Pessimism Boy Mask: The world population is accelerating collapse

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Pessimism Boy Mask: The world population is accelerating collapse

2022-01-23 06:04:10 51 ℃

Elon Mask, human warning transmitter.

It is not a violation of Mask with a positive boys. At the B station, only 33 seconds of Mask interview editing, more than 100,000 playments, the title is "how to keep optimism", "I would rather the wrong optimism, don't be correct and pessimistic", have a mobile wallpaper potential.

However, this may be just a wish of Mask, a prominent, the truth is that the pessimism is correct, Mask will not only chew carefully, but also spread to all mankind, and even share with you even. After the New Year, I just walked around 20 days and night, after the "economic recession", Mask had passed his happiness hometown - Tete - released another warning: the population won't survert, and it will be insufficient, even there is not enough human Point to Mars. This has even become a treasure house of foreign video bloggers, in the oil pipe search related keywords, you can see a number of Mask's warning highlights, or interpretation of a warning. The highest video playback is more than 7 million, more than 1 million videos also have more than 10.

"Mask issued a final warning" "Mask: Too late" "Masque: I have warned you" ... If you are too happy today, look at these titles is enough to be sufficient. An optimistic pessimist is both special. Opportunities left to the world, doing the finisher, the pessimism is the background, "said the bottom of all things," the meaning of life is the process ". This warning is not a tweet, but a string. He not only quoted the "2020 US birth rate innovation" reported, but also reported that the United Nations "World Population Prospect" is predicted, saying that it is nonsense to the future.

"Population collapse" is concerned about Mask's heart. As early as 2017, Masque was in the twitter: "The world's population is accelerating to crash, but there seems to be very few people pay attention or care." In 2019, the United Nations released the world's population prospects, estimated to 2050 Earth population It will reach 9.7 billion, and warned that in the next 30 years, the world will add 2 billion people to occupy the earth's living space. By the end of this century, the global population is expected to reach 11 billion people. Mask once again pushed different opinions, he invited Norwegian scholar JRGEN Randers, and its "2052: 2052: 20052" in the next forty years in 2012, the global population will begin to decrease in 2040. Also in 2019, at the Artificial Intelligence Conference, Mask sat in parallel with Ma Yun, discussed the seriousness of the population problem: "People often say that immigrant Mars, but from where people come? Mars also needs people to live, now No one, there is only one group of machines. "In this regard for more than 40 minutes, the concerns of population issues are a few consensus. Ben years after the epidemic, Masque seems to be more anxiety, and the frequency of mentioning the population problem is also increasing. Just in the past December, the Wall Street Journal CEO summit, Mask called for everyone to have children, the population is not enough, civilization will collapse. "One of the biggest risks that I think civilization is low birth rate and its continuous decline. Many people - including smart people - I feel too much in this world, I think that population growth has lost control, (fact ) Is completely opposite. If people don't have more children, civilization will collapse. "

After saying this, he also added: "Remember me." For Mask himself, this is the "correct pessimism" in his perspective, and he is sparingly telling everyone to tell everyone his judgment. And at the same time, in the behavior, he as always, actively investment. Mask defeated Tesla as "Robot Company", talked to the future, he fell its significance in the replacement of labor - because, the labor force is not enough in the future he saw.

