Huawei, the first geniors born this year

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Huawei, the first geniors born this year

2022-01-23 18:05:21 57 ℃

Huawei welcomed a genius teenager.

At the beginning of 2022, the Fudan University officially revealed that the Shuo Bo has read Lin Tian, ​​which has completed the signing with Huawei. After graduation, he will join Huawei wireless product department, continue in the 5G communication field. This means that Lin Tian officially became the first public unveiled Huawei "genius".

At the moment, Huawei is a global network of online. Not long ago, the Russian genius has also joined Huawei. They are 22-year-old girls Valeria Ryabchikova and 20-year-old boy ilya khlyustov. They are at the University of Nizhiggo, and the two are still participating in the international students. The teammates of the competition (ICPC). They will serve as senior engineers in Huawei Novgorod Institute.

Talent is vital. From 2019, Ren Zheng Non-organized and launched a "Genius Teenager" program. Simply, it is to use top challenges and top salary to attract top talents. Today, Huawei "Genius" has become the most sensational enrollment in college circles. Among them, Huazhong University of Science and Technology is currently a total of 6 graduates have been selected. Juvenile strong national strength, these top brains are active in the first line of frontier technology.

Fudan 90 boys

From the end of the decision-study reversal

The story of this Huawei genius is a counterattack.

The official website of Fudan University revealed that the results of the Junjian in the first semester were not satisfactory. The performance of the first semester was only 1.8, and Fudan's performance is full of 4.0, obviously the difference is far. For this reason, Lin Tian has recalls: "At the time, I thought it was easy to play, I was completely indulged in the game. I didn't timely adapt to the lack of tube bundles. When I finally discovered my homework It's completely wasteful. "

The disappointment of parents touched Lin Tian. During the Spring Festival, the school teacher called home and inform Lin Tian's parents. If Lin Tian is still the low performance, there will be a risk of dropping. For the situation at the time, Lin Tian memory was still fresh, "I remember very clearly, the Wanjia Lights hi Tong Lantern Festival, the parents have to send me to the station to return to the school." Since then, he is secretly determined, to change yourself.

Lin Tian welcomed the turning point in the big two, and he chose the communication engineering major when he had the right direction. In his opinion, this is an opportunity to redeemed. Lintian, Double, uninstalled online games, and the post-school time no longer nest in the dormitory, starting repeated training ... A series of positive changes quietly happened in his body.

With unremitting efforts, Lin Tian also won the outstanding performance of 4.0 in the third time, making it a scraper. For the trough at the time when I was first enrolled, Lin Tian has so far been unforgettable. He once said that the time is tempering his willpower and resists pressure. "People who have come out from the low valley, no matter what dilemma, I have no reason to not believe that I can come out for the second time."

In the article in Fudan University, it also mentioned that Lintian, which has become more excellent, and is recommended by the counselor, and came to the laboratory of Professor Zhu Yu to the Communications Science and Engineering Department, opened his own research career. Up to now, Lin Tian has published 13 papers, including 8 SCI papers, and 5 EI retrieved conference papers. He also successfully got a national scholarship, and he was also rated as an outstanding student of Fudan University in the 2020-2021 academic year.

It is also because published papers in the international top journals, and Lin Tian entered Huawei's field of view. In 2019, after contact, Huawei established a research project with Lintian's laboratory. Subsequently, Lin Tian also got the opportunity to go to Huawei's internship last summer and entered Huawei wireless product department. This internship experience is the most impressive thing that the department leaders stressed him: "Huawei will always pursue the rigor of technology, whether it is theory or actually strive to achieve the best."

Later, Lin Tian's excellent internship report received the recognition of departmental leaders, and recommended him to participate in the interview of "Huawei Gully Teenager". The machine is not lost, and Lin Tian did not hesitate to accept it.

Huawei's "Genius Teenager" is very strict. It usually takes 7 rounds of flow: resume screening, written test, initial, supervisor interview, several ministers interview, president interview, HR interview. There is a problem or poor performance in any of the links, it is possible to see the selection difficulty. In the end, Lin Tian has passed multiple levels and successfully selected Huawei "Genius Teenager" program. Imagine future, Lin Tian hopes that he will continue to worry in the communications field, to invest in technology innovation into its own strength, and contribute to the country.

Looking for the world's top brain

I just tried two Russian 00 days after tomorrow.

Huawei also stretched the olive branch to the world.

Not long ago, Huawei's Sound Community announced a message: Huawei put two Russian 00 days after the teenager, a 22-year-old girl Valeria Ryabchikova, another is 20 years old ilya khlyustov. It is reported that they will join Huawei Novgorod Institute as a senior engineer. Surprisingly, these two teammates participate in the ICPC competition.

ICPC has the title of "programming community Olympics", and is considered the highest level of the world's largest design competition program students. It's very tough competition system is not scoring by human, but scored by a computer. Each race team three players, use only 1 computer, need to use C / C ++ within five hours a write programs in Java and Python solve 7-13 problems, such as optimizing subway schedules, simulate air traffic control, tracking robot, simulate airport baggage collection, estimated oil reserves and so on. After solving the exam questions, race team will submit its evaluation to the machine, if it is judged by the evaluation machine correctly. If the program does not run correctly submitted, the program will be returned to the teams, teams can be submitted once again to modify the problem. It is reported that the tournament every year nearly 60,000 students from more than 100 countries, more than 3,000 universities participating, only the best team to enter the World Finals, winning students were recognized as the world's best programming talent.

