2021 of national beauty makeup, brand is difficult to plan, traffic is difficult

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2021 of national beauty makeup, brand is difficult to plan, traffic is difficult

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The national beauty makes a new era of consumption boom. The "National Products Makeup Insight" shows that the domestic product beauty brand has occupied 56% of the market share.

Standing at the end of the year 2021, the national beauty market still has a new change in attention.

Elementary subdivision is changing, Yan Laqi, Wei Na, "heavy warehouse" La Leya, Yuze, has ran to the forefront of the sales list and become a "new black horse". Last year, the perfect diary, Hua Sizi, etc. "before the black horse" player, this year passed the establishment of R & D centers, open offline shop, and expanded to the new stage of "plastic brands".

The domestic beauty makeup brand has already placed a new competitive node.

The brand did not stand firm, the traffic did not dare to throw

From the perspective of the development cycle of the new consumer brand, the brand relies on high-density traffic to complete the transition from 0 to 1 ", which is no longer difficult. However, in determining whether the brand can evernast, the single traffic play is clearly no longer applicable, and the brand's shaping needs to be synchronized.

Many brands have realized this.

As a representative brand last year, this year, the perfect diary and flower West have increased the investment of branding.

Perfect diary continues to adhere to multi-brand strategy. At the beginning of this year, the perfect diary company Yi Xian e-commerce acquired high-end brand EVE LOM, officially opened the road to "buy buy". At present, Yixian E-commerce already has a number of brands including perfect diary, small Otin, complete ingly, Galénic, Eve Lom, and Subbear.

At the same time, the perfect diary has also increased its investment in the line. According to Yi Xian e-commerce founder, Huang Jinfeng entered the exhibition in November this year, the perfect diary currently has 280 online new stores.

Unlike perfect diary, Huhua West will focus on the improvement of R & D capabilities. In August, Huishi Pharma Yig Group was officially put into use in Hangzhou's own R & D center. It is understood that the R & D center integrates product development, quality inspection and CMF.

In the same month, Hua Si was officially unveiled in Hangzhou's "Oriental Beauty Research Institute". The Institute mainly starts from raw materials and groups, combined with professional instruments and large data research, providing customized professional makeup products for Eastern women's skin.

The domestic product beauty has a brand awareness, although it is a good thing, but the brand is shaped, and it is a day of work. A cruelty is that those international brands that precipitate for decades are still dominant in competition.

Sales data in large e-commerce festival can prove this. Public information shows that including this year, 2019-2021, the top three of the Tmall Double Eleven Makeup list is L'Oreal, Lancome and Estee Lauder, and the strength is like a rock.

Even from branding daily sales, international brands are still more better. "Amoy Data" shows that in the Amoy platform, in November this year, the GMV of International Brand L'Oreal, Estee Lauder and Lancome is 2.235 billion yuan, 2.142 billion yuan and 1.06 billion yuan, and the top three, the national product beauty brand is not right. It caused a threat.

For the perfect diary and flower West, it is more important to be a competitor of the same country. On the occasion of the brand, the new brand has been in the market share of these "front black horses".

In 2020, "Tmall 618 Beauty Pre-Sale TOP10 List", perfect diary and flower West are ranked 7th and 10th. Among them, the perfect diary won the TOP1 of the domestic beauty makeup last year.

And this year, according to the "Tmall 618 Makeup / Perfume Brand Pre-sale List" released by EcDataway, the international brand represented by YSL, Estee Lauder accounted for 9 seats. The domestic product brand has only one seat, which is neither a perfect diary. Non-flower West, but the new brand of Xinrui, 2018, was established.

At the same time, Yan Laqi also achieved self-transcendence. The data shows that on June 1, the sale of the Tmall flagship store in the top 30 minutes of the store in the first day of last year. Among them, Hello Kitty single product sales is the first place in "Tmall 618 First Wave Sale".

Only from the sales data of Tmall 618, it is natural to have a conclusion that Yan Laqi has exceeded the perfect diary. But it can be sure that such as Doraqi is the same as the show, completely with the potential to complete the US diary.

