Tesla Anti-Trummer Tatong: "Don't keep your credit and greed"

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Tesla Anti-Trummer Tatong: "Don't keep your credit and greed"

2022-01-25 12:02:12 30 ℃

A pusher triggered a "blood case", which is generous under Mask's finger. Today, Mask's 2018 is "considering the privilege of Tesla in $ 420. The funds have been in place," has been in the past four years, while Morgan Datong and Tesla have been triggered The contradiction is still ongoing and has a more intense landation.

Just on Monday, I have just passed on Money, Tesse, Morgan Tatong, and the speech is not in love with Morgan Tatong.

"Do not keep credit and greed".

Tesla said that when the company was sold to convertible bonds in 2014, Morgan Datong unilaterally revised the terms of the warrants obtained and claimed to the company (approximately 1.03 billion yuan). Through this move, Morgan Datong has soared in Tesla stock, and it has also brought it to himself.

Even the motivation, Tesla has also made boldly elaborated: "Morgan Datong proposes high requirements, which is not only to report to Tsela in major business transactions, and is also from Morgan Datong executives to Mask. hostility."

Require "too high", "retaliation" Tesla, full of "hostile" for Mask, a string hat buckled, and pointed to the nose, Morgan Datong, ruthless, unreasonable.

And the same thing, the same thing, the same thing, but there is a very different version. In that version, ruthless shameless and unreasonable is Tesla and Mask.


Just said, Tesla was "counterclaim" on Morgan Tatong. Morgan Chase prosecrate Tesla and is in November 2021. It accuses Tesla violates the warrant agreement and requires compensation for $ 16.2 billion.

Everything is going to start from 8 years ago. In 2014, Morgan Datong purchased a warrant from Tesla. In June and July 2021, the appointment of the appointment was $ 560.6388 per share.

If the warrant has expired, Tesla stock price is lower than the right price, then the two companies do not owe each other; but if Tesla stocks are higher than the right prices, Tesla should hand over the difference equivalent to these prices. Stock.

Simply put, there is a subscription warrant, Morgan Tatong has power (not obligations) to buy stocks to Tesla at a specific time. If Tesla stocks have fallen, it is still lower than the agreed price, and the warrant is smoked in, because it is better to buy in the market according to the date.

But if Tesla stocks have risen, it is advantageous to Morgan Tatong.

In the contract of Tiritong and Tesla, Morgan Datong has the right to change the price of the warrant, which is "if Tesla announces mergers or acquisition".

In the past few years after this contract in 2014, it didn't happen until 2018 Mask hand itching. It shouted that "notorious", "considering the price of $ 420 per share Exhaust it. The fund is already in place. "

After this essay, the US Securities and Exchange Member Securities SEC will propose civil allegations for Mask and Tesla, as well as $ 20 million, and this also leads to fluctuations in Tesla stocks. It is important to note that SEC's allegations of Mask are suspected of "securities fraud". The reason is that SEC thinks that Mask has neither financing, and does not discuss the key transaction terms with any potential financing party, issuing "false And misleading "information, and this, there is a suspicion of manipulating the stock price.

On the other hand, Morgan Datong, also pinched the warrant, and adjusted the right price to the initial $ 560.6388 to $ 424.66 per share.

In the lawsuit against Tesla last year, Tesla originally agreed to hold a conference call, but gave up at the last moment. And on the same day, Tesla announced to give up privateization.

Morgan Datong adjusted again and adjusted the priced prize to $ 484.35 per share. This price Bitsra announced that the privilege prior to the abandonment of privatization is higher, but it is still much lower than the original agreement between the two sides.

In the lawsuit, Morgan's general is called, Tesla protests have not been adjusted at all, because it quickly abandoned its privatization plan.

In June and July 2021, Tesla stocks rose nearly 10 times, according to the agreement, the time of Tesra, but Tesla did not do this.

So I have a lawsuit that Morgan Tatong is filed in Tesla after a few months. JPMorgan Tong said that when it contacted Tesla cash, its "retraction again", only settled some shares, but "refused full settlement". According to JPMorgan Tatong, Tesla still owes 22,8775 shares, according to the share price calculation of Tesra, and these stocks worth $ 162.2 million.

JPMorgan Datong requested Tesla to compensate this $ 162 million: "Morgan Datong takes this action to perform its right to pay."


And Tesla's attitude has also declared the world from the latest paper complaint: disagree.

The core of Tesla advocated to the "adjustment" itself in Jimorgan Chase. Just as Tesla has protested against Morgan Datong a few years ago, it does not recognize the adjustment. Therefore, in this lawsuit, Tesla named Morgan Datong "unilaterally revised the Terms of Warring Certificate", which is the "non-credit and greed" behavior.

After the "Privatization Storm" in 2018, in the face of the adjustment requirements of JPMorgan Datong, Tesla and Morgan Datong seems to have been as hot as a glacast, and the two sides have never exchanged in the two years. When Morgan Datong filed a lawsuit in Tesla in November 2021, Mask did not say: "If Morgan Datong does not undo the lawsuit, I will give them a star review on Yelp (the largest review website). "And make up a sentence, this is the" last pass "of Morgan Tatong.

During the process of responding to the proceedings, Tesla also expressed why not recognized the adjustment of JP Gundong's right to row. Tesla said that this price adjustment behavior "too quickly", "there is speculative suspicion", and emphasizes that only one of the Morgan Datong is a series of adjustments.

With a mention, Mask said this, there is really a large number of Mask fans into Yelp, brushing a star review to Morgan Datong ... Finally, Yelp comes out, it has banned users from being released on the page of Morgan Tatong. New comment.

In Mask's version, Morgan Tatong is the party that speculative, how do you respond so fast? How can I have no adjustments? Even in accordance with the original agreement, Tesla's stock has risen, you have already earned a lot of money, actually not satisfied?

Things to this, the grievances between Tesla and Mask and Morgan Tatong continue.

According to the New York Post report, the BRIAN Marchiony in Tusla, BRIAN Marchiony said in an e-mail: "They have no basis for the implementation of the contract. obligation."

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