Helping business to break through the ceiling, revealing the "technique" and "Tao" of e-commerce service providers

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Helping business to break through the ceiling, revealing the "technique" and "Tao" of e-commerce service providers

2022-01-25 00:03:21 48 ℃

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Just when "growth" becomes more and more extravagant, the annual e-commerce annual festival is full of fire.

According to "2022" Data Report ", January 1st to January 16th, the total length of the e-commerce live broadcast is 31.71 million hours. At the "Service Merchant Area Good Lottery Competition" during the New Year's Day, many merchants have got an ultra-expected growth, and the turnover of the turnover - Lantern Fei Clothing created a single millions of GMV, Zhou Da Sheng realized 24 times The number of transactions increased by 27 times.

There are two important information behind the fiery: First, the year old promotion is still a node worthy of investment, can break through the GMV ceiling for the merchant. Second, this kind of promotion potential can be apparent in the hanging e-commerce.

So a big premise is established: even if many people talk about "see the top", "bonus disappearance", but it is still existing. The problem is concentrated: How do you grow?

After combing outstanding business cases and with branders, after depth of service providers, we gradually explore the "growth password" behind it.

Is the business ready before growing opportunities?

When the growth opportunity of "New Year's Day" is coming, it is not an increase in each business to hug in the best state. The following "soul torture", the merchant has always can't get anything:

The New Year Festival is coming, I want to increase live broadcast and live time during the event, but the work arrangement of the anchor, the speech boot does not know how to make adjustments. Furthermore, the live broadcast and time have been long, and the pallets can't keep up. Existing supply chain resources can not rise to larger live broadcasts. The anchor will sell very well, but the orthodial, the profit matter is selling. The bottleneck is obvious, but I don't know how to optimize the anchor. What is the difference between daily live tray? Is it different from the dashboard during the New Year's Day? How to adjust the pallet to maximize the use of activity potentials? The designer said that this product must be sold, but the transaction feedback is lower than expected. Is it necessary to continue to push this product or adjust it? I saw the new year-old festival activities and "service provider regional good goods", but also noticed that the platform gave a considerable supporting resources, but I don't know how to "live", I don't know how to get on the list. Live broadcast has been done for a while, but I always feel that there is no crowd you want, I don't have succeeded in "broken circles". ......

The question is actually all common: through the impact of the live e-commerce wave of the two years, many merchants have a layout in hanging e-commerce. But today's shake e-commerce is not born in two years ago, it has developed rapidly, and it is extremely special, and the retail logic is different from the line, which is also significantly different from traditional electric commercial states.

Merchants need to improve their business, but the anchor, goods, supply chain, put on ... Every link is a large number of doorways, and it is difficult to achieve the face of the business.

Just like traditional e-commerce develops a mature production industry, a batch of screed e-commerce service providers are rising. "Deep 响" found that after the case, the service provider plays an important role after the business successfully breaks. The number of GMV growth and fans gains from the merchant, and it is also fully devoted to the value of "making professional people's professional things".

Excavate cases to find growth password

Everything is required. "Deep ring" found in communication with merchants and service providers, before the opening of the New Year's Day, the two sides had close collaboration, and the service provider has been involved in the "people 'goods" link of the merchant. And the first test, from "selling what".

In the New Year's Day, a total of 16 days, to maximize the activity potential energy, the merchant must determine the pallet before the activity, and the setting of the quantity of the explosion also increases. If it is not possible to find the "best solution" in front of the event, or the ability to flexibly adjust the pallet during the event, the merchant can only be with the growth opportunity.

Compared with the practice of experience choice, service providers provide more scientific, professional solutions - do "test" with data driver thinking.

According to the "deep ring", the service provider has a lot of data dimensions at the time of the test, and there are both industry-grade data analysis, and there are also many dimensions such as product sales history data, customer bill prices, user feedback.

Zhou Da Sheng Brand, Jiang Hang, told "deep ring", as a service provider's Hangzhou Yuelu Media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yuelu Media") did "real and very accurate" data analysis for Zhou Da Sheng. "This product is selling well or not, where is it? Is it not good? What is the reason for user feedback? This is not suitable for development of the e-commerce." the result of.

Zhou Da Sheng live

捋 Clear the pallet, the subsequent layout has a chapter - Can you increase, or add a single live broadcast, choose what time period is broadcast. Also, only the pre-preparation work is done, the merchant can achieve quality growth and avoid potential "pit".

"You have to guarantee that this trading is enough, can not sell the fault, it is not right? The fault will have an impact on the operation." Lin Yuanjie, the head of Zhejiang Leyu Culture Media Co., Ltd., told "deep ring".

In the past, the upstream extension, the data-driven idea can also be optimized from the underlying to optimize the business arrangement of the merchant, and then flexibly adjust the pallet.

Haining China Leather City Network Technology Co., Ltd. Vice General Manager Fan Wei introduced such an example, one piece of clothing may sell well in the physical store, but analyzing the live data will find that it is not suitable for hanging e-commerce, but another style The potential is greater. At this time, the data can reversely guide the manufacturer of the merchant, that is, stop the originally optimistic style, put more resources to the potential explosion. With a cargo tray suitable for hanging e-commerce, suitable for the New Year's Day, there is also a matching anchor. In communication, all domestic brands and service providers mentioned the same point of view: Excellent anchor and ordinary anchor performance are different in terms of conversion and maintenance brand adjustment. From the most intuitive GMV performance, both can "phase difference seven or eight times".

