Why do you want to be "breeding"?

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Why do you want to be "breeding"?

2022-01-21 18:04:02 52 ℃

The Internet has never given up the "breeding" track.

There is media report that the first-level entrance on the left side can replace "the city" with multiple categories, which is currently included in the same city, learning, planting grass, and four options. In fact, the shake is in October 2021, tested the graphic grass display page similar to Xiaohong book, and the account can add related topics, and can hang the product link sale.

The major Internet platforms have developed "breeding grass" products. The e-commerce platform moves neat, Taobao launched "stroll", there are a lot of "small circles", Jingdong to create a "planting grass show", other Internet size is also layout, such as Tencent has developed "Record", knowing "Chao", Mo Mo has "Raspberry". There is also the independent good object to choose from social fake, such as "What is worth buying" "Where to go", "

After the "breeding of grass", after the domestic ranking, although the big factories did not make a super-large amount of grass app, the content of this track, the entire Internet has long been spread all over the Internet.

It is not difficult to understand the competition.

Depart from the user side, planting grass generally refers to the process of recommending the same things to others, letting them like and produce the process of purchasing / consumer desires. This stimulates more and more net red shops, tourist attractions, net red merchandise and other sharp-headed, and planting effects have also been verified numerous times. In business transformation, taking a typical grass community Xiaohong book as an example, there are previous media reports, and its 2020 advertising revenue is $ 600 million, accounting for 80% of total revenue. Planting grass and advertisements are close to the advertising benefits.

As the large factory is connected to the grass business, this paper tries to explore that the big factory spent the strength, why didn't there be a grass app to grow up? The major APPs, including the shake, integrated into the grass business, is it really attractive to the grass owners and users? Will Impact Geese?

How do the big factory breed?

How is the big plant breed?

The practice of e-commerce platform is to open a grass community on the original super app.

They have no weight given to this feature. Taobao is officially launched in December 2020; Jingdong launches "visiting" in the homepage, open the "placed grass show" content; spelling a lot of "small circles" is also placed The top of the top page.

Although they focus on their focus, some interfaces are roughly similar to Xiaohong Book, such as Taobao's brush, Jingdong's "stroll", some try other play, such as "small circles", compared to the species Grass, more like friends shopping list, you can see shopping records with friends, you can choose whether to shield shopping information, more social attributes, but there is a common link, you can link underground. Such an advantage is to let "plant grass" to "trick" directly transform.

From left to right, it is: spelling a lot of small circles, Jingdong's "visit", Taobao's "stroll" source / spell, Jingdong, Taobao APP screenshot

But it is also because of its e-commerce platform attributes, planting is only an affiliate business, and the transaction attribute of the platform is too strong and is not conducive to the user's spontaneous content. For example, there is industry insiders telling the pineapple finance, and come to the blogger to share the content, a lot of Taobao stores, the purpose is to give their own products.

Compared to the above-mentioned e-commerce platform, there is a content and consumption of content and consumption. However, in the case of the pre-senior product manager, there is already a large number of recommended materials, unpacking, exploration, etc. in the contentous ecology of the shake, and can hang the small yellow trading. If you also open a specialized grass, it is not big.

The problem is still facing, in the content level, the shake has launched a similar graphic content in October 2021, a product manager mentioned that in the mainstream environment of social platform, then support the graphic itself It is an end, "In the efficiency of breeding, the graph is not as good as the video. For the user, the picture is not a video intuitive, and the reading threshold is higher than the video."

Other big plants layout grass, is to launch a separate app. Such APPs have characteristics, Tencent's "record" social attribute is more concentrated, similar to the microblogging version "friends circle", more than a good to share; knowing the "chao" is positioned as "male breeding grass community"; Mo Mo, in July 2021, it was reported to be launched by the media, UI design and small red books, but no new news was exposed.

In seven wheat data, there is a note, and CHAO has no rankings and specific download data, and the user is small.

There are also companies specializing in planting grass trails, launched "what is worth buying", "Where to go weekend", it is more vertical compared to the small red book content. "Where to go" weekend "is positioned to provide urban life apps for weekend leisure activities," What is worth buying "shopping guide attribute is stronger, will directly mark the price prices directly, provide jump link. At present, in seven wheat data, "What is worth buying" is 503 free list, "I have to go weekend" no rankings.

It is worth noting that the essence of breeding is content consumption, first there is content, then bring consumption transformation. Judiecase mentioned that herbs are equipped with content marketing and do not exist alone. The current emerging grass platform, some lack of content properties, such as planting communities under the e-commerce platform, some lack of consumption transformation, such as Tencent "Record", etc., and some, there is directly lack of user foundation, For example, "Chao", etc.

In other words, do grass, the content must be done first. How to allow users to share content spontaneously, it is the difficulty of grass platform. Grass bloggers no "home"

So, how to let bloggers willing to share content on the grass to the platform? This grass needs to sort out the different content and other content.

According to open Financial pineapple with a number of bloggers exchange point of view, first, to make the threshold is not high grass content.

A maker of open operating Xiaofan told Finance pineapple, grass and content aimed at her from June 2021 to do sideline, shaking breath sounds and little red books were opened five grass around beauty, money, reading account. She mentioned that not much time spent in each account operators, skilled, you can spend an hour a day to write an essay. In addition, the production cost is very low, no live appearance, using some basic picture material, mixed cut even video do not need.

