has a wider FOV: up to 150 degrees. The battery Real Me GT2 Pro won the battery comparison because it is equipped with a 5000mAh large battery, and the battery capacity of millet 12 PRO is only 4600mAh.

Despite this, the thickness of these two phones is the same. Realme GT2 Pro provides longer battery life, and millet 12 Pro has a faster charging speed with 120W fast charging, and is different from the competitor, because 50W power, it does even support wireless charging at very fast speed. Realme GT2 Pro and Xiaomi 12 Pro Details Comparison Charts are as follows:

Summary and purchase recommendations are in comparison and detailed specification parameters in all aspects, the core performance of the two phones is the same. Realme GT 2 Pro Its advantage in designing innovative materials, a super wide-angle camera with 150 ° FOV, a larger battery and up to 512GB of storage space, so if you are optimistic about these advantages, it is recommended to choose Realme GT 2 Pro. .

Realme GT2 Pro Which millet 12 Pro Its advantage is that better camera performance, charging speed is faster and wireless charging, so these advantages are important for you, it is recommended to choose Xiaomi 12 Pro.

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