Winter Olympics scene pilot landing digital RMB will promote large-scale promotion

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Winter Olympics scene pilot landing digital RMB will promote large-scale promotion

2022-01-22 18:02:37 45 ℃

Beijing reported our reporter Wang Ke Jin

As the central bank of digital RMB APP formally launched the Winter Olympics and catalytic application scenarios, the bank numbers yuan building usher in an important window period.

Recently, Suning Tesco (002024.SZ) after payment functions on line digital RMB, Suning Bank is involved in digital pilot RMB cause for concern. Suning Tesco interactive platform to reply investors that the bank has not been involved in digital Suning pilot RMB, but it will pay close attention to relevant policies, actively seek participation.

Recently, there are a number of listed companies to disclose digital technology yuan construction project in cooperation with banks, involving banks, including state-owned lines, stock lines and city commercial banks and so on.

After the pilot construction of more than a year in full swing, digital renminbi has made remarkable achievements. The central bank data show that as of December 31, 2021, RMB pilot digital scene has more than 8,085,100, the cumulative open a personal wallet 261 million, the transaction amount of 87.565 billion yuan.

In this context, more and more banks preparing for the scenario exploration continues to find a breakthrough. "China Business" reporter learned from the Bank of Communications, recently, the Bank Shanghai Branch issued a digital RMB employment subsidies to help the masses. In addition, industry analysts said that with the pilot landed the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter scene, the future of digital renminbi is expected to achieve large-scale application.

A number of banks eager to technology companies Dinglixiangzhu

January 14, 2022, Suning Tesco said Suning Bank will actively seek participation in the digital pilot RMB.

Recently, news about digital RMB Construction Bank propulsion, mostly from investor interactive platform. Kelan Software (300663.SZ) disclosed that the company signed with the state accusing him of a digital RMB-related projects have been completed technology validation, smooth delivery. The company is actively developing other banks, has been undertaking a joint-stock bank RMB digital city commercial banks and related systems of a number of construction projects.

Chutian (003040.SZ) interactive platform for investors, said the company participated in a number of bank customers' digital wallet RMB hardware products such as pilot services and technology, the Beijing Olympic Winter Games belong to one of the pilot projects, the current progress smoothly.

January 4, 2022, digital Renminbi (trial version) APP major mainstream application store shelves, functional interface to conduct a comprehensive upgrade optimization. Currently, China CITIC Bank, China Everbright Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Minsheng Bank, Huaxia Bank, Ping An Bank, Industrial Bank, Guangdong Development Bank, China Zheshang Bank, Bank of Beijing, Bank of Shanghai, Nanjing Bank have supported more commercial banks are gradually pick into the middle.

Currently digital RMB operator of the subject, including Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, Postal Savings Bank, China Merchants Bank, network operators, banks and public banks and other micro-nine banks, small banks will also offer other digital RMB services. Therefore, the securities in the open-source research report believes that state-owned lines, stock lines and small and medium banks will have a related system development, testing, operation and maintenance requirements, bank IT, security encryption, hardware and other related companies are expected to benefit.

A technology company official said that with the growing numbers of RMB pilot program to promote faster and faster, the company has the relevant technology of digital currency reserves were, but still need to expand the test under a lot of online and offline, especially in terms of stability and security in the limiting case of high concurrency transaction, the future may consider further expand the test range of the digital currency, banking institutions can actively seeking pilot qualifications, and to step up cooperation, enrich applications online and offline scenarios, digital eco RMB to build an open, inclusive and win-win.

Winter scene greet the pilot is expected to achieve large-scale promotion

Business Management Department of the central bank in 2022 working meeting of January 10, 2022 meeting pointed out that the digital scene Winter scene seven pilot Renminbi full coverage, to carry out large-scale digital RMB 3 pilot activities, landing scene 403,000 transactions the amount of 9.6 billion yuan.

During the Beijing Olympic Winter Games, Digital renminbi will further enrich the user, which will also become a great window to show Chinese digital financial capabilities. China Merchants Securities said in a research report, through the promotion of the Winter Olympics, the yuan will further the digital market is familiar, its industry chain enterprises in the traditional banking sector will benefit. On the one hand, the RMB digital hardware equipment manufacturers will benefit from the digital wallet RMB hard to bring market opportunities, and software developers will benefit from the growth of domestic and foreign banking system upgrade brings. On the other hand, digital RMB cross-border applications will be through "spillover effect" good traditional banking business, retail payments, foreign currency exchange, bear the brunt of cross-border remittances.

