Xiaomi 12PRO / One plus 10PRO / iQOO9PRO image matchup, all the new flagship, the gap is very

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Xiaomi 12PRO / One plus 10PRO / iQOO9PRO image matchup, all the new flagship, the gap is very

2022-01-21 12:04:19 69 ℃

Recently, three Snapdragon 8Gen1 flagships that were most concerned about, I think it should be Xiaomi 12Pro, one plus 10pro and iQOO9PRO, these three mobile phones have a substantial improvement in terms of images, actual cross-evaluation comparison Who is more What is it? Let's take a look at the cross-evaluation of the three mobile phones.

The first is the comparison of the daytime. The three mobile phones use the main camera to take pictures. One plus 10PRO on the left is 48 million main photos. The middle millet 12PRO is 50 million main photos, iQOO9PRO is also 50 million main photos, actual imaging results A plus 10PRO in the middle is more expensive, the picture is brighter, the iQOO9PRO picture on the right is dim, and the millet 12pro is between the two.

The second main shot comparison, thanks to the blessing of Hassia's natural color, the left side of the 10PRO picture color is better, followed by iqoo9pro, the middle millet 12pro color is more inexpensive, especially the picture in the middle flower.

Then, the super wide angle photo of the three mobile phones, the super wide angle pixels of three phones are 50 million, although the pixels are the same, but the sensors are completely different, so the photos taken will also have differences.

The ultra-wide-angle picture imaging effect is the right Iqoo9Pro, the brightness is blue, and the left side adds 10PRO this side to the dark, the middle millet 10Pro picture effect is moderate.

It may be the problem of unstable camera, the second super wide angle photo contrast, the middle millet 12pro has a great contrast, the sky is particularly blue, the blue is a bit fake, and the IQOO9PRO in the right is still three mobile phones. OK.

On the daytime, the left side, one plus 10PRO picture, the feeling, like a fog, IQOO9PRO on the right plus some, the middle millet 12PRO is best, although the picture is sharp, but the text and The details of the building are clearly visible.

The night scene of the three mobile phones came to the night, the first set of photos highlights the top of IQOO9PRO on the right side, and the other two mobile phones are very close, the brightest picture is the middle millet 12pro.

The second group of night scenes is compared, the middle millet 12PRO is large, the sky is blue, the color is better, followed by a 10PRO on the left, the rightmost iQOO9PRO picture effect is almost the same, but slightly, some, For example, the brightness of the ground is not as high as the other two mobile phones.

In the indoor light sufficient environment, the middle millet 12PRO has a visible advantage. The outline of the car tire is clearly visible. The IQOO9PRO of the right side is almost invisible, and the left side is better than iQOO9PRO.

In the light scene zoom, single from the high-light press, the IQOO9PRO on the right is the best, but the brightness of the picture is not as high as the middle millet 12pro, the left side of the 10PRO still appears in the daytime zoom comparison time, overall The picture is not as good as the other two mobile phones.

In summary, a plus 10pro is not as good as the night scene, the zoom is not as good as the other two mobile phones, but thanks to the natural color of Hassi, when shooting some colorful photos, the color is more than two The mobile phone is good, Xiaomi 12Pro benefits from the ultra-large sensor, the night scene camera is brighter, IQOO9PRO seems to look for the balance of exposure and brightness, the picture effect is between one plus and millet.