Light Still Life Light Lightley Soger RM75 Magnetic Intelligent Falling Light Set Light Experience

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Light Still Life Light Lightley Soger RM75 Magnetic Intelligent Falling Light Set Light Experience

2022-01-24 00:05:21 54 ℃

Author: General Yun Rui

General Yunrui / Graphic

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Photography is the art of light, and the light has a vital impact on the photo. It is because of the importance of photography, so many times, when the light does not meet the needs of the photographer, it will need to use the fill light. If you just shoot a normal photo, the general two-color fill light can meet the requirements, but now not only the pursuit of the clerity, but also pursue artistic views and expression, so the requirements for light are no longer lighting, sometimes it is to create Atmosphere, sometimes there is a need for some dynamic effects, and the photographer is the appropriate timing to capture everything into the lens. It is because the requirements for light are improved, so the requirements for filling lights are more, but the recent friends have recommended a lightweight brucer that can meet still life or external shooting needs, Smallrig Smeg RGB Light set.

Since it is a set, it will not stop one. To create a suitable light effect, a relatively typical is double lamp cloth. Specific linelight position, you can refer to the tutorial of the photography, basically, the double light can be suitable for the vast majority of demand, of course, professional-grade commercial shooting, the requirements for the cloth, may need to use more Wait for the lamp group. However, it is easy to use even the lamp group, with Smok's fill light. This set is a lamp group consisting of two Smego RM75 magnetic smart fill lights. Smeg RM75 magnetic smart fill light, rated power 5W, support 2500K-8500K color temperature change, CRI 96, TLCI96. Support for 5V or 9V voltage input, input current maximum 2A. A lithium-ion polymer battery built-in 3.7V 4000mAh.

Soger RM75 magnetic smart fill light, very much, only 5 of the more typical:

1APP control, intelligent control through SmallGogo

2HSI control, support RGB full color

3 color temperature range 2500K-8500K

4 magnetic suction

5 built-in 4000mAh lithium ion polymer battery

In fact, in addition to these, this fill light also supports multi-light confession and custom light efficiency. CRI and TLCI color evaluation standards under color evaluation standards, strictly control the quality of the lamp beads, accurately reducing the true color of the object.

The components in the packaging in the PMG RM75 magnetic smart fill light are as follows: Soger RM75 magnetic smart fill light X1, Type C interface USB charging line X1, silicone soft mask X1, use instructions X1.

Soger RM75 magnetic smart fill light, small body type, product size 99 * 67 * 18.3mm, size. Product weight 185 ± 5g, weight is not heavy. The front is white, 15 lamp beads, can show RGB full color, 36,000 colors, can meet different filling requirements.

Smego RM75 magnetic smart fill light control case, located at the top of the fill light, can see a SET button, a power button, and a Type C USB charging port. It has been mentioned that this fill light, built-in 4000mAh lithium-ion polymer battery, up to 16 hours. The TYPE C interface supports 18W PD fast charge, 2 hours can be filled, and the power can be displayed in real time.

The left side of the fill light is labeled, which can see the English version of the product name, the input voltage and current, the battery parameters, and rated power. In addition, there is a certification of the response obtained by this fill light.

The bottom of the fill light has a 1/4 inch standard photographic equipment threaded holes, many tripods are basically this size. The unified standards are used to facilitate matching with different tripods to avoid incompatibility. The right side of the fill light is a regular plane.

There is a small LED display on the back of the fill light, used to adjust and set parameters. At the bottom of the display, it is the text of the metal gloss, as well as the name, model, and input voltage and battery model. There is a black oblique pattern on the back, very beautiful.

The silicone soft mask that can be accommodated, can be set on the fill light, the holes on the soft mask, exactly the bottom threaded hole, and the top switches and buttons. It does not affect the viewing of the back display. At this point, the filling lamp with the soft shield is set up.