This also means that in the large environment of consumers, the competition will be the future of the national beauty brand. Relying on "breeding grass + live broadcast", the rapid willingness, competition, especially the flow.

So we can see that the perfect diary known as "Goss of Goods" has been successfully listed, and there is still no play of "burning money exchange" this year.

According to the Perfect Diagra, the third quarter of the 20021, the third quarter of the 20021, the company has increased by 6% year-on-year, a net income of 1.34 billion yuan, net loss 361.8 million yuan. Although the loss of loss is narrowed year-on-year (643.8 billion yuan last year), the marketing cost is still high, the third quarter of this year, the sales and marketing cost of Yi Xian e-commerce is 91.13 billion yuan, accounting for 67.9% of income.

In addition, in the marketing level, the brand has not given up "flow playing" to make yourself with the emerging concept.

In June this year, spent West avatar "Flower West" debut. In reality the controversial idol, idol of virtual time getting hot market, many brands have launched their own avatar, "an occasion to get on the train," the natural flower West is Ben attention from. There are more exaggerated perfect Diaries "incoming" meta-universe. Eye of Heaven investigation APP show recently, perfect diary affiliates Guangzhou Hsien E-Commerce Co., Ltd. to apply for registration of "skin can Xiongyuan Yu-chou" "PERFECT DIARY METAVERSE" trademark, including the International Classification of supplies, kitchen ware, the current status of the trademark application .

It is foreseeable that, in this "wine is also afraid of deep alley 'era, between domestics and traffic Beauty brand, it will be bundled long-term relationship. If you want to go long-term brand, brand strength to create the flow of play can not be lost.

Small track, large single product, domestics Beauty "to break new password"?

From the attitude of the capital markets, this year, the track segments domestics beauty brands are especially popular. Many brands have completed a large amount of financing, and some successful listing:

January 28, the main lip glaze collage United States is still the parent company shares B round of financing announced the completion of a total of 400 million yuan;

March 8th, the main push of this herbal cleansing oil by-completed $ 50 million B round of financing;

March 25, a series of sensitive muscle care of domestic brand "Winona" Bei Taini parent company in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to ring the bell, the stock opened up 272%, with a total market capitalization of nearly 700 billion yuan.

It also fit the new consumer brand development trend.

In the new era of information explosion, consumers' attention has shifted from the fragmented dust, the brand does not have significant differences of features, almost unable to draw their attention. For the new consumer brand, compared with the involvement of weakness beginning to achieve the flow of war, they tend to look for opportunities to more segments of the track.

It is worth mentioning that these brand new track from the breakdown of this year, almost all of the sales went to the forefront.

In addition collage mentioned earlier, this dual 11-by-year, the whole network sales exceeded 280 million yuan, Lynx double 11 to win the Beauty brand new list first. As only list the last two years, "Lynx double 11 skin care sales charts," the domestic products brand, Winona rose from ninth to seventh last year, for the first time exceeded the mystery of SK-II and La Mer.

In addition to these new players subdivision track, this year, there are some old players an occasion to "big one product," to regain market favor.

In 2020, the introduction of dual anti-Po Laiya cream and ruby ​​essence a "test the water." 2021, Po Laiya Start "heavily loaded" These two single product. Data show that the first half of 2021 Po Laiya cost of sales 807 million yuan, accounting for revenue ratio was 42.09% (same period last year accounted for 33.04 percent), an increase of 350 million yuan, an increase of 76.47%.

From the final results, which directly enhance the sales Po Laiya large single product.

In 2020, Po Laiya double anti-series + series ruby ​​revenue accounted for about 10% of total revenues, while the first three quarters of this year, Po Laiya large single product brand in the income share has reached 21%.

Jahwa's Tamasawa is also the same reason. With a single product gotu kola peace of mind Mask, during this year, 618 pre-sale, Tamasawa opening one hour TOP10 list will occupy ninth place, has become one of the new brand for the first time among the "Top Ten explosion models" brand.

