Is the shoulder PM981A, comparable to the 1TBNVME solid cargo goods in SN750450?"Group of E12S Hard Disk Detoxification - Addition"

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Is the shoulder PM981A, comparable to the 1TBNVME solid cargo goods in SN750450?"Group of E12S Hard Disk Detoxification - Addition"

2022-01-23 00:03:32 63 ℃

The 1TB capacity SN750, the PM981A has a high performance solid state, and now I still sell about 700 yuan. But this and SN750, the SN750, the PM981A is the same performance solid state. 1TB price is only 450 yuan! ! Hey, let me nail it, I can't live.

This is a solid state I have recently taken. No brand, there is no model, just called the group of E12s, is a white brand, I will come back soon, see what is the way.

The goods are in a wrapper carton, a color image is a new look, the PCB board and the patch are quite clean, I think this is a simple sticker can't help him.

Material parameters

This disk is used as shown. Group E12S Master + Group Self-sealing Toshiba 96 Stack BICS4 3D TLC Particles (Tabbg65AWV) + Kingston DDR3 256M cache (2T is 512M). This is actually a group of public version. Opening sisters should have not ran, and there must be brothers and sisters.

Sure enough, my brother, the shadeship process pro 1tb came out; his sister, Topmore Damo 500 1t Pro Max also appeared; can't say one, really change the stickers.

It is basically determined here that this solid is a male model, there is a unified assembly plant shipping, not a small workshop product.

Upload test

CDI screenshot

Crystaldiskinfo, 0 Write 0 energized. It seems that there is a problem ...

AS and CDM run points, and the seller is basically the basics, 1TB written 2800m / s, read 2500MB / s. . He is full of 4K performance. I cited the evaluation map (mean) of SN750 and PM981A. Initial seems that this disk can indeed target these two old brothers.

Set 100 g of mixing, more than 60 G is written in front of the front, and 60 g is left behind to 1100MB / s. That is about about 60g SLC cache space.

Writing the end of the test, no heat dissipated hot film is 69 degrees, and manifests the rules.

In addition, I am surprised is that the merchant nominally has 1800TBW life, and is 1800TBW to the store. I don't know how actually.

Clear problem

To measure this, such a low price, this batch is really a new 0 power-on, is it sold? Until I saw this PS5012-E12 master's original reset tool that has been disclosed in the end of 2020. And after getting related reset tools, you know that it is not right.

CSDN Website About Master Reset Tool Leak Message

when! I also got a leak-out group E12 original reset cleansing tool (there is a sharing tool download link at the end of the article) ... but does not apply to the group E12 solids in my hand. Later, I also found more information.

First, the clear reset tool of E12 is available for the E12S master disk, E12 and E12S have no difference.

Second, E12S is a good different particle scheme. Reset tools for different particle regimens are not universal.

We can view the firmware version of the hard disk (the beginning naming of the ECFM) can determine the particle scheme of your hard drive (for most solid states) that use group owners.

The reset cleaning tool for this leak is corresponding to the 12.x firmware Toshiba BICS3 particles and 22.x firmware magnesium light particles. The firmware of this E12S 1TB capacity is 13.x, which is the particle plan of Toshiba BICS 4, and it will be lost, then it can't be used.

But but! This group of solid state 2TB capacity is a magnesium light particle scheme. In other buyer screenshots, the firmware version number is indeed 22.x. I believe, the reset tool in your hand should be used in this group of 2TB capacity.


OK, I will dig so many things, and more deep words are limited, they will not be willing to say.

Finally summarize a few points:

1. This group of F12 white cards solid state, the actual performance is indeed comparable to SN750, PM981.

2, the price is low, but this disk has no brand, there is no regular sale;

3: This disk is very big, from the information found, clearing is not a hole.

Finally, I am very simple about this gating: I don't recommend buying this dish. The solid-state price is very low, and the 1TB Samsung PM9A1 is more than 700, and the water of this dish is still not good.

Ok, I am here today. Behind I will launch more interesting items. Thank you, you will see you next time! !

Attached to the associated reset tool of the group E12 and E12S main control (for sharing, risk at risk)


1, only applicable to the solids ECFM of 12.x and 22.x solid state. Not applicable to the grouping E12S 1TB Toshiba BIICS4 particle scheme of this article. The 2TB should be, the specific self-test, if the reset failure is turned off, and the solid can recover.

2, [phison_nvme_flash_id] Tool detects the group owner's particle scheme, ID, ID2 self-test which can be read.

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