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Ceiling, e-commerce is not broken

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Content e-commerce is not equal to "3, 2, 1 on the link".

After paying, logistics, supply chain, the shawn, the shake finally launched his own shake box, this hanging trick really began to do e-commerce as a separate business.

Either you explode, or not

Tophbus e-commerce is defined as interest e-commerce, because the user is here, I don't know what I want at the beginning, but I will inspire potential shopping desires when I "visit".

For merchants, this part of the traffic is incremental traffic, and even all the shake users who look at the content will be potential customers. But this also means that the things purchased by the user are unmected, and the sales will not be derived from the accumulation of the month, but is due to sudden outbreak.

Harmonious duplicate content may stimulate purchase interest, this kind of product-oriented e-commerce model may result in "either not single or burst".

It is difficult to say that there is a jammed e-commerce operation, one has experience in the trick, Taobao and other platforms, and the adventive anchors of the industry have told "observation". She believes that the biggest problem of hanging is that the re-purchase rate is difficult to measure, mainly from the tourists of impulsive consumption. She explains that the re-purchase rate is actually particularly important for the merchant, because the merchant really wants to make money, but also rely on the repeated purchase of the old users.

Many merchants from Taobao live broadcast, live broadcast, will feel the difference between the two. Taobao live broadcast is a live broadcast, rising the powder, and brought the goods. But when I arrived here, I want to sell the goods, I have to have a high-quality short video content to attract fans, or I need to constantly do it + promotion. The traffic looks very good, but the conversion, the remaining is not satisfactory, and the operating cost is extremely high.

Although, event drivers can often bring out burst growth to jam merchants. On July 21, 2021, Hongxingrk donated 50 million supplies to Zhengzhou bankruptcy, boarded the hot search. No. 23 Hongxingrke sales increased by 52 times year-on-year, and the sales of the live broadcast between July 24 broke through 100 million yuan.

However, after the ultra-high heat, the flow of the tide is difficult to stay. August incident spread reached the peak, Hong Xingrk hanging live broadcast started with 10,000 units. Even if Hongxinglock is still more than 14 million fans, their purchasing power is completely better than Li Ning, Anta's fans. The melon data shows that Hongxingurk's 60 live sales in Hongxingurk is 150.18 million yuan in the past one month, and the per capita contribution is only 1.03 yuan.

When the key marketing is point, the hanging e-commerce association is the most direct, fast place to be converted, but the user will lose their power.

Tudo users generally have little loyalty to the merchant. They look at the video is to kill the time, it is used to being satisfied within 15 seconds. If there is not a certain scene, suddenly involve shopping, the attention is easier to lose, but it will arouse their quickly divide the contradictory.

However, short "love" is better than "don't love". The mentality of shake users is cultivated very open under this atmosphere. If you look cool, you can buy it. Once there is "low price, lowest price", it is easy to promote trading. Especially in costumes that are not high, the slightly interested users can ban the self-propagated matrix bombing of branders.

However, a low price strategy also has obvious side effects. It has exacerbate the user's non-lord. If the user doesn't like to search for shopping, it is good to say. But if the user gets the truth after the impulse order, go to the head to see the product graphic introduction and user evaluation, maybe from that moment, they are ready to return.

Multi-clothing merchants have said to 36kr, and the return rate of trembling live is more than doubled than traditional e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall. Women's merchants Peng Li also told the "Dismiatrie Finance", this year, the double eleven, the hanging rate in all belt platforms is the highest, probably to 60%. Not only is the case, but the high unit price of merchants can't hold the tricks.

Li Yu is a big IP of the jewelry and e-commerce brand. He once received the first achievement of Tmall Double Eleven Total List in the Jewelry Field of 106 million. But after I was in the shake, their team lost 3 million a year.

Because, the actual output of GMV12 million in a live broadcast, but the amount returned the second day may reach there about 600,000 yuan. On the third day, the user returns more than 300,000 yuan. 50,000 yuan of flow, change 1200,000 GMV, and finally only 300,000 yuan of actual sales, basin can't cover other costs.

Because of this, as a long-term shopping platform, it relies on low unit privileges, and the effect of hanging e-commerce is not so good. Especially for small and medium-sized merchants, it is difficult to pin all hopes in an unstable e-commerce platform that is difficult to transform, and the extension rate is high.

Extraction of 15 second business opportunities, revealing the trample e-commerce transition

It is well known that the shake is not missing. But most people still don't know, there are many e-commerce.

Short video + e-commerce opened the e-commerce ceiling, but short video ceiling was also coming in just a few years. On November 19, "Shanghai Securities News" reported that domestic advertising income of the byte beating has stopped growth in the past six months. Mainly because short video is currently the number of domestic users is basically stable, a single advertising income has been seen.

Therefore, the shake had to fully embrace e-commerce, starting from 2020, it puts a lot of energy in the construction of e-commerce. In the first half of 2020, the hanging e-commerce puts down the station, introducing a large number of merchants, including small, industrial belts, brand-type merchants. In April, I signed Lin Yonghao to create a rendend, telling the public to jighten the trick. Almost almost almost almost almost, the shake is open to the store, and 0 fans can also apply for "shopping cart."

In the second half of the year, byte beating officially sets the e-commerce first-level business department. In August, 20% of service charges to the third-party e-commerce platform were received as a paving, and the hanging e-commerce began to build a closed loop. After 2 months, it officially cut off the third-party outer chain between live broadcast.