Under dark light, we can see the lamp beads of the fill light, 15 sets of lamp beads are clear, you can see that these lamp beads are not just a lamp, but consisting of several lamp beads, Different colors are produced by different lamp beads, and then these light comes together, eventually producing light of different colors and brightness.

Open Soger RM75 magnetic smart fill light, and adjust the mode to a Bluetooth mode. After matching Bluetooth with your mobile app, you can control the firmware upgrade through the app. Click on a fill light, there are a variety of modes to shoot it, such as CCT, you can set the step of fill light, from 2500K-8500K color temperature directly through the APP setting, but also set the brightness of the light, and purple And green ratio. The HSI mode is selected from one color ball, but the HSI color mode can not only adjust the tone, but also adjust the brightness and saturation. RGBW, the color spreading is a plane, select the corresponding point from the plane, and then determine the color. Simple, you can think of HSI as a three-point regulatory color, and RGBW is four points to regulate color and light strength, there are also models, such as dogs, lightning, fireworks, candles and police cars, fire trucks, etc. Equipment mode. It is also possible to control light by setting different lamp groups, so Soger RM75 magnetic smart fill light This flash is really intelligent. Soge RM75 magnetic smart fill light can be formed directly into a lamp group, providing lighting for photography, can be light on both sides, or single side light, because this fill light is full magic, so Can be absorbed between each other, as a whole. It can be used alone or in combination. You can also have different light intensity and color, which is more likely to have a combination, so it can meet various needs. Because this fill light is too bright, it is relatively strong around it.

In addition to the two decreasing lamps, this set also provides one of the finiters. Making a connector can be seen to do a small spherical cloud, which can be tightened by the screws of the side, thereby adjusting the angle of the cloud. The bottom of the cloud platform is a square bottom surface, which can be installed on the camera's hot shoe location. This bottom can also be disassembled, you can see a concave thread, you can screw the screw directly, or the bottom surface is connected to the raised thread of the tripod, so this connector, whether it is for the camera or the tripod is applicable. It is very convenient.

Connect the connector to the camera base. However, it is generally installed to install the fill light and the connector before installing it directly to the camera. Here, it is to demonstrate the installation between the connector and the hot shoe. After installation, you can operate by filling the button.

By setting, the brightness of the cloth, and the color temperature can be adjusted, and the color of the filling lamp can be changed. You can simulate some processes, such as simulating lightning or candles, etc. There are RGB and HSI modes to easily choose different colors. What do you think is inconvenient?

If you feel that manual is too trouble, it doesn't matter, you can connect your mobile phone through Bluetooth, and you can make a lot through the app, which is convenient.

For example, this set of smart fill light can be formed with a tripod, which can form a double lamp. Through the connecting member, different light angles can be controlled by the high and near the tripod and the position of the light source can be controlled through the APP or manually set the parameters of the flying light, and the color, color, and light strength can be changed, which can give the photographer more The freedom, if you think the double light is not enough? So, in fact, there are four light sets, haha. And this lamp can be magnetically suction, it is also very convenient to combine. During the shooting process, the light is uniform, unified, no stroboscopic, and the intensity brightness is moderate.


Objectively summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of Sameg RM75 magnetic smart fill light set:


1 color temperature can be arbitrarily adjusted between 2500K-8500K

2RGB full color adjustable, 36,000 colors, meet color needs

3HSI mode, you can adjust the saturation, brightness and other parameters

4 has a variety of lamp effect modes such as lightning, fireworks

5 Intelligent wireless control, adjust the setting parameters through the app, convenient and worry

6 Four-sided magnetic suction, can be combined with each other

7 There is a common thread hole in the bottom, easy to expand

8Cri and TLCI color color index ≥96, accurate reducing object color

9 built-in 4000mAh lithium-ion polymer battery, limited to 16 hours

10 support PD 18W fast charge, 2 hours full

11 with soft mask


1 Limited light intensity, the irradiation distance is very close, some narrow

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