"Practice", "Practice" is that Mask has given six lives in Masque, and Mask calls himself an example in recent years. The population collapse is a huge threat of human civilization. People should (like him), the same child, the same, in another podcast in December, also reaffirmed it. It seems that the video cover of the oil pipe blogger is not sensational, sometimes the warnings issued by Mask, and it is really urgent adjustment. On population issues, Mask's warning did not incurmost voices, this is actually a special case. More time, Mask will bring a relative opponent. Just in the conversation between Ma Yun and Mask, in addition to the population, there is almost no consensus. The core of them is different attitudes for artificial intelligence. At the time of the media, it is called "Optimistic Optimist of Artificial Intelligence and Pessheter", in the B station, the video title of this conversation is started to be "Fengqing Dialogue Iron Man". Ma Yun's optimism is indeed apparent. He divides wisdom and smart district, thinking that artificial intelligence is smart but does not have human wisdom: "Many people are worried about manual intelligence, they need more confidence to themselves." In fact, Ma Yun is In the past few months before the dialogue, in the Dialogue of the Nobs, I also expressed the optimism of artificial intelligence: "Today, many people hate artificial intelligence, but the future, if there is no manual intelligence, there is no way to run." Sk will continue to be cautious about artificial intelligence. He not only believes that artificial intelligence will be more than humans, but it is because of the general confidence of human beings, it makes him more haze to the future "out of control". Ma Yun (left), Mask (right) begins in 2014, Mask continues to issue concerns about artificial intelligence, and even refer to things that are dangerous than nuclear weapons. Like a population problem, Masque emphasizes "Please remember my words." How many years have never been changed, in addition to the confrontation with Ma Yun, Mask and Zachberg have also been mutually mutual. In a live broadcast of 2017, Zuckerberg was asked how to look at Mask's artificial intelligence threat, and the big swearing reply that the opponents of manual intelligence were too negative, and it was very irresponsible. . Mask issued a limited understanding of empty scent Zickberg's understanding of this field. In addition to the development of artificial intelligence, it will threaten human beings, in the eyes of Masque, there are many ways of artificial intelligence "as a demon". For example, artificial intelligence will have the likely to bring the third battle in the world. This is a warning issued by Maske in 2017. He called on the supervision agency to guide the technology development of human intelligence. The confrontation of the two camps is still continuing. If the conspiracy is not interested, it is still a blind optimistic, and there is no conclusion. But Mask obviously won't let your worries only stay in my heart, and I will not send it to the outside. For the threat of artificial intelligence, Mask's most active response is the brain interface business. The "neural connection" Neuralink he founded. It is that it is possible to enhance the human brain by implant the chip, so that people are expected to communicate with artificial intelligence. One day from the future, artificial intelligence and people communicate completely to the bulletin. Watch some careers that Mask started, and there is a driving drive from a sense of crisis behind each. Neuralink is prepared to communicate with artificial intelligence, Tesla Robot (and your own children) is the disclosure of the population crash. Spacex space career, is committed to human beings to be called multi-planetary species, behind the worry of human extinction. A few days ago, Mask was still in Titte: "The sun expansion may lead to all species in the Earth, including humanity. Only make life more planets can avoid this destiny."

Also take the "Space Colonial" route of Besos, there is much more optimistic compared to the words. In Besos's vision, the space colony will be built very close to the earth, the earth is protected, people born in space can go back to visit, just like visiting the park. This vision is naturally meaningful in Mask. Since the speed of space colonial is worried about the species caused by the sun expansion, the colonies close to the earth are also difficult to escape the death. Close your eyes imagine two future, Mask's multi-line colonial colonials are somewhat tragic, and Besos outlines an outskirts. Similarly, behind the new energy industry in Tesla and Sun City is a concern for the energy crisis. As early as Tesla acquired Sun City, Mask had issued a warning in a radio program: "The biggest problem we need to solve this century is the problem of sustainable energy production and consumption."

In the eyes of Masque, human beings rely on this increasing resource, this behavior is very "mad". Since it is harmful to the environment, but sooner or later, why is human beings to turn the head in the early morning, why should I be proud on a dead road? Interestingly, looking at these warnings of Mask, none of the "human civilization". In the end, Mask's greatest worries is the end of human civilization. Work mad seems to have made a lot of things across the world, but it is just that it is struggling for the continuation of human civilization - at least Mask's story is said. This story still has considerable persuasiveness, Masque's logic, the relationship between human civilization and his career, and his own life. Mask at the Wall Street Journal CEO summit, although it was concerned about the concern of the population, but he didn't want eternal life. His reason is very clear: If it is not enough to die, it is likely that this motivation and pressure do so much. In other words, life is limited to make life more meaningful. Of course, you stand on the bridge watching the scenery, looking at the scenery looks at you upstairs. When Masque on the bridge waved his hands and yelling, some people also looked at Masque, and I think this person is a danger. In December last year, Joseph Ashbach, Director of the European Space Administration, has urged the European mainland leaders to stop the ambition of Elon Mask dominate the new space economy. He warned that the lack of coordinated action means that Mask is "making rules yourself." How do you view Mask? ↓↓ Focus mode innovation growth