Counting the nine series of iPhone phones, belongs to every era, reviewing the hot reasons for people

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Counting the nine series of iPhone phones, belongs to every era, reviewing the hot reasons for people

2022-01-21 06:07:18 43 ℃

Hello everyone ~ I am a wool that day, and can help you with a cat sister.


The cat sister is not a fruit powder, nor does it understand the evaluation, but from the small apple phone. Because the company is making marketing, I am doing operations, pay attention to various marketing incidents, reviewing historical hotspots, and is one of my work. Today, you will showcase the story of each era of iPhone.

iphone 4 Rise Era

The iPhone 4 in 2010 is the earthquake of the entire mobile phone world, and his rise is also the opening of the apple era. Package battery design, direct universal charging this universal mobile phone accessories into recycled goods. Smart touch large screen, let the mobile phone film career kill the phone lanyard. Cut fruit, Tom Cat, Temple escape, let people play games obsessed with all calls.

Regardless of the design or feelings, iPhone 4 is unable to replace other models, because he opened the Apple era! In the past, the touch control can be seen before, and many people start from this mobile phone. Slide unlock, a smile, how familiar sound is also a generation of memories.

iPhone 5 Light Heroes

The 5th generation of birth has joined more technologies, and the Touch ID and two-color thermal sparklers have a profound impact on the products after Apple or the entire mobile phone industry. In the early days, the outside world has quite a micro-word for fingerprint recognition, and the security is questioned, and in the past few years, fingerprint recognition has already become the standard of smartphones, more advanced is still behind. For product design, there are also all kinds of evil, laughing at apples will only do long, will not be big.

In the black and white minimalist, 5S boldly joined the new golden color, and the word "Tu Haojin" was born, there were tens of thousands of people snapped up. The big gold chain has been got to make the road, and the hand takes Takhao Gold Not willing to bring your phone shell! . Since then, because of the different colors, the price of the same mobile phone secondary market is different until now. Apple mobile phone entertainment label is replaced by the local mission label.

iPhone 6 big screen era

2014 iPhone 6 Plus is Apple's first large screen phone, the screen size reaches 5.5 inches, marking the Apple phone has also entered the big screen era. The resolution has improved a lot, and the surface material is 2.5D Corning gorilla glass (not sapphire), the border of the fuselage abandon the classic right angle design, and the arc is designed. The favorite of the cat sister, is still in a time to serve.

Queuing the apple has a lot of hot search, no matter whether the user is still the Bull team, a good night, let a few Apple stores are forced to hire security ... iPhone 6 has a majority of high cost performance. The price of 5288 yuan was sold in that year, for Apple's lowest price, the lowest price of mobile phone products, created a record of 240 million records in four years, and became a generation of gods.

iPhone 7 single-port era

The 7th generation of 2016 is also market market. This generation cancels the world's fifty-year-old 3.5mm earphone jack, but the original product provides the converter of Lightning and 3.5mm headphone jack, which means that several generations of headphones can continue to use. . Although it is very inconvenient, it is more than not strong. This intent is obvious, Apple will focus on his wireless headphones airpods in the future!

The six colors of the back shell gives users more choices. The screen uses sapphire than Corning gorilla glass more resistant and more wear. Double-sided plug-in USB data cable, improve the iPhone user experience, will no longer appear unexpectedly. Because the headphone jack is removed, the whole machine is more waterproof, the body is only a design of a socket until now.

iPhone 8 brush era

The iPhone 8 generation was 17 years after the previous generation, and there was also, and the body of the fuselage will eliminate the consistent aluminum alloy and glass material, and the surface plastic panel is used to realize the boundless frame design OLED display. With a new wireless charging technology, although the wired is still available, many enthusiasts will pick up their hands in order to wireless! Replace the fingerprint sensor with a face or iris scan technology. This full of high-tech broughn from the movie into reality. There was an explosion in the same year, and it was said that the sales volume had fallen.

