How can the Chinese tide live?

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How can the Chinese tide live?

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"National treasure who! Let us support the domestic potato chips!" "What we have nice homemade shampoo thing!" "Seeking domestic delicious snacks!" "Li Ning, which is the domestic right?"

In the watercress "domestics | domestic department store," small groups, a similar post everywhere. This group is set up around the domestics, Introduction column reads: "ban all foreign brands Amway, for those Chinese enterprises local enterprises have to play, we are very welcome to Amway."

These tendencies distinctive character, truly reflect the current attitude of some young people fanatical domestic products, the tide country.

Network concept study report "issued in 2021 double live 11 domestic brands illustrations deal" shows that during last year's 11 double, year on year growth among the top10 turnover Live 8 to be domestic products, in which the highest year on year growth of domestic turnover increase over last year 430 times, cell phones, jewelry, snacks turnover of the top five brands are domestic brands.

Because young people sought after, the rapid rise of domestic products, but also will produce young people's dissatisfaction, the most acute question is: has always been the main cost of domestic products, once the country tide label affixed, began taking advantage of the price increases.

Last October, the new windbreaker jacket Bosideng shelves, priced at 2799 yuan -6690 yuan, next month, launched Dengfeng 2.0 Bosideng down jacket series, priced at over a million; November, launched a new brand Li Ning LI-NING 1990, products most pricing is 1.3 times to 1.5 times that of China Li Ning product line.

Guochao from the low end to high-end market, the idea is understandable, but prices continued in stark contrast to the lack of a lot of R & D investment, cost advantage no longer exist.

2018-2020, Li Ning's total revenue in R & D investment accounted for 2.2%, respectively, 2.6%, 2.2% in the first half of last year dropped to 1.84%, well below the 7.3% of the advertising and marketing expenses accounted for.

Liang, general manager of Shanghai Migratory Brand Management Ltd. Cheng Weixiong had told Finance magazine world, the domestic sports brand in the design and technological innovation investment accounted for no more than 5%.

"Although in recent years, including Anta, Li Ning, special steps, Olympic and other domestic sports brands are also in force on research and development, but in product development, brand communication creativity, technological innovation and application of new materials, motor function, etc., and many international brands there is also a very large gap, it is not difficult to understand the movement in the domestic consumer market, the high-end market is still dominated by international sports brand, and the local sports brand accounted for only popular in the market is low. "

In the era after eating dividend, the dividend will be converted into how brand value is placed in front of the country tide brand long-term problems.


2018, the country began to frequent the word tide in public view. In February that year, Li Ning, PEACEBIRD (Pacific birds), CHENPENG and the main reason Edison CLOT, became the first to board the China International Fashion Week brand.

After internal proposed to participate in the New York Fashion Week's motion, when he was general manager Feng Ye Li Ning electric business division have been asked many similar question: "Why should we participate in sports brand fashion week?" "Spend so much money to participate in Fashion Week, Business levels return enough? "" we are not marketing-driven brand, is the leading brand of products, invested so much worth it? "

With "Li Ning China" and "Chinese wind" to do the main elements of Li Ning, to participate in the outcome of this Fashion Week is obvious - the tide country, has become a hot topic of the year, Li Ning has become a pioneer in the country tide.

September 2018, Bosideng followed at New York Fashion Week participated in the catwalk. Since China embarked on the European and American brands began to frequent the red carpet fashion week.

Alec Chen Huaxing Securities (Hong Kong) consumer industries, research director said earlier that the all-weather technology, the concept of centralized national tide rise in the last two or three years, the country tide brand requires two conditions: the domestic brands, and fashion sense.

These two conditions to attract the consumer holds the right to speak of young people.

When referred to the small wave special step group president to accept a new interview with latitude and longitude, 2018, the White Rabbit, the Forbidden City and other commodities jointly successive fame had turned the momentum of the "National hot flashes", which with China's national strength, consumer awareness, cultural self-confidence the rise of the depth-dependent. "Right now the market is a very obvious feature, we are faced with is not the same crowd .Z generations become the main consumer, from 'cost-effective' to 'love bid' cultural self-confidence, cultural tide sought after country, patriotism, love to use domestic products . "

Over the past few decades, often dominated by fashion trends in Europe and America, Japan and South Korea, in which popular culture, China is being examined, evaluated, is tagged objects, the trend culture of "otherness." Last month's controversial "squint" The reason caused a great stir, aside populist sentiment, a considerable part of the national representatives do not agree with squint image of Chinese people, it should be hard to avoid the fact.