What qualities do you need for an excellent anchor? High-frequency referring to all parties: understanding products, understanding operations, have aesthetics.

"Know the product" requires an anchor is a hipster, the anchor of Haining's hanging e-commerce live base is being a fur industry, and the professional terminology is coming; "understand operation" requires an anchor to have data analytics capabilities, can test the product, and Elect the product that is most matching between users with user-oriented thinking. This is where Yuelu Media has worked as heavy as wearing an anchor; and a "aesthetic" anchor can not only help brand companies, but also help them consolidate "brand power."

Zhou Daosheng is a well-known brand in the jewelry. Jiang Hang deliberately emphasizes the value of "Aesthetics". In his opinion, some anchor choice is either not professional, or it is not in line with Zhou Dagui or jam e-commerce adjustment, has aesthetic anchor " Very rare ", and the aesthetic" aesthetic is completely online ".

The head of Yuelu Media told "deep ring". The company set up a special department to cultivate anchor, the purpose is to make the anchor to have a meticulous analysis capability - the same product, different anchor transaction volume difference because? Why can this anchor take a certain product? When the data is not expected, how to measure, how to adjust?

While making the pallets and anchors are in place, the other heavy test facing the merchant is how to "push" the market to the market. Specific words, how to put it to maximize the potential of pallets and anchors.

There are two key points to take care here, one is "wide", and the other is "fine". Precision matching target crowd itself is a problem. If you have been looking for a target group, the business is easy to fall into the strange circle "can only do the drainage, Zhengtui, the profit matter selling," long, ROI will only get more and less cost-effective, long-lasting operations also have no comment rise.

In Lin Yuanjie, effective use of pay traffic is the key to the difficulties of the business breakthrough, and the natural traffic is easy to focus, especially the merchandise, the price of the customer, the bogie can better use the "interest e-commerce" of hanging e-commerce. Features, find a suitable guest group. In addition, pay traffic can also help the business "calibration" business ideas, and bus-running data can assist business understanding that the adjustment is the tray, or group portrait.

The value of "calibration" is intuitive. Suppose the original commodity of the merchant is 1: 2, then use the pay traffic will further enhance the value of pallets and anchor, and pull the production ratio. For merchants who wish to achieve the product "破 圈", the merchant unit price will make the goods that will make good goods to be interested in it.

"Our company likes to say a word, called 'What data is missing, what is the data. The price is not afraid of high, because the hanging e-commerce itself is interest e-commerce." Lin Yuanjie said.

After the hard strength has, the annual festival element runs through the "people's goods" to let the merchant close the platform wind. "Deep ring" is learned from the feedback from all parties that merchants are highly enthusiastic to participate in the platform activities, especially the middle waist merchants, they want to get platform support, but they don't know much about the activity rules and play.

This happens to be part of the service provider. In addition to the most basic activity rules, service providers can provide assistance in material customization, live broadcast scenes, and the use of "fried firecrackers" tools. For example, from live slices, music, scenes, to the anchor, Yuelu Media provides a package of solutions, allowing live broadcasts to fit the platform activity atmosphere from within and outside.

Rising hanging e-commerce service provider

From growth data, the above-mentioned service providers have created a high-profile achievement during the New Year's Day.

Haining's hanging e-commerce live broadcast base hatched the creation of a single-day millive GMV, the GMV, the New Cultural Media Co., Ltd., the growth rate of GMV, the growth rate of 20000%, the business of the company's business, the amount of live broadcasts Double, some live broadcasts have increased from 19 seconds to 4 minutes and 32 seconds; Yuelu Media help Zhou Da Sheng brand realizes the number of fans and GMV "quality leaps".

Lantern Flying Clothing Live

Data is gratifying, but the value of the service provider is more than this.

At the same time as Haining's trendy e-commerce live broadcast, the deep cultivation industry belt is also actively communicated with industrial belts in Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, which means that it has the capacity of supply chain resources, which will make fur merchants. Cross the soup season. " Even in fur sales, the merchant also has a spring and summer product to sell, and its account assets in the hanging e-commerce continue to play value.

In short, in addition to helping the merchants in the pallets, an anchor, delivery, activity gameplay, the value of the service provider is also reflected in the support of the supply chain, logistics, customer service, after-sales, etc., only One ability is doing solid, and the merchant can achieve "long-acting operation" in the hanging e-commerce. In Lin Yuanjie, "service providers are doing brand, doing growth." Optimizing live operations, tall ROI is an increment, but to achieve the growth of "Three", light of the low price products must not work, the merchant must build a brand. This requires merchants to ensure product quality, attach importance to the store's praise, improve the quality of logistics, and do every loop of the business with the operational idea of ​​promotion.

Perhaps someone will ask: If the operation of the e-commerce will become more complicated, do you mean that the difficulty of growth is growing?

You may wish to see this problem with another idea: the division of labor is getting fine, indicating that an industry has been verified and is going to mature. The improvement of the intensity of the operation of the e-commerce, the improvement of the importance of service providers, just explaining the "thick snow long slope", just how to take better on this road.

From the hot growth of the New Year's Day, we can see the potential of hanging e-commerce, confidence in industry growth, and also see the importance of "professionalism". Many facts have explained: Growth is actually, just getting more refined from roughness in the way, and the brand needs to be instead of partial outbreaks, and the business pro is very good.

Let the professional people's professional things will be the business saving financial strength, less detours, and embrace the platform opportunities.