Of course, for the brand, in addition to the large single-product strategies to enhance market awareness, it can also be synchronized to enhance the brand's customer unit, re-purchase rate, and thus bring economies of scale and enhance profitability.

To Po Laiya, for example, thanks to the effective driving large single product this year, Po Laiya increased from 140 yuan to 157 yuan last year's Lynx platform customer unit. Meanwhile, the first three quarters of 2021, the company achieved operating income of 3.012 billion yuan, an increase of 31.48%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 364 million yuan, up 27.82 percent.

So, does this mean that small and large track a single product would save domestics Beauty brand of "one size fits all"?

"Mantis observed" that it might be otherwise.

In the consumer area, almost difficult to achieve brand blocked category, especially beauty consumption. For example, mention whitening essence, we can think of SK-II's small bulbs, can expect OLAY bottle of white, the former does not have the uniqueness.

In other words, in terms of domestic beauty brand, even by cutting the track and quasi-segment main push to get large single product brand awareness, and therefore it is difficult to fully occupy the minds of consumers. Beauty brand imitation threshold is not high, the new brand is not impossible to catch up.

To cleansing oil, for example. As mentioned earlier, this year again won by the Lynx double eleven oil remover purpose of the first, but the newcomer's new brand "blue" is also accelerating the rise.

In the consumer side, there are a lot of little red book bloggers began to compare differences between the two brands. In the capital side, the brand has completed the financing of two of the total 200 million yuan.

From the bottom of logic, domestics Beauty brand and other consumer brand is actually no different, brand power to shape an important source of competitive advantage is.

In the "Mantis observe" It seems that the brand needs to build brand strength training final thought. That is, the advantage of starting from the instinct to create the future, in order to strive for greater competition for their own initiative. This requires domestic products from beauty brand products, marketing, channels and supply chain dimensions, full force.

For example, in the marketing level, get rid of "external dependence", strengthen the capacity of the brand itself on traffic. After the "Viya turned" incident, the brand is too dependent on the head anchor, which has become a more "risk". Based on normalized live broadcast, it is more conducive to achieving "saturated attack", achieving long-term occupation of consumer mind, brand self-broadcast may be more worth trying.

At the end of November, the "2021 Beauty Short Video and Marketing Trend Insights" released by Mayana Data showed that brand self-broadcast has become one of the most popular methods of beauty makeup in recent months.

The effect is also very significant. The data shows that in 2021Q1, in the platform of shake, the number of Q3 beauty brand has increased by nearly 2 times, and the sales volume from the beauty brand in September is more than 60%. In January and September, the sales of moisters increased by 188% in September.

For example, in the product level, refuse the big name "card neck", grind more products that can across the life cycle.

As mentioned earlier, Weona is the only national brand that this year's cat double eleven squeezes into the skin care products. This aspect shows that the national bodies are showing greater growth potential. On the other hand, I have to admit that the international brand is still "can play" in the competition.

The reason that "can play", in addition to many years of brand sedimentation, there are also products that can span the life cycle. SK-II has fairy water, small light bulbs; Lancome has small black bottles, crying cream; Estee Lauder has a small brown bottle and so on. These brands can be eager to grow, because their products are evergreen, and they have not shaken basic dishes due to new brands.

Good, some national beauty brand, and began to fight the product, Baique Liang began to cooperate with the University of Berlin, the perfect diary established Open Lab.

But this is far from enough. The national beauty makeup should completely remove the negative label of "doing products" with feet, but also need more brands to participate, attach importance to product development, establish a more stable brand moat.

Fortunately, China's beauty makeup is welcoming a "best era".

According to the "2021 China Native Beauty Industry Research Report", in 2020, China's local beauty market has reached 15.76 billion yuan. In 2023, China's local beauty market is expected to approximately 252.7 billion yuan, and the composite growth rate of 2021-2023 is expected to reach 16.6%.

Make a big domestic product beauty brand, it is a big green or blue, and it will be seen soon.

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