After 95, 00 after this generation of young people, growth in China's era of increasingly powerful national strength, with appropriate, their aesthetic built on nationalism to a large extent, they emphasized the subjectivity of Chinese culture, and consciously refuse to be pop culture of otherness, that is, followers.

However, in the trend of commercial sectors, foreign brands have always dominated, and the Chinese and Chinese cultural images of Chinese and Chinese cultural images in this field are inevitably constructed. The urgent needs of a new generation of young people are difficult to find and respond to foreign brands that are accustomed to led the status. And this time is the opportunity for domestic brands. The latter is rooted in Chinese culture, knowing that the needs of young people are sensitive. More importantly, the domestic brands are the same as young people, and they are also "other people" in the trend culture, and they are also eager to establish subjectivity in the trend of business. Therefore, young people and domestic brands are shining, and they will create a wave of "national trend". The national trend is not a Chinese specialty, the United States, and Japan have experienced such a stage.

According to the "2022 Consumer Industry Investment Strategy Report", China Points that China is currently in the consumption stage of the 70s, 80s: From the perspective of economic characteristics, in 2020, China's per capita GDP is $ 10,500, and 1978 The United States (US $ 10,565), Japan (US $ 10,421) is quite; 11.97% are close to the US and Japan's 80s level.

The US Day of the 70-180s is the period of consumption faucet performance. The above report pointed out that the United States in the 70s and 1980s is in the pursuit of brand and quality consumption upgrade, Wal-Mart, Disney, Baidong, Coca-Cola and other well-known consumption faucets are the most beneficial, in the millions of US dollars, the company's 1970-1990 share price increase Playing the best. Wal-Mart, Disney in the 80s camp is 35%, 20%, net profit composite growth rate of 39%, 20%.


The rise of the trend is less than the cultural factor, and it is also related to the upgrading of domestic brand products. East Wu Securities In the report of the 2022 strategy pointed out that Japanese people's identity of local cultures have continued to deepen in the development of national economic development, and in the development of overseas brands, the Japanese brand design, product cost is continuously improved, Since 1970, Japanese local beauty makeup, spinning brand market share is rapidly improved.

Many domestic brands have already embarked on this road. For four years, domestic brands have experienced several high peaks.

In Li Ning, Bosideng and other clothing brands are busy on the 2018 year of the big weeks, some IPs with Chinese wind and old-fashioned elements began to push the industry. The most familiarity is the former palace lipstick, which is online in December, these lipsticks The cream color is from the red national treasure of the Forbidden City Museum. The design of the lipstick pipe is inspired by the color and pattern of the Qing Dynasty clothing in the Qing Dynasty. A design is corresponding to a paste color; this before September, Dahua rabbit milk Sugar and Midea have reached a cross-border cooperation, and the two Shanghai old name will launch "Meijia Gloss Whitening Rabbit Milk Sugar".

The e-commerce platform also noticed the development potential of national tide, old-fashioned brand. In 2019, each platform has launched a support plan for national tide. In March, Tmall launched a hundred old-fashioned brands to call new plans; in July, spent a lot of new e-commerce plans, to invest 10 billion yuan in marketing resources in the next three years, and the targeted subsidies of 1.5 billion yuan, support 100 The old name of the Shanghai, helping them expand the market share.

In the three years, similar support policies launched by each platform are not a small number. These support clearly help to help the old brands that are not familiar with online marketing and sales to find new opportunities. It has also launched a lot of more than 2022 new national tides in the near future, Junle Bao, Galanz, Gu Jiajia, Hongxinglike, etc., the first season "New National Tide Consumer Season".

In addition to the old brand of the national tide route, typically Li Ning, Anta, Bosideng, and the old domestic goods such as Shanghai's family, Zhang Xiaoluan, and the backstart, etc. In recent years, the other is in the market, and it is the color, perfect. The new domestic brand represented by the diary has grown rapidly in these years.

According to "late LatePost", the valuation of tea Yan Yue 2021 has reached 20 billion yuan - Wuyuan Capital purchased some old stocks from Yuansheng University; the perfect diary is at the end of 2020 Listed, the market value is once more than $ 12 billion.