Sun Yang, senior researcher, Bank of China, believes that: "Beijing Winter Olympics actively applies high-tech, build green winter Olympics, Science and Technology Winter Olympics, will bring very interesting application scenarios to digital RMB, such as live green electricity short-term payment, new Energy electric car rental, no supermarket 24-hour intelligent payment, no contact restaurant, etc., these can use digital RMB through machine vision, intelligent wear equipment, sensor, etc. to pay for it. For the Winter Olympics, come to China Foreign people and overseas media are paid in the Winter Olympics field area, and the digital RMB is also very convenient. In addition, the Winter Olympics opportunity helps to promote banks in combination with Beijing Winter Olympics, fully study, explore and practice digital RMB in new energy Sports, intelligent sales terminals, overseas people during the short-term use of short-term use during China. "Jin Tian, ​​senior researcher in Digital Economics Research Institute, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, said:" After more than a year of pilot promotion, digital RMB application scenarios continue Extension, data processing capabilities and safety performance have been further inspected, and has gradually been fully promoted. In addition to continuing to expand landing provinces, Winter Olympics will also become an important node, driving digital RMB in hotels, transportation and other fields At the same time, the opportunity is to extend to cross-border payment, such as overseas consumers can use their own habits and use preference independent choices, or use digital RMB flexible wallets in mobile app, or use not to rely on mobile phones. Renminbi hard purse, etc. "

Application scenario acceleration broadens the digital financial capability

Recently, the reporter learned from the Bank of Communications, the Shanghai Branch joined in Shanghai Pudong New Area Employment Promotion Center and related streets, and distributed digital RMB employment subsidies to help the masses, further enriched the digital RMB application scenarios.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Bank of Communications, the subsidy fund will be issued in the form of digital RMB. It can achieve targeted subsidies through intelligent contract functions. Healthy ecology.

On January 18, 2022, at the 2021 financial statistics press press conference held at the National New Office, Zou Yu, Director of the Central Bank Financial Market, said that the next step, the central bank will further deepen in retail trading, life payment, government service, etc. The scene pilot uses the digital RMB, and the research and development of the digital RMB is piloted to the service entity economy and the people 's lives. Let more enterprises, individuals can feel the value of digital RMB and fully stimulate the enthusiasm of the industry.

And this also puts higher requirements for the bank. Sun Yang said: "Interoperability between digital renminbi and scene ecology is a very important role of banks. Banks should actively open the digital RMB system and online retail, online e-commerce, online consumption and other scene business systems Seamless interoperability in data, payment, customer management, actively apply biometric, network security, privacy calculation and other technologies to do customer identification, data privacy protection, account security protection. "

"Banks should build a smart contract platform around their own characteristic digital renminbi scenes, so that the digital RMB application is richer, control more intelligent, facilitates developers to develop innovative digital renminbi intelligent contract applications, and promote the development of digital RMB." Sun Yang said.

However, digital RMB is a new thing, and it is still in the pilot, and some challenges need to break through. Sun Yang said: "For example, let more people understand the digital renminbi, and cultivate the usage habits of ordinary people to digital RMB in the way they have a more mature payment habit. Resources, transforming more business existing POS devices to support digital RMB receiving orders; how digital RMB is the value of differentiated variations outside of the company's existing emotional electronic payment system A challenge ... "

Sun Yang believes that these challenges are normal for new things. "Banks participating in pilot and promotion must keep up with the pace of central bank, fully study each pilot scene, as much as possible for individual customers, corporate customers, to provide innovative applications in digital renminbi systems as much as possible And cooperate with the central bank, combine the requirements of the digital RMB, to step up upgrading and transformation of its IT system, data security protection, to match the digital RMB promotion as much as possible. "

For future, banks can also explore and force on many application scenarios. Sun Yang said: "Digital RMB is in the 'cross-border trade clearing settlement, the application of green power consumption in the new power system, the application of the intelligent home appliances, multi-intelligence liquidation settlement at the flexible workshop view Application, in the application of intelligence of wealth management, in the full-line insurance purchase of claims, the application in supply chain finance, and the application in the metacos offender, "is needed to explore."