How to choose the new year hollow 8 flagship?iQOO9 and Xiaomi 12 purchase suggestions

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How to choose the new year hollow 8 flagship?iQOO9 and Xiaomi 12 purchase suggestions

2022-01-22 00:02:48 56 ℃

Going home in the New Year, I can't get together with my friends. Who wants to let the mobile phone drag your own skills? It is better to pick a game tool for yourself before I go home, and I am a friend's thigh ~

Matching with playing games, except for the exaggerated game, high-performance flagship model is undoubtedly the most appropriate choice. As of now, the first model of the first batch of Snapdragon 8 chips also released and sold, in which iQOO 9 and Xiaomi 12 have a highlight in hardware, whether the former is the main function of the two-core high performance, full-mode handling experience, or The latter's small screen flagship is easy to operate, it is the reason that attracts everyone to buy. During the New Year's Day, these two mobile phones are more worthy? Today, I will analyze the friends from different needs.

In terms of basic performance, both models are equipped with hardware combinations of Xiaolong 8 + LPDDR5 + UFS 3.1, and this hardware, at least in the first half of this year, the ceiling configuration of the flagship mobile phone this year, but from the online test results, iQOO 9 of the rabbit test can be easily broken, and the millet 12 is in 950,000, and the actual performance is certain.

Left: iQOO 9; Right: Xiaomi 12

In conjunction with the digital evaluation of the B station UP main digital monarch, IQOO 9 has a certain advantage in performance release and fever, power consumption, and is called "Tinan" in the current UP "Master".

In addition, the hardware of iQOO 9 is not only serving the number of frames, but also more perfect in terms of experience. It is a single-character chip PRO, which can reduce power consumption and fever in addition to the higher frame limit, allowing mobile phones to achieve longer steady performance in more than ten games. Its two is the full-mode control system, which contains screens that support inductive technology, closed double righteous, symmetric dual x-axis linear motors, enhanced game experience from manipulation, listening, and vibration, and Professional game mobile phone.

Interception from iQOO official website

On the other hand, even if you don't talk about the quality, iQOO 9's straight screen is more suitable for playing games than millet 12, this is unquestionable.

The PRO level model of the iQOO 9 series and millet 12 series is almost consistent on the screen, but there is a big difference between the standard model models.

Among them, iQOO 9 uses a three-star E5 illuminating material straight screen, 120Hz refresh rate, local peak brightness can reach 1500nit, compared to E4 screen, this screen can save 25% of the power, and it is currently the best straight screen. For your eyes-sensitive friends, even if iQOO 9 uses the OLED screen, there is a B station UP protocol to find iQOO 9 after applying the new DC dimming scheme, the frequency is lower than other non-LTPO models, and this At the same time, there is no sacrifice of the display effect, this is very rare. It can even be said that iQOO 9 is the most eye-catching Snapdragon 8 flagship model.

Xiaomi 12 is a small-screen route, the screen size is only 6.28 inches, plus the appearance of the surface screen, the advantage is that it is more prone to manipulating, making a small friend relatively friendly. Aspects of the display, this screen comes from Huaxing Optoelectronics, which also supports 120 Hz refresh rate, and daily use is also a good screen, but in terms of frequency flash performance is inferior to iQOO 9.

Intercept from Xiaomi official website

In other parameters, the two models can be said to have features. In terms of battery life, iQOO 9 is equipped with 4700mAh batteries and is equipped with 120W cable charging. It can be charged to 100% in 19 minutes. Xiaomi 12 is equipped with 4500mAh batteries, and 67W wired + 50W wireless + 10W reverse charging, although the machine is behind the battery capacity and charging speed behind iQOO 9, but charging technology is more rich, and the application scenario is also more widely.

iQOO 9

In terms of photographing, the two models have used the back three-shot module, iQOO 9 is 50 million pixels GN5 main photo +13 million pixel 120 ° super wide angle + 12 million pixel portrait lens, millet 12 is 50 million pixel IMX766 Photographing +13 million pixels 123 ° super wide angle + 5 million pixel long focal lens, the main photos and super wide-angle qualities of the two models are relatively close, IQOO 9's telephoto lens pixels occupy, and the rest did not significantly difference.

Millet 12

In terms of design, the two models have a large adjustment in the proderation, and the change in IQOO 9 is the increase in the lens module area, and Xiaomi 12 is further reduced, and the body size is further reduced, and more suitable Single hand hold is a relatively few small screen flagship.

iQOO 9

During the New Year Festival, IQOO 9 supports 24 interest-free, purchase iQOO earphones and half-year extended insurance, let the sun give 50 yuan Beijing beans, have the opportunity to win Vivo Watch 2, the price is 3999 yuan; Xiaomi 12 also support 24 free Interest, purchase of Jingdong Plus member annual card, sun return 50 yuan Jing beans, the price is 3699 yuan.

Left: iQOO 9; Right: Xiaomi 12