It looks a bigger action is that the independent app of the hanging e-commerce is officially launched in December last year. From this app called the shake box, we can see that the shake wants to do some strategies on the basis of content e-commerce. Change.

Entering the Titting Box "Home" The most obvious is "shopping", "recommended" and "search trend" three options.

The "shopping" page is similar to the INS wind ui of the small red book, and the introduction of graphics card directly jumps. The content in "Recommended" is not much different from the shake video, and it is still a waterfall flow video recommended to the user based on the algorithm. "Search the trend" is entirely the module of the shelf e-commerce. It can be seen that the shake box wants to keep the feeling of "stroll" while adding search functions.

The content is still the first heart of the shake box, but it enhances the graphic introduction and user evaluation by adding a graphic display. There is a consumer demand, and it is impossible for shopping destination users, it is impossible to open the shake shopping because it is too time. Roaming box is trying to shorten the content to the shopping path, intend to improve the user's shopping efficiency, improve this part of the user's shopping experience.

After all, for content e-commerce, completely rely on traffic distribution mode, the scale of the platform will be limited to the scale of the flow pool. If the active search can account for a certain proportion of the platform, it is possible to break the limitations of the original flow pool on the size of the e-commerce, and the transaction efficiency of the unit traffic may be improved.

This is perhaps the maximum short board as a raw e-commerce. However, the limited change in the shake box is actually exposed to the transformation of the e-commerce transformation.

The Ping An Securities report showed that the total GMV of Radio Live in last year was 500 billion, only 100 billion + from the self-operated platform hanging shop. The remaining four-fifths are jumped to Jingdong, Taobao completes the transaction. Hair E-commerce, if you want to get from Ali, Jingdong's logistics, there is a lot of homework to do. From this perspective, the shake box has to be done.

However, the original traffic of hanging e-commerce is extensive, and relying on long user time to stimulate user potential demand. If the trick box can filter out the user who has consumed demand, the original user's duration and the advantage of the traffic pool will have disappeared. Waiting for the popular traffic of the fettered operation, it is blocked outside the door.

Stripping from panic content is impossible to ensure that the original traffic is guaranteed, while adding users with consumer demand. This is a contradictory positioning of the e-commerce of the shake, it is possible to explore more users who are good at searching for consumption, it is possible to throw away interest users who don't take the initiative to find products.

Daren, the supply chain problem is difficult to solve

The shake box is a blind-chald-opening exploration, but it does not guarantee accurate migration of traffic, but it may lose the original advantage.

Compared with the quick hand, the head effect of the joker is weaker. According to the third-party data platform, the first year of the double eleven pre-sale, the top three of the tricks were the Guangdong couple (684 million), Jia Nail (652 million), Luo Yonghao (590 million). The top three of the faster were the egg (2683 million), Singba (1874 million), and the time was beautiful (824 million).

Compared with the integrated e-commerce platform, hanging e-commerce supply chain is not rich, lacks core categories. Taobao, Tmall has formed the advantages of clothing, beauty makeup, Jingdong digital appliances occupy consumer mind, spending more agricultural products into the hearts of people.

At present, the shake conversion rate is less than 5%. Shake If you do e-commerce, you have to compare directly with trillion GMV, and should not be compared to Taobao live module. Zhongjin Company analyst also believes that there is only a short video platform such as the trillion, and it may threaten the platform of Ali and Tencent. Small and medium-sized businesters should be an indispensable part of the ecological ecology, the number of goods SKUs that are more than 100 million units, which require these players to fill.

The shake box is tailored to the brand, and most of the current online flagship stores are currently the brand flagship store. Tophbus hopes to strengthen the head effect through the brand, quickly replenish the supply chain shortboard, but branders are often multi-platform layout. And from Taobao's data, it is often low relative to the live broadcast of people. Taobao live new personally said that the traffic from 37% of the self-broadcast is from the domain, but only 30% + sales transformation.

Although the shake box encourages, more content creators, do things to share the people. However, there is an e-commerce practitioner to reflect to "observation", and the shake box is not suitable for ordinary people. Novice stores need to receive orders ten days after the order is completed. Popular speaking, it requires a lot of intentions, unlike a lot of spells, you can find low-cost delivery channels, no goods can also collect goods from 1688, Taobao, world factory and other platforms, as long as there is a single, Can earn differences. The shake is a new opportunity, but it is impossible to reproduce the barbaric growth of the year. There are too many small shops, and there is a relatively high demand for operations. They must not only re-attach importance to the product's first graph video cover design, but also pay attention to the weight of the search keyword.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the original logic of content e-commerce. First shoot short video, or make a fragment in the live broadcast. As long as a video is fire, you can push the products in the video. This kind of top is hot, and then the transformation of the shake merchant logic.

If the flow rate conversion is not good, then it may not be necessary to spend an energy. Moreover, the raw box is done, and the flow of flow is screened to a certain extent, and the reproduction content is limited, and the reproducibility is created. However, duplicate content is actually the foundation of explosion, encourages repetition to create explosions.

Three years ago, the shake also provided a product search function. Users could get the information link of the product by searching for the keyword, jumping to the shake "small shop" applet, but basically did not play water. Now in the hanging e-commerce system, the merchant seems to be needed to make back the traditional shelf e-commerce. Is this a kind of progress or a back?

To do trillion GMV, the hanging box must not be a dismissal of hanging e-commerce. Because no one can guarantee that there will be more users willing to use the trick box. Unless it is better than other platforms, it is clear that it is clear that it is lacking the driving force of both.


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