Bailing bird in the ear!Bamboo Forest Bird Bailing Micro-Motion Terminal

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Bailing bird in the ear!Bamboo Forest Bird Bailing Micro-Motion Terminal

2022-01-23 06:04:24 57 ℃


Although the mobile phone listening to the mobile phone now is basically using Bluetooth headset, but there are still some people who have pursued sound quality will choose a combination of small tail.

Some time ago I will start a more unfamiliar headset - Bulin Bird's Balance Microphones in the ear earplugs.

Zhulin Bird is a domestic new earphones manufacturer, mainly consumed headphones and surrounding accessories products. At present, there are 4 models. The most expensive "Acacia" is only 229 yuan. This is basically the same for HIFI headphones. It is a white vegetable price.

And the "Bailing" I have divided into two versions of wheat and no wheat, respectively, 99 yuan and 89 yuan, since the heart is not expensive, as for whether there is a good voice, then I have listened to it.

In fact, in recent years, the micro-moving ring products seem to have more and more. Although the "large-scale dead man", for the dynamic HIFI headset, the larger the diaphragm of the vocal unit, the more HiFi ... but in fact, the micro-motion is also the advantage of the micro-moving circle - because the film Small area, the center from the center of the electromagnetic coil to the span of the diaphragm is relatively small, and the corresponding segmentation vibration problem will be small, so the micro-vocal sounding unit is often better in transient and parsing.

In addition, the micro-moving circle itself can be directly embedded in the inside of the sound conduit due to the small number of vocal cells, thereby further deep into the ear canal, reducing the loss of sound through the air transfer.

Therefore, Bailing naturally selected the inserted shape, so it was very similar to the Final Audio E4000 in the appearance - the same black cylindrical appearance, and also equipped with the mmcx interface of the exchange. However, Bailing is a product that is less than 100 yuan. Although the outer casing is equally aluminum, it is not as detailed as E4000 in terms of the anti-black treatment process.

The appearance of the headphones is a bit of the bamboo bird logo on the back panel. It is very Chinese, but there is a taste between the square, and I like it very much.

However, in most cases in which the inline structure can only use the forward wearing method, so that there will be a problem with the stethoscope effect. And for some people, it is also easy to have unstable, the headphones are always going down, and the situation needs to be continuously adjusted ... It is me!

However, Bailing still feels very careful in the fittings, including 2 different tuning large medium and small silicone sleeves, also included 1 to gray sponge earmuffs (that is, commonly known as "C socket"). 2 silica gel sleeves are mainly distinctive in length and opening size, corresponding to equalization (gray) and transparent (white). As for the C socket to solve the problem of unstable wearing a certain degree, especially the ideal of the mating line clip effect.

Bailing itself is not difficult to push, 16 Euro / 108dB basically use ordinary audio small tail to easily push, even if your mobile phone retains 3.5mm earphone hole, you can listen.

Here I use Xduoo Link2021 and the new BEAM3PRO for Audirect, and the music is OPPO Find X3 with Apple Music.

Although Bailing is the entry level, but the sound is very unexpectedly deviated - in many HIFI brands, the initial burning users tend to be more popular, so tuning or more will be more Pursue a slightly earn ears, stimulating two-headed frequency curve, and Bailing is a relatively equalized, slightly larger.

Of course, this is related to the Bailing itself, and the low frequency is limited to a single caliber. It is difficult to achieve enough sense, but the least manufacturer knows how to raise the short, not simple rough rigid to cater to consumers. .

Moreover, the construction of Bailing itself is also a bit surprising. Although the overall sound field is not wide, it is relatively complete, especially the deep sense of perspective, so listening to some small-compiled instruments are comfortable.

In terms of vocals, although it is still a trail, the intensiveness of the intercourse is still good, and it is not a "cheap", but the ear is full and warm.

And the Bailing itself is easy to drive, but under the front end of the thrust, the sound can still dig out some potential - after all, it is also a dynamic unit, so I use AuidRect's beam3pro to push it, it will feel the high extension The low frequency dynamics will increase.

However, the transient performance of Bailing itself is lower than expected, or there is no "iron flavor" in the expectation, still a very dynamic performance. But this is actually beneficial. After all, I can feel that Bailing is still a significant gap between the talents of the thousand yuan. If you express your transient, it is inevitable that you will be dry, thin, it is better to slow down, though Paste some, but more masking the front end and the shortage of the headphones itself, and the moistening of some popular tracks is not so exquisite.

Although the Bamboo Forest Baili, the Bamboo Bird Bailing, the headset is only a very introduction of headphones, but it is not ambiguous, and it should be able to meet many friends who have just begun.And the design of the exchangeable line can also wear a variety of Bluetooth headphone cables to become a Bluetooth wireless headset, which is more convenient to use.What is it worth buying a living home, a digital domain creator POLUOZERO, we will next ~!