Face recognition technology is also integrated into the front camera, and this feature can also experience in many games, increasing to more human-computer interaction. The most exciting technical upgrade may be related to the AR enhancement reality technology. Whether it is Spring Festival Evening or Coca-Cola, I started playing Ar. Because it is not a full screen, the landscape game is more smooth, the thumb does not need to curl, so powerful. Responding to the current eating chicken, the king is still smooth.

iPhone X full screen era

In the 18th X-Series, Liu Haiping is spit, but the brand is still strong. There is no to block all road fruit powder, still very popular. More colored fuselage, glass with metal, frosted aluminum alloy on the border, look good or ok. The disappearance of the HOME button, so that many users are extremely inconvenient, and it is said that the President of the rice is also vomiting? Contrast history, bigger screen and the full screen of Apple has finally appeared.

Apple has finally also supports dual card dual standby function, power abundant, large screen these points is too sweet, too many of the shortcomings of Apple XR, rear camera is very general, but without prejudice to its very cost-effective large-screen iPhone, A12 + LCD screen + rear comprehensive single camera, this configuration utility and peace of mind, is a very useful product, there are people who deliberately bought second-hand as a backup machine, is a good choice. iPhone 11 Yuba era

11 generations of 19 years just left the press conference, the overwhelming Yuba Terrier, the equivalent of three models of this generation is the generation of three models of the successor model, the front is almost the same, is still a big screen border bangs the six color . Greater battery life time is longer than previous one hour. Superior water resistance, can stay for 30 minutes at 2 m depth, dual card dual standby. 18W support fast charging cable.

X is different from the camera to upgrade the Department of the most obvious places. Ultra-wide-angle camera can shoot ultra-wide-angle photos. Four times the shooting range. Apple set the tone for this conference is "To innovation", has become a people "Yuba can not", not just users, and even a variety of brand owners are united, Durex with pictures I left it out ...... avalanche play Terrier. Fried simmered stew stove, sharp electric shavers, electric stove camera Tucao laugh and also play to this day.

iPhone 12 5G era

20-year Apple finally out of 5G phones, iPhone12 Department to pay tribute to classic 4S, using a right-angle frame, reducing the area of ​​a Diudiu bangs and border width, screen share also been significantly improved. Looks just like the, in my hand feeling is good, retro feeling full. Battery shrunk, but the processor but fortunately A14 5nm more advanced technology, the whole power consumption will be reduced.

Thinner, smaller, lighter, better signal line 12 is comparative advantages of the previous generation, but no charger and wired headset also allows users Tucao for a long time. The iPhone12 canceled wired headset and charger, USB-C is substituted turn Lightning cable. The official version, which is more environmentally friendly, for the earth to reduce carbon emissions. The cat sister also used, in fact, very good use, but only for a year, it changed Shi Sanxiang ......

Your iPhone 13 times

13 Department of Apple's latest model in the market last year, calling Shi Sanxiang, the cat also twin sister for 11 consecutive chop hand, won the triple. Designs, 13 and 12 belong to the last similar camera sensor placed diagonally, the screen is small bangs. Using aluminum frame, aluminum frame with matte finishes, that the white slip. Holding handy!

13 to 12 sank 11 grams, with a small hand Dian Ledian component, almost heavy, a little bit thicker. Bright screen brightness, the peak can be said to use 800 nit, playback can be achieved at 1200 nits HDR. Screen look bright and consequently handy! Play the game certainly better frame rates seamlessly run, do not cast screen tests, it is estimated will be clearer. The camera uses a wide-angle and ultra wide-angle greater sensor, an optical displacement sensor new image stabilization function. A15 with the bionic chip, reportedly more than any chipset on the market are powerful, also equipped with a new six-core CPU, two and four performance efficiency. Battery is certainly a generation older generation, 13 to 12 more than two and a half hours, is 150 minutes, a time feature-length films. This is praise. The latest version of the pros and cons iPhone13 still continuing output, you belong to this age, born of your reviews.


Perhaps iPhone14 will come in the near future, the growth in Tucao the Apple phone, in fact, sales have been stable. Better than others half a beat slower pace, to meet the market demand, quality and reputation can speak with the history of the product life. No matter what year you used which one, took the microphone, published under your Apple era.

I am a cat, come to the wool! Thanks for a praise, every day.

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