Gift platform is dying

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Gift platform is dying

2022-01-23 18:04:40 38 ℃

If it is not a media report, many people have already forgot this online shopping platform that has been established in 2009.

Recently, there is a media report. COFCO "I bought the net" fresh shopping platform has been named, although the app is still in the operation, but the goods are very small, only the food brand "of the COFCO", "China Food Fu Linmen", etc. Some goods.

There is a user who bought the net said that there is no way to open the app, the amount is less expensive, and the advantage of the self-brand quality commodity richness, distribution and price is gradually opened by Jingdong.

The public comment, some people complain that I bought online gift box has passed the shelf life, originally bought to send people, "the result is a sunny day."

Some people have pointed out that I have now set most of the goods to the global selection. I can't buy the card. I can't buy these global purchases. I bought online, not only can buy it very little, but also the price is also better than Jingdong. Mall is a few times.

When I mentioned me to buy, many people think about the gift voucher. In that man, I bought a network as a few e-commerce B2C platforms, using a gift voucher to include some national gift memories.

At that time, gift vouchers, shopping brochures are also emerging things, and the main channels of people, I buy a net by this rise, and quickly become a gift platform for many companies and users.

But now, with the improvement of people's consumption, the gift of gifts has become more attention, and there are more and more requirements for gifts. In the case of shopping card coupons in major platforms, my gift card I bought is no longer scarce.

A generation of gift platform I bought the net, fell to the upcoming Spring Festival gift tide before night.


In 2009, China's online e-commerce did not develop, I bought the net with an original gift card model, quickly popular in the mass group.

At the beginning of the founding, I bought the net to the COFCO group, and the strong supply chain support is its greatest advantage. I bought the net time and confident, "transforming the industrial base advantage of the COFCO group to consumers, is the core of my buying network."

I bought some business models launched in the net, which is indeed a bright eye at the time.

For example, I burst into the new gift card mode. If you can't touch the other's preferences, then use a gift card to solve, one alternate, solve people "Gifts".

I bought the network idea to some extent, I also inspired many e-commerce giants, such as the gift card launched by Jingdong, Taobao launched a variety of gift coupons.

Second, I bought the net server to send the door service and attracting the focus of consumers. At that time, Jingdong was still in the beginning, and did not launch logistics on-site service. I bought the net to put forward the delivery of the door, take the gift card and the express delivery service, soon get the capital favors, 3 rounds of financing in 2013-2015, of which the C-round financing amount is $ 22 billion, estimated The value is once more than 1 billion US dollars.

In the brilliant period, I also hit the IPO. In August 2017, I bought a net disclosure of the prospectus and planned to be listed in Hong Kong.

It is precisely the statement before the listing, exposes the big problem of my buying network: Due to the field of betting, it is not possible to buy a new problem that the logistics transportation is high.

According to the prospectus, I bought a net loss for several years: China's loss of money is 631 million yuan; 2015 lost money reached 978 million yuan; 2016 and 2017, in the first half of 2017, respectively, respectively It is 887 million yuan and 839 million yuan.

After the listing failed, I bought the net in people's field of view, and there is more and more negative news, and it is still not compliant. For 2018, COFCO Haiyou (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is unqualified by the sales. Flavoring surface products) were confiscated by the market supervision department of 190 yuan and a fine of 51,000 yuan.

In July 2020, the Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Administration issued a notice on the situation of unqualified food verification disposal of national food safety supervision (2020) ", COFCO Haiyou (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is violated" Chinese people The relevant provisions of the Food Safety Law of the Republic have been punished by the market supervision department.

At the same time, the competitiveness that I bought online is not optimistic. The e-commerce platform on the market continues, Ali, Jingdong is further eco-offline retail market. In addition, the emergence of new players such as fresh players in Boxes, Jingdong, Jingdong, and Jingdong, also began to intensify the fresh shopping track where I bought the net.

As of December 2018, China Food I bought the online APP active number of only 557,000, don't say the first echelon Ali, Jingdong, the second echelon's Suning, Gome is also a thousand miles.


I bought the net from the back of the highlight to the lonely turning, and the change of Chinese gift habits.

The Chinese people have a sense of face and ritual to give a new height, and the small can tea, bird's nest is one of the options to give gifts. Although it avoids the suspicion of "IQ", scarce, expensive, packaging Unique selling points are precisely hit the gift needs of modern people.

Confusedly I bought the net, still is still a common food, which belongs to the convenient and practical commodity category, which is difficult to meet the senior ritual of people's gifts. Take another step, even if it is a practical product, I bought the net and far more than the SKU of the big platform such as Ali, Jingdong, and the people wanted, I didn't buy it. Don't say give gifts, it's not enough to meet the daily needs. According to the interface news report, a large state-owned enterprise is responsible for the purchase of welfare staff. Since 2021, the number of goods I bought a net will shrink sharply.

At the same time, people have also begun to have aesthetically fatigue. Today, search for "gift recycling" online can see many professional websites to repurchase gifts or gift cards.

Although the gift platform like I buy online is dying, the gift industry is still available. According to the "2018-2024 China Gift Industry Market, the Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" shows that under the promotion of market demand, my country's gift industry has developed rapidly. As of the end of 2020, the annual sales of the national gift market is expected to reach 130 billion yuan. No Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions).

People pay attention to the festival. I buy the decline of the net, in addition to the factors, more reasons are still in their own: do not keep the changes in the demand for users, blindly betray the fresh race, the product lacks competitiveness.

Can't keep up with the platform of the times, it is destined to be a tear that is era.


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