B station held 2021 top 100 UP main festival technology knowledge class UP main ratio doubled

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B station held 2021 top 100 UP main festival technology knowledge class UP main ratio doubled

2022-01-22 18:02:00 49 ℃

[TechWeb] January 22 news, 哩 哩 (hereinafter referred to as "B Station") full broadcast Bilibili Power Up 2021 100 large UP master ceremony, three dimensions, influence, innovation, comprehensive selection Annual Big UP Lord, Annual Newcomer Award, Annual Best Work, Annual Society Contribution and Multiple Awards.

Among the single prizes, the UP main "The Moon Social Remarks" of the Food Area was "the highest popularity" award, the UP master "Qinglian lost the" Qinglian ", the annual black horse UP master", the living area UP master "is shallow The talents "" 15-day flower 200,000 yuan with 500 grams of gold knocked tens of thousands of hammer purely to create a Samsung Jinjin Mask "" The Best Works ", the Best Works of the Living Area, the" Plaza Traffic "series created "Annual Original Column".

Hundreds of entered the fourth year of the B station launched a new selection criteria

This year is the B station in the fourth consecutive year. With the increase of B stations and UP owners, the UP owner has become an emerging career that has been recognized by the society. This year, the B stood in the list of hundreds of UP, which announced "professional", "influence", "Innovation" three new selection criteria, the first round of UP maintenance is 63%.

Among them, "Professionalism" means "the creation is highly professional, and can be used as a representative of the corresponding content type." Some professional UP mains, even if the number of fans exceeds millions, I also won the top 100 UP Lord, such as the animation area UP Lord "Ray's model world", won the 21st "Japanese Japanese Slag Ancient Selection "World Championship, good at explosion of various electronic products into model; academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, UP Lord" Wang Pin ", is good at explaining various marine geological knowledge; only 41,000 fans UP main" DarkCarrot ", Because of its professional game comment, you will receive a hundred large UP owners.

"Influential" means "this year's important work has achieved active, positive, extensive community influence". This year's 100 UP Lord has created a work with full network, such as the UP main "Vicky Xuan Xuan", which will transform a simple melody into the original song "SHE", and won 16.51 million; The UP main "infinity of the unfolunction" is dedicated to biological discipline, creating the full network popular Tibetan lexion; the UP master of the living area "is shallow," it is shallow, " We won a number of official media such as Xinhua News Agency, producing a wide and positive influence.

"Innovation" refers to "breaking through self, innovation, and actively trying different ways." In the past year, there have been many hundred UP Lords, which have made innovative content. Such as the UP Lord "Teacher", I am a classmate ", replay the products that Apple have given up; the UP main" Director Xiaote "in the living area is created; the UP master", " The method of shooting video, reflecting the pet blind box problem, causing great social attention.

Monthly active UP primary super 2.7 million B station rapid knowledge video rapid growth

In the past year, the content of general knowledge is ushered in high-speed growth in the B station. In 2021, the content of general knowledge is 45% in the total number of playback of B.

Chairman of the B station and CEO Chen Rui once said: "Compare entertainment, video more important roles is to deliver knowledge. Video delivery knowledge is more efficient. In the past, all knowledge was recorded on books, and the future, all knowledge It can be spread again through the video. "" Wang Pin, "" Xiaoxuan Khan "," Small Transparent TM "," Small Transparent TM ", the new UP master is popular, and it also reflects the high demand for B station users for general knowledge. Spend.

B Station 2021 Feicle Third Quarter Financial Report showed that B-site active users reached 267 million, a year-on-year increase of 35%. The activity and viscosity of the community are constantly improving, and the user's daily use is 88 minutes, and the history is high. The core driving force of the growth of the B station users is inseparable from the high quality creation of the UP. In the third quarter, the B-station active UP main number of 2.7 million, an increase of 61% year-on-year; the amount of monthly budget exceeded 10 million, an increase of 80% year-on-year; the number of UP mains above 10,000 powder also achieved 42% growth.

In order to make quality creators to make better creations, the B station constantly improves the flow distribution mechanism, and optimizes commercial pathways for creators. As of the end of the third quarter, more than 480,000 UP main benefits from the creator incentive plan. B stood fireworks business cooperation platform, live broadcast platform, also brings more commercial opportunities for content creators. The B station also launched the "UP Home Copyright Protection Plan" on October 29, providing personal creators with cross-platform infringement demonstration and "one-button rights".