In 2021, the domestic goods ushered in the development peak. Enclosed by Xinjiang cotton incident, Nike, Adidas and other international brands are boycotted by Chinese consumers, LI Ning, Anta and other domestic brands are on the top of the trend; July, in 2020 lost 2.2 billion Hongxingrk, donated 50 million yuan to Henan, trigger consumers "Wild" consumption; bee flowers and other brands have also opened nostalgic marketing, and a group of old brands reappeared in the public vision.

Another factor in pushing domestic goods to the public vision is a live broadcast, such as the perfect diary, the sales growth of many domestic beauty makeup, etc.

The data proves the rapid growth situation of the old brand. In the past year, there have been more than 50 old-selling old-fashioned brands, more than 30 million new national tide brands, Baique Tan, Shanghai family, Zhang Xiaoli, Tan carpenter, pull, seagull watch, etc. Broken growth. C

It can be said that the rise of national trend is a historical necessity, and it is a general trend and the trend of the times. The changes in the tendency of the young generation, the brand's self iteration, and the support of the platform, jointly contributed to this result.

For example, the consumer brand such as the National Association of Securities report, the consumption of the spending of Huawang, Shiseido ushered in rapid development, performance and share price performance, trillion yen market value, from 1970-1990 to averse.

The national tide brand is standing at this fast lane, and their tasks are more than their own evolution, while completing the historical task from the domestic product into international brands.

In the age of national consumption, Wal-Mart, Disney, Hua Wang, Shiseido and other brands have played the role of their national consumption and entity economy. Now they have become a world-renowned brand, and it is a subtle land output, cultural output. . When China has become an international brand with the brand for the aesthetic subject, the cultural meaning and national meaning of this phenomenon are self-satisfied.

This is exactly in the old-fashioned brand, the opportunity in front of the national tide brand, and it has become an international brand, and they have a considerable distance to go. For example, Cheng Xi Xiong said that in sports products, domestic brands still have progress in progress in product research and development, brand spread creativity, and scientific and technological innovation, which also represents a dilemma of many old brand domestic brands.

"With the maturity of China's manufacturing and supply chain, the autonomous research and development capabilities of domestic brands also have a great progress. The new consumption era will be a good opportunity for China's local brand further rise." Most "more new national tides" The person in charge said.

In fact, national tide heat is the opportunity of the brand, and it is also an opportunity for e-commerce platforms. The rise of national trend will drive the economic development of the entity, and naturally drive the sales growth of the online platform. The e-commerce platform is an important channel for retail, and their support for national tide brands, obviously can increase the sustained high-speed growth of the national tide.

Take a lot of support programs in the next 4 years:

First, jointly 100 industrial belts, at least 1000 national tide brands, new brands, old name to embrace new consumption;

Second, the "Support Resource Package" of 100 billion levels is investive, cultivate 10 billion new national tide brands, 100 billion national tide brands;

Third, set up a special team, start the spike support plan, tens of millions of subsidy stars, and provide customization programs for national tide brands;

Fourth, carry out a new model of all-link cooperation, promote the brand in production, technology, data and management, to realize digital upgrades.

During the first quarter, spelling a lot of traffic resources for at least 1 billion levels of traffic resources will be specially supported by new national tide brands, and billions of subsidies will also be fully covered.

It can be seen that the platform's strategy is in the development of production and marketing, providing bilateral support for national tide brands.

It is an example with a more than 10 billion strategic cooperation between the annual scale of more than 10 billion years ago. Both sides will launch a full-link cooperation in the fields of product customization, channel expansion, brand building, digital technology, intelligent manufacturing and other fields.

Based on the agreement, the United States's company's whole brands include beautiful, small swans, Hualing, Cubar, Comfee and other products will settle a lot of platforms, and the beauty will also launch special customized products for platform users. "Since the time of the self-entry, the company's product sales have reached 300%. In the past year, the small Swan brand has achieved a burst of burst growth from 0 to 2 billion in the platform." Wei Zhiqiang, Vice President of the United States, said .

According to the above report, China consumers have also changed from passive and style consumption in 2010 to active personalized consumption, while high quality, differentiated products have also enabled more domestic brands to the world, such as perfect diary enters. Southeast Asian market, BYD electric car exported to Europe, is expected to be in the next 10-20, with China's world influence further strengthen, some Chinese brands that have strong products will be expected to become an international brand.

A grand engineering that establishes Chinese culture in the main body of the trend business, has begun.


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