From 2012, Huawei began sponsoring ICPC, in addition to sponsoring the regional tournament and the finals, Huawei will be jointly organized by ICPC unit Challenge, Marathon and training camps.

October 6, 2021, the 44th ICPC finals ended in Moscow, Russia. Valeria and two teammates by ICPC Nordic (NCRC) Division semifinals, to score the first two regions of the world reached all the way to the finals. After five hours of powerful duel, Valeria team became the only team of the 12 successful solution of the title match, he won the championship ICPC.

Valeria Ryabchikova

Then, after the 00 talented teenagers officially joined Huawei Nizhny Novgorod Institute, research accelerated technical computing applications in smart.

Statistics show that, Valeria studied at the Institute of Information Science, Mathematics Mechanical Novgorod State University, Russia and Europe, which is well-known institutions of higher learning. She had a habit of solving interesting math problems, during the elementary school mathematics to participate in the competition, from the 10-year program began to participate in the competition. After entering college, Valeria continued to participate in the competition, and later in a match later, she met a coach Bole Shmelev Alexey.

Shmelev Alexey joined in May 2021 Huawei Nizhny Novgorod Institute, spare time, he insisted to the students to do ICPC training, the Institute is also active in providing training places and within its capacity to help Alexey and students. By Alexey, Valeria in college came in contact with Huawei.

And Valeria selected with teammate Ilya Khlyustov same Novgorod State University from the next. It is reported that only 20 years old and teammate Ilya Khlyustov has successfully passed the 45th ICPC semifinals, they will join forces with other teams in Bangladesh in November 2022, a summary level.

Ilya Khlyustov

At present, Huawei Huawei total of five research centers in Russia. In addition to Valeria inauguration of Nizhny Novgorod Institute, and the remaining four in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Novosibirsk, respectively. It is reported that Russia will become the third-largest overseas R & D center of Huawei after Europe and North America. Hong Meng Huawei's mobile phone operating system and application development, there are a large number of Russian engineers involved.

Huawei to build a talented young group

Per million annual salary

Annual refresh of boy genius, called a true portrayal of Huawei Ren Zhengfei and desperate.

The program began in 2019. In June that year, Huawei EMT (management team) internal speech Disclosure: Ren said, "This year (2019) we will recruit 20-30 prodigy of the world, next year we would like to move into the world from 200 -300 name. "

Huawei's official website this description: Boy Genius program is sponsored by Ren Zhengfei, a total of third gear salary standard, the most upscale of 201 million, mainly around the "connection", "artificial intelligence", "smart terminal", "cloud computing with", "smart car "," intelligent manufacturing "six issues unfold.

July 2019, Ren Zhengfei issued by the President's Office e-mail, announced the annual salary system management 8 2019 session of the top students. They are doctoral degrees, two employees of the highest annual salary of 1.82 million -201 million; two employees annual salary of 1.405 million -156.5 million; finally, four employees annual salary of 896,000 -100.8 million.

It is reported that Huawei has a university exam system, a large number of exam questions, we must first pass the exam have a chance for an interview. Ren has been introduced, "for example, you took the gold medal race in the computer world, wages may be 5,6 times the usual entry level. Annually produce 40 gold medalists in the world, we dug a group came in, fixed salary than Google also high."

Here I have to mention TMS University of Science and Technology. Last year, Huawei "Genius" plans to expose the latest selection, Huazhong University of Telecom Telecom College 2017, Liansheng Liao Minghui, win the highest annual salary of the genius of the teenagers 2010,000 yuan; computer college undergraduate graduate martial arts annual salary is the same as more than one million yuan. At this point, from Huacai has taken a total of 6 genius teenagers for three consecutive years, and the remaining 4 people are Zhang Wei, Yao Ting, Zuo Pengfei and Zhong Wei. Why is Huacai? According to the data, in the past five years, the number of undergraduate graduates entering Huazhong University of Science and Technology enters Huazhong University of Science and Technology have more than 10,000 people have exceeded 10,000. At present, the number of Huakai graduates in the job is about 5,700 people. While transporting a lot of talents, the Huawei Wuziyuan settled in Wuhan.

Recalling the homes of entrepreneurial history, Huawei's early development is inseparable from the help of the Huacai alumni. Zheng Bao used by Huawei "No. 2", "and Guo Ping, Hu Qun, many other Huacai alumni, all as Vice President of Huawei, round value CEO; Even Huawei is the vice chairman, CFO Meng lightning is also the same as Hurat University pregnancy. Li Yi, who is 15 years old to enter China University of Science and Technology, and 26 years old, become a vice president of Huawei, which is the first person of Huawei geniors.

The above, seems to have confirmed a statement in the work: "Huakai is Hua Ya's home, Huawei is Huakai's east.

So far, Huawei Tiancheng Junior Selection Program has attracted a group of potential talents. If you use Huawei, they have to find dreams to make the world better to make the world better; it is happy to explore unknown, eager to engage in the cutting-edge science and technology research; I am interested to become a technical leading person; dare to innovate, dare to be the world's first outstanding genius .

In today's world, talent is the highest competitive barrier and is also the most powerful weapon. When a top brain is gathered, everything will be solved.