Xiaomi 10S: is about to be a thousand yuan, Xiaomi 12X: Goodbye

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Xiaomi 10S: is about to be a thousand yuan, Xiaomi 12X: Goodbye

2022-01-22 18:02:57 45 ℃

In many millet phones, Xiaomi 10S is a special model. I have never seen the Xiaomi digital flagship machine selected by "S" as a suffix. It can be seen from this point that Lei Jun is still 10S for Xiaomi 10S. Extraway. From the date of publication, Xiaomi 10S listing time is more late than millet 11, and its positioning is between Xiaomi 11 and Xiaomi 10, similar to the relationship between millet 12 and Xiaomi 12X, the price is about 500 yuan. Therefore, Xiaomi 10S is theoretically flagship product, just the starting price of 3299 yuan, let everyone feel some expensive.

Imagine that the Redmi K40 PRO of the Snapdragon 888 chip was only 2799 yuan, and the start price of the Redmi K40 of the Snapdragon 870 was even more than 1999 yuan. For some pursuit of rice noodles, it seems to find a millet 10S. Reason. Therefore, the sales of Xiaomi 10S have not been on, with the listing of Xiaomi 12 series, including Xiaomi 11, Xiaomi 10S, the old flagship machine, the price is all bottom, especially the millet 10S in front of you, the price is even more It is 2039 yuan, which is about to be a standard thousand yuan, and the price is more than millet 12X.

From the hardware configuration, Xiaomi 10S is more comprehensive than Xiaomi 12X, and it takes its screen. It uses a dual curved screen design, the left digging hole + screen fingerprint recognition technology, the whole machine looks very textive. The size of Xiaomi 12X should be a small lap, which can bring better handheld, and is relatively friendly for small screen users. However, due to the size of the size, the battery life has also been reversed, the millet 12x battery capacity is reduced to 4500mAh, which is not as strong as the 4780mAh of Xiaomi 10S. Division, both mobile phones are the current mainstream Snapdragon 870.

Don't look at the Snapdragon 870 has been behind Xiaolong 8 Gen1 has two generations. Its performance is very excellent. It is also stronger than many mid-end 5G chips, like Tianzhuang 900, Xiaolong 778G, etc. Snapdron 870. With this 5G SoC bond, Xiaomi 10S can be calmly cope with various mobile games, and the frame rate curve during the game is very stable, and there is no jitter or flashback. Although the Snapdragon 888 mobile phone running data better, the energy consumption is not as good as the Snapdragon 870, there are many rice flour feedback, Xiaomi 10S game experience is even stronger than Xiaomi 11.

This is no exaggerated cost, affecting the key to the mobile game experience or heat dissipation, Snapdragon 888 as Samsung first generation 5nm chip, heat dissipation control is not good, long-term play game "down", some game experience is not as good as Dragon 870 mobile phone. Therefore, for game enthusiasts, the millet 10S in front of me is enough, after all, it has LPDDR5, UFS3.1 flash blessings, start storage reaches 8GB + 128GB, high value value. In addition, Xiaomi 10S also added 100 million pixel lenses, pixels more than millet 12X, OIS anti-shake guarantees its stable video viewing ability.

In addition to the above selling points, Xiaomi 10S has an equivalent 1.2cc large sound cavity, symmetric distributed double 1216 linear speaker, the industry's first 0.7mm amplitude vocal unit, one degree getting the first grade of the DXOMARK sound quality list. In terms of peripheral parameters, NFC, infrared remote control, 90Hz high brush, wireless charging, is a very strong flagship mobile phone. Today, Xiaomi 10S drops from the high-end market to the mid-China market, which is about to become a thousand yuan. For rice noodles that have been watching this mobile phone, it has already arrived for a good time.

Talking about the last

After seeing the latest price of Xiaomi 10S, do you think that Xiaomi 12X will be willing to start? Welcome everyone to leave a message.

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