Defeat SF, the first courier company in the word of mouth is easy to win, from the loss of 12 years to 25.7 billion

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Defeat SF, the first courier company in the word of mouth is easy to win, from the loss of 12 years to 25.7 billion

2022-01-21 06:07:38 42 ℃

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As the first largest private courier giant in China, SF word of mouth has always been hard enough, and he is the top of the express station.

However, in the latest 20022 Chinese customer recommendation index express service recommendation list, SF is only the second. The first reputation was taken by Jingdong Express, Jingdong Express relied on 52.5 points, and far exceeded 47.5 points of SF Express, and stabilizes the word of mouth.

Jingdong Express excellent service, captured a lot of loyal consumers to Jingdong e-commerce platform. It can be said that Jingdong Express has become a major competitive advantage in Jingdong Mall.

I have lost 12 years

Today, Liu Qiangdong has proved to the public with achievements, and the original decision is correct.

When Liu Qiangdong was in the same year, when the industry had an unintererated voice, even the inside of Jingdong was more suspected.

Among them, Ma Yun is more publicly expressed as it is not optimistic about Jingdong's own logistics. Ma Yun believes that Jingdong will be dragged by these heavy assets of logistics, which in turn dragged down the development of the entire company.

It turns out that Ma Yun said yes. The model of Jingdong logistics heavy assets indeed pressed Jingdong to breathe.

In 12 years after the establishment, Jingdong logistics has been in a loss. In 2018, Liu Qiangdong said in internal letter, Jingdong logistics may drag it down into Jingdong.

This year, Jingdong logistics lost 2.3 billion yuan a year. According to this speed, but the two years of time Jingdong logistics financing will be saved.

However, when everyone is waiting to see Liu Qiangdong joke, Liu Qiangdong has successfully saved Jingdong Logistics between the dangers.

25.7 billion successes

Today, Jingdong Logistics is not only a major advantage in Jingdong in competition, but also China's leading express delivery enterprise.

By introducing external customers, Jingdong logistics performance has achieved great improvement, and made a good collection of revenue.

According to Jingdong Third Quarter Finance, only 3 months, Jingdong logistics revenue has 25.75 billion yuan, and achieved a year-on-year increase of 43.3%. This achievement is quite bright.

Moreover, Jingdong logistics has also been successfully listed. As a result, Jingdong Logistics has a new source of funding, and it is not worried about fund issues.

Today's Jingdong logistics has been registered, and it is already a strong power in China's express market.

Nowadays, the results of Jingdong logistics are excellent, but there is still a huge growth space, and Liu Qiangdong's ambition is very good.

Aim at 3 trillion market

In the field of integrated supply chain, Jingdong logistics is prepared to do one.

The integrated supply chain logistics market has great development potential. In 2020, my country's market size has been 2026 billion yuan, and this figure is more expected to reach 3 trillion yuan in 2025.

Jingdong Logistics sees the "big cake" from the beginning of birth, with an integrated supply chain as the main channel of its own development.

Today, Jingdong Logistics in this track has had a good competitiveness, and many customers have won many customers. In the first half of 2021, the total revenue of Jingdong Logistics 48.5 billion yuan is from integrated supply chain customers.

This makes Jingdong logistics among this competition. In this vast track in this supply chain, the performance of Jingdong logistics clearly has great improvement space, which is very expected.

In the future, what kind of grades will Jingdong logistics will also take it, let us wait and see.