IqooneO5S and Realmegt2, two Snapdragon 888 models, which is more worth buying?

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IqooneO5S and Realmegt2, two Snapdragon 888 models, which is more worth buying?

2022-01-21 06:06:03 48 ℃

Text / Xiao I Review Technology

As time came to early 2022, the price of the Snapdragon 888 model has also been seen. Motorola directly took the price below 2,000 yuan (of course, IQOO and Realme did not look at weak, and there was a single 388 model in the end of the year, IQOO NEO 5S And Realmegt2. Then, who is better in these two models, who is more worth buying? We will explore this issue in this article.

Comparative Link 1: Appearance IQOO NEO 5S Advantages Obviously.

Realmegt2 and iQOO NEO 5S are all use of straight screen + hard screen + plastic border + glass / paper back shell. However, two mobile phones have obvious differences behind the design. In order to give everyone a relatively true picture of the real way to show mobile phone, I intercept two mobile phone back cover in the video of Xiaobai's evaluation: ( The video screenshot is not so beautiful, it is basically close to our naked vision, it can be very intuitive to display the border control of the front of the screen)

Iqoo neo 5s






Two mobile phones are almost almost similar, after all, they are all hard screens, so this means they are in chin, the side frames are also similar (the realme is slightly better), but iQoo neo 5s uses home The drum screen, which is more excellent in the viewing sensing than the left digging screen of Realmegt2.

However, in the design and processing of the back of the fuselage, the performance of IQOO NEO 5S is significantly better than Realmegt2, and the camera area and backplane do colored treatment, and also added metal texture, and the treatment of the back cover is also more apparent. Exquisite, it looks very high-level. The design of Realmegt2 is more common.

Comparison 2: Performance & Performance Output IQOO NEO 5S is relatively better, Realmegt2 is lacking.

Realmegt2 and iQOO NEO 5S are equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor + UFS3.1 + LPDDR5, basically no gap on book performance. It is not much different from everyday use.

However, it is necessary to pay special attention. According to my personal experience, Realmegt2 will relatively more radical in terms of scheduling. The game frame rate is more fierce, but it is more severe, and the surface temperature of the body is very easy. It's about 50 degrees. (Video from goose bench)

IQOO NEO 5S is relatively conserved, the body temperature will not exceed 45 degrees, most of which are maintained at around 42 degrees, but in the game peak frame rate, not realmegt2. (Video from goose bench)

However, iqoo neo 5s has a biggest advantage that it is equipped with an independent display chip. The value of this chip is still relatively large. His biggest value is to reduce the output of mobile phone SOC, let a part of the picture through video. In the way, such as playing peace operations, SOC will only output 90 frames, and the remaining 30 frames are given to the game chip so that the number of power consumption can be reduced while the number of frames can be lowered. However, I also need to remind it that after opening the frame, there will be a certain delay, play "original god" is not big, but if it is "the king" or "eat chicken" game, the individual is advised not to open, open one The frame rate stable option is OK.

Summary, individuals believe that iQOO NEO 5S is more excellent for the training of Snapdragon 888, and the user experience will be better.

Comparative link 3: Breakfast & Fast charge: Realme is more good.

Realmegt2 is 5000 mAh big battery + 65W fast charge, and iqoo neo 5s is 4500 mAh + 66W fast charge, Realmegt2's life is naturally better, but due to differences in tuning, Realmegt2 does not show 5000 There should be a level at mA. Specifically, half an hour "original god", Realmegt2 power-down 19%, iQOO NEO 5S is powered down 21%, basically the quality of the flag. However, in the case of mild use, the battery is still more advantageous when the REALMEGT2 is more advantageous.

As regards the fast charge, iQOO NEO 5S is 66W fast charge, Realmegt2 is 65W fast charge, the gap is almost no, the experience is quite.

Comparison of four: images half a catty.

Realmegt2 is equipped with IMX766 main photo, IQOO NEO 5S is equipped with IMX598 + OIS optical anti-shake, from the main test parameters, Realmegt2 is obviously better. However, iQOO neo 5s OIS optical anti-shake is a good thing, and iQOO is more mature than Realme, and individuals still more inclined to iQOO NEO 5S.

Summary: iQOO NEO 5S is better.