China's eyes found 11 pulse stars, the oldest one talented 6 thousand!

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China's eyes found 11 pulse stars, the oldest one talented 6 thousand!

2022-01-21 12:04:42 55 ℃

Astronomers use our China Guizhou, the world's largest 500-meter-free tennis-discovered 11 pulse stars for detailed research, and its research is published in "Arxiv", provided on these celestial properties. Important information. The pulse star is a highly magnetized, rotated neutron star, which will emit an electromagnetic radiation. They are typically detected in the form of short-burst radiation radiation, but some of them can also be observed with optical, X-rays, and gamma rays.

So far, most pulse stars are discovered using the Parker Observatory of Australia. The 11 new pulse stars found by our China's Day-eyed Fast telescope, and the 64-meter Parker shooting telescope was confirmed using the Parker Observatory. A group of astronomers led by Andrew Camelon, Australia Federal Science and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), conducted detailed research on these new discovered pulse stars, and hopes to have more understandings of their nature. To this end, the researchers have subsequently observed the celestial bodies using the Parker Shot Telescope and 100m Eiffelsberg Emitting Telescope located in Germany. Heavenly FAST found 11 pulse stars found in UWB [Ultra-wideband] receiver, these pulse stars have now been monitored by the paris telescope for at least one year, thus being able to determine the timing solution for each pulse star.

Overall, this study has obtained a time model for each pulse star spin characteristic, and in detail their emission characteristics, including flux calibration and polarization characteristics. The study found that these pulse stars had a spin cycle from 0.56 seconds to 4.76 seconds, and the age is between 0.65 and 320 million. One of the 11 pulse stars is named PSRJ0344-0901, which shows a mode conversion behavior in its pulsation.

Diagram: Recording the 1 hour observation of PSRJ0344-0901 This pulse star was discovered between its "normal" and "mode" states, which gradually occurred during dozens of seconds. Its spin cycle is approximately 1.23 seconds, and the amount of diffusion is 30.9 seconds / cm ~ 3, and the age is 5.58 million years. Another interesting is PSRJ1926-0652, which exhibits many emission phenomena, including zero and sub-pulse drift. Its feature is about 656 years old, which is the youngest pulse star in 11 research objects.

Its spin cycle is approximately 1.6 seconds, and dispersion is 85.3Parsecs / CM3. The most inconspicuous psrj1931-0144 in these pulse stars, it shows a wide single quantity Gaussian pulse, from about 0.59 seconds, the dispersion measurement is 38.3PARSECS / CM3, which is the oldest puls star in the study sample. . Summary These results, astronomers have studied the next generation of pulse stars in the telescope of the Tianyutang FAST, Meerkat and Square Arrays (SKA). Boo Park | Copyright Science X NetWork / Tomasz Nowakowski, Phys Research Posted Journal of "Arxiv" Cite: Arxiv: 2005.09171 Boke Park | Science, Technology, Scientific Research, Science and Technology

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