Second, some bloggers do grass account, the purpose is to convert users into their own private domain transactions.

Japan and South Korea had done cosmetics purchasing Xiao Han, create an account on the little red book, Taobao, vibrato, distribute, display products. She mentions, because the user has exclusive advertising natural, grass drainage ways to enhance trust, so the purpose of the account, is the accumulation of fans in the major platform, into their own micro-channel group transactions.

Such bloggers mentioned, although every platform jump will lose traffic, but as long as the flow "Douzhu", the final transaction is not occurred on the grass platform, it is not important.

Source / Vision China

Furthermore, the conversion transaction grass bloggers are not the only appeal.

In a shaking voice, part-time Disney content on the little red book blogger said that if the merchandise also put grass, fans are not considered out of love Disney. So, in business transformation, he aimed at the fans to bring their own advertising cash, we will be more concerned about the content production platform and traffic size of dinner plates.

That is, the grass low threshold, advertising directed at bloggers come, where to go where to flow, directed at the electricity supplier to the blogger, the purpose is to import the private sphere, they will not stay for a single platform. A businessman Reds agency told MCN open pineapple Finance, almost no one grass like blogger confined to a platform to distribute content, as long as the popular platform, they will go settled.

Internet industry in the past to build the App play is, in order to attract users willing to produce UGC content, traffic and money to support the play. For example, had to compete watermelon video UGC video content, announced hit 2 billion subsidy. In the opening exchanges and pineapple Finance, the number of B station, watermelon video, microblogging and other bloggers have a waist 500 000 -100 million fans said it will not sign an exclusive platform and a home, and even had to be able to get more and more cash flow and support while signing exclusive blogger, bluntly "very sorry."

Compared to the production of the video, grass content lower threshold, bloggers tend to "multi-platform distribution," which caused a certain extent, rely on the platform to dig throwing money at people to form a "blogger monopoly" competitive advantage, become Harder.

Q flagship graphics community, and there have been attempts by the crash of financial support. When byte beating Wukong create questions and answers, it has twice announced that invested one billion capital subsidy, that it took 2 billion to dig Q bloggers, the results unsatisfactory, and now Wukong Q has declared offline.

"Grass is generated with each other bloggers and user content, once the platform operator end, it becomes a precise estimate of the business." Judge expressed. Product Operations Zhang Yue says, "The grass should be laissez-faire type of content the user's own content production platform better to have fewer 'meddle' or even 'hands-off'." These are manufacturers who create difficulties grass platform.

Little Red Book panic?

However, this does not mean that other platforms have no chance.

Finance, said folio judge pineapple, grass and user demand for content will not change, but the content consumption channel will change. For example, a white kitchen users want to learn to cook, find recipes on Baidu before, but now more inclined to search on a shaking voice and Little Red Book.

Among these changes is that the user to play from the platform to become a platform for consumption. When a user searches for "how to do dishes," under "What better oil change" and other everyday problems, use more in this platform, the more the production of content, the contents of the corresponding platform will be more abundant, can carry the demand for more and more rich.

All in all, more dependent on the user spontaneous grass, complement each other, the platform needs patience to "keep."

For now, on the one hand, the little red book is still the most strong community atmosphere grass, manufacturers have laid siege to the little red book, the difficulty is not small. On the other hand, commercialization difficulties faced little red book itself, it will be the platform for the development of grass and other inevitable problems.

"The ultimate goal is always to develop grass back to business." An industry source said that at present the entire grass platform earn money or business transformation difficult, will be long-standing problem. According to media reports, in 2020, total revenue in the little red book, about 80% rely on advertising, about 20% by the electricity supplier.

From advertising and grass too close, if you do not hang merchandise links, brand launch bloggers, just put a bit ad impressions, conversion rate there is a problem.

An industry person mentioned that little red book of core scene or find a good thing, as it is a content-sharing platform, can be made a star of a brand, but the limited impact of the transaction directly contributed.

At present, the advertising plate is divided by major Internet big products, the growth space is limited, and the new growth point is to open, e-commerce is the hard bone of the head. Source / Visual China

But another question is, whether it is branded or spontaneous content, the blogger hangs on the product link, and the e-commerce transformation is performed, and the advertised flavor is too strong, and the user resists, and it also affects the community's grazing.

"Playing grass" is inserted to the side of the individual life, although natural comes with commercial properties, but only in the middle of the e-commerce and content, the transaction rate is not high. This is also one of the reasons why many bloggers do not actively hang trading links. There is a blogger mentioned that in the shake, the content of the small yellow car is hung, the full rate is not good, and the content production has given higher requirements.

At present, other major plants are breeding, and they have been facing similar problems.

The judgment of the judge to find the pineapple, knowing that the knowledge of the development of developments does bring some revenues to the platform. As a depth user, his perception is that the platform is still too deliberate. Knowing that after opening a knowledgeable object, some accounts are in question in the question, from planting grass to shopping guide, implantation, etc., the impact on the content is great.

The business value of breeding grass has been brought by a lot of big plants. In fact, the platform is difficult to rely on it to earn big money. This, the crisis brought by the big factories